Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make Up your Floor!

What do you have for your floor??? Opsss… A sudden intro after all my KK stories!! Hahahah…

So yeah… What do you have for your floor? Errrkkk… Sounds odd? Well, I am actually referring to the textile floor covering such as carpet, mat, rug, etc. Do you have one? What materials are you having?

Mine are nylon (I guess so) carpet and bamboo rug. Unfortunately we have to fold up the nylon carpet coz it is hard to maintain one with small kids around. The bamboo rug is place at the dining area.


I personally think that bamboo rug is much easier to clean and maintain than the nylon carpet. I will definitely hunt for another one! *wink*

Oh my… the eyes are drooling looking at all the categories displaying at  Bamboo Rugs and Mats! 

Villager Crimson Bamboo Rug - the most eye cathy colour!

Err… Jute rug anyone?? I don’t know but the slight rough surface makes me think twice. But hey, it’s me not you. There are numbers of designs and sizes for you to choose from at the Jute Rug Shop.

Take a peep!


  1. Ko mau pasang di rumah baru ko kaini? ;-p

  2. ya bamboo rug mmg easy to clean. ba blog it out kalau suda beli hehe

  3. Sis Mouren ~ ya kunun2.. :D

    Stella ~ kasi lap seja kan stel.. hehehe... ba tggu pindah msk rmh baru dulu.. ;p

  4. Ya.. macam yg d bawah meja makan kami tu. Kalau mo mop pun senang.. kasi mop satu kali ja! Kalau kapet, mo lagi buka2 kenen.. hahah!

  5. Kalau di kg...kami punya pondok 100% masih guna poring @ siliu..antik mah..

  6. cantik ba bamboo, kawan saya ada tikar bamboo, syok duduk sana, sejuk2..hehe


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