Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Room-Moving Day

Thanks to dad for the last minute agreement! He lends us his car this morning! Instead of waiting for the lorry friend this evening, we went to Beaufort with 2 cars – Avanza and Kembara. Before that, we, opss.. I was not involved… they have already dismantled the back seats of the Avanza! *grin*

Before I proceed, let me share some facts bout the house at Beaufort.

1. It was mom’s decision to purchase the property, with 2 reasons. A) Mom’s bro who has just passed away in Dec 2005 has planned to purchase a unit at the area. So, the wife fulfilling the late hubby’s unfinished mission. With mom still in her sadness, she decided to join along my aunt to purchase one! B) Beaufort is near to Kuala Penyu, mom’s hometown!

2. The Sale and Purchase Agreement between us (mom and I) and the developer was dated on 21.02.2006.

3. Taman Seri Panglima was still under construction when we did the signing.

4. It was completed some times end of 2007 or early 2008. Can’t remember.

5. Mom moved in and stayed there for few months in 2008 before she came over in June 2008 to stay with us.

6. The house was then left alone and only residence whenever we went back to KK. But how long do you expect us to stay there if we only go back for a week with packed schedule? The max is 2-3 nites. (Exceptional when mom and Rayyan went back there for 3 weeks!) And everytime we went back we have to spend most of the time to do the cleaning and to make thing even worst, ‘no water’ is the main prob !! Sambut air hujan ja kerja kami!!

Macam2 style, saiz, kaler! Sambut air punya pasal!

 7. After few attempts, I have finally managed to persuade mom to rent out the house early this year. Unfortunately the tenant only paid the deposit without moving in. Up till the 3rd month, just nice to cover the rentals for 3 months with his paid deposit, he stopped ‘renting’.

8. I started persuaded mom again. This time, we are going to sell out the property. It is so very hard to maintain!! Mom agreed!

9. At first, we thought it would be tough to find a buyer. We were wronged! Each of us (hubby and I) would at least received 3 to 4 calls to enquire bout the prop daily!

Ramai yang call tanya after we put up the ad!

10. It was relief when we got one! Their loan has been approved by the bank last month and now pending for all the relevant documentation for transfer of property purposes.

11. Nevertheless, the house is now being rented. The tenant called up few times to ask for renting when we were looking for a buyer. So, we let them rent. Ok jg kan.. bikin cover tu monthly loan!

So now… are you up-to-date with the house status? Heee…

Let’s continue… a quick one...

First thing first, filled up the empty stomachs! Hahahah.. Since it was already lunch time! Pandai ba atur masa! Heheheeh…

And it’s time for room-moving! Why I said so coz we rented our house remember! We rent it with 2 rooms only. The other room, the smallest one was the store room where we stored all the packed boxes inside. So, the process was a quick one. Ada 3 org jugak tu tanak vagu tu! Heheheh… We just need to take out all the boxes from the room and put them into the cars. It was done in an hour. Ya laa… mau jugak adjust2 tu kotak semua kan…

Since I was busy chit-chating with the buyer who purposely came over to meet us, I didn’t take any photos! Heheheeh…

Dengan kereta yg berat dan sarat, we drove back to KK / Tg Aru. Mom has spoken to my aunt that we will need to pinjam one of her room to store our things.

Transfering boxes from car to aunt’s house at Kg Tg Aru Baru yang bikin panat! With the jambatan yg macam mau roboh sdh, Hubby pun buruk sdh muka! Hahahaha…

Apa-apa pun, it’s done. Thanks to my BILs! They helped us a lot!


  1. Ngam juga kena jual tu Just...
    Buat apa simpan property yang menyusahkan...I mean tiada air selalu kan, mau kasi sewa pun susah...bagus jual and buy another one :)

  2. wah... bnyk juga proses dia. Glad finally terurus juga semuanya kan Just. Baru lah tenang hati ko kan before balik KL..hehe

  3. *sigh*...phewww...mcm sa pun 'kepanatan' baca post ko nie ;-p

  4. Sumandak ~ ini laitu mo target rmh d area putatan thn ni! :D

    Stella ~ itu la ba tu tu stel...

    Sis Mouren ~ abis sia jarang buat long post! heheheheh...

  5. jadi.... org KL lah kamu ni kan?? so kalau balik sabah tinggal mana nxt time?? atau babai gaman... ;-p

  6. mana nda buruk muka... sana jg angkat barang.. sana juga tu pilipin mengurat aku bah... muahahaha !!!

  7. 3 hari di beaufort.... rehat cuma 5 jam ja tu pun time tido mlm.. masa yg lain digunakan untuk "kerja" angkat air.. muahahaha !!

  8. Hello, just. Paling sengsara la klu tiada air. Klu time hujan, dpt lagi sambut air, klu tiada...memang susah, hehehe....

  9. Just: Just out of curiosity, are you working in sabah or West Malaysia...bingung sya..kijap KL kijap Labuan..kijap Beaufort..

  10. Hello Just.
    Susah juga tu tiada air di sana. kalau tiada karan buli lagi mandi ma birak. kalau tiada air? Mau makan pun susah bha itu. Tapi di Sabah byk lg tempat mcm tu kan?

  11. Gitu laitu kalau rumah lama kena kasi biar teda penghuni kan moi.. Bah kalau ada sudah rumah di Putatan, buli laini kan datang lipak2 there. Keh3 joking ja ^_^

  12. mana suda gambar aku yg dukung si lily time hantar kamurang ari tu? ko delete ka? T.T
    itu 1st time aku dukung dia tu.. time baby dulu aku nda berani mo dukung.. takut tjatuh! Hahahhaaa...

  13. cathJ ~ hahhaha.. nda jg sia mengaku sia urg kehel! sia urg kk ba! Next time klu blk, stay d rmh family hubby lor.. my mum tumpang rmh my aunt... hopefully, dpt beli satu d kk this yr. ;p

    Asai ~ yayy... kena urat pilipin pun bangga! ;p hahahha... masol pun basar truss kan bos!!

    myfrin ~ itu la ba tu... bikin panas ja! hehehehe

  14. gunsirit ~ just for your info... hehehhe... sia karaja jd kuli ba sini kl ni... every yr blk la kg halaman d kk.. ;p jgn ko bingung2 sana ba guns...

    sabahblogger ~ hahahahah... betul2.. pernah kami pajak beli air mineral oo utk kasi jd air masak/minum.. huhuh...

  15. Annieming ~ itu laitu! buang karan ja jaga dr jauh! hahahah... uikk.. buli baitu! mo back for good sdh ni moy! yihaaaaa... ;p

    One ~ hahahhaha... ada ma... mana buli delete gmbr lily.. nnt la aku upload!


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