Monday, February 28, 2011

Amcorp Mall Flea Market : Week 2

I am sooo not in the mood to blog today. Got a lot of things in mind. *sigh*

1. Have just made another transaction for new item for my Shoppe! *wink*

2. Need to finish my friend’s blog by Wed

3. Will be going back to KK on this coming Thursday for few days only. Attending bro-in-law’s big day. But I don’t feel the excitement going back?????!!! Hmmm… maybe because I just went back during New Year.

4. Taking pearls from KK for selling?? Hmm…

5. Bank loan for KK’s properties (both the selling and buying!)

Ok.. enough! See.. I told you I got lot of things in mind!!

Anyway, quick update on my selling last weekend…

The management has left out my name from their listing!!! So, they simply and randomly give me a space anywhere. Dang!!! 

Saturday was ok coz I was at the 1st floor. Can’t expect much on Saturday coz the crowd will be on Sunday.

Views from 3rd floor on Sunday

I was so shocked to see my name was on the 3rd floor for yesterday!!! As expected, the earning was so much difference from the previous Sunday. The crowd is normally at LG and 1st floor. 2nd and 3rd floor are less crowd. *sigh*

Sunday's display

Anyway, we still managed to cover the rental though. Ok la ba kan…

How's your day so far guys??

Click here for registration guidance.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lim Goh Tong

You know him? How bout Genting Highland? Lim Goh Tong - The founder of Genting Highland!

Born in 1918 in Anxi, Fujian, China. Came over to Malaya in 1937 at the age of 19. He worked for his uncle as a carpenter in the first two years, learning the Malay language in the meantime.

Transforming an unexplored hilltop into one of the world's most successful casino resorts!! WOW!!! Great idea huh?! Maybe crazy one too... Heee...

The idea of building a hilltop resort was first conceived when Lim Goh Tong was having a dinner in the Cameron Highlands. As he was enjoying the soothing cool breeze of the Cameron Highlands, an idea struck him that as the standard of living rose steadily in Malaysia, more and more people would visit mountain resorts for relaxation and recreation, but Cameron Highlands was too far away from the capital city Kuala Lumpur, therefore building a mountain resort nearer to Kuala Lumpur would have great business potential.

After doing some research, Lim found Gunung (mountain in Malay) Ulu Kali at a place called Genting Sempah to be an ideal location for his plan.

During the Genting project, Lim spent all he had without earning any income. He sold an 810-hectare rubber estate to raise RM2.5 million. In addition, he invested all the money he had made from iron mining, sub-contracting and hardware businesses. The project was a heavy drain on Lim's finances. When asked to invest in this project, Lim's friends turned him down and counselled him to drop the entire scheme instead.

He faced a lot! Death?? Bankruptcy??

Genting finally opened its door for business on 8 May 1971.

Image source : wikipedia
Lim Goh Tong died on 23 October 2007. Rest in peace Mr. Lim! You have done a lot! For yourself and for Malaysia's tourism sector!

p/s : I need his strength, patience and determination. *wink*

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Business??

Business sounds expanding huh?! Hee…

No no… It’s more to a new project!

A dear friend texted me this morning. Asking for a favour. She asked me to revamp her business blog!

Wow!! That’s sounds BIG to me!

We then proceed with YM. I told her my worries. Well, creating page for other is tough because of the different tastes. I might like this but she might not. Things like that la

All she needs is something like mine with of coz her other own requirements too. You know... those photos, link, icons, widgets, order form, etc.

The page is supposed to be ready by mid of this month but the hubby who has promised to do it for her was too busy with workloads.

Well, she did mention about paying a sum for the favour. However I am willing to do it for her because (1) she is my friend, (2) for fun, (3) I wanted to improve my skills in html (if involve) and (4) I got nothing to do (boss not around! Hahahaah…)!

So, I let her satisfied with the result then only she decides the price later. Nice of me? Yeahh… Only to my friends! *clap hands*

Deep inside, I am actually touched by her request!

First thing first… hunting for layout! Her choice… pinkish / greenish…

Chowww… Got excited with the project!! *wink*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gaji tak cukup ke????

Two days ago (iya ka??!) Beaty was rambling bout PHD! Ni salah satu kes PHD...

"Gaji tak cukup ke sampai nak bisnes online ngan bisnes kat flea market?!"

OMG!! Apa punya statement ni???!!! *berdesing telinga*

Is it wrong to improve life quality??????? Takkan mau makan gaji seumur hidup kan??? I’m not saying it is wrong but if you see there are any chances to step forward, why not??!!

At beginning, mmg la part time basis! Who knows one day I can throw my ‘love letter’ to the company and operate my business in full time basis?! Kan?

Ohh... I just can’t wait for that day. Apa lagik my hubby coz he is actually the one that got the bomb-statement by his colleague! Dengki la tu! Kalau ada modal, do something. Sikit pun tiapa! Kalau teda modal, jangan mau kutuk org!!! Budusss!! Sorry ging… terpanas tiba-tiba!

Even my dear Datuk-boss started his current business with own self-flyers-distribution! Droppin’ flyers from one house to another house, one shop to another shop with his ‘Bagon’! Naaa.. sekarang berapa banyak ‘kura-kura’ dia!

Apa-apa pun, we are not giving up! Chayok chayok!! *wink*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


#1 - Car shut down!!

Alarm didn’t work as usual. So we thought it is because of the battery. So hubby went and gets new battery for the alarm. But car was still shut down!

Hubby decided to unlock the car using the key. No sound of breaking in?! *scratching head* Naaa… the headlamp!!!! Dearest hubby forgot to switch off the headlamp.

Rescue 911 was done by bro-in-law an hour later! Thanks bro!

#2 - Stale Bananas??

While waiting for the rescue 911, we decided to store all the stuff bought at pasar malam into the car bonnet and went for a "kupi-kupi"… Totally forgotten bout the banana.

At home, mom complaint the banana taste differently. Mcm bangas pun ada! Terjeruk dalam bonet kali kan… huhuhu…

#3 - 456 instead of 123!

I’m talking bout my son’s milk powder here! Bought it wrongly! 2 packets pulak tu! Only realized after we opened a packet! Bringing the other packet for changing later after work. *sigh*

My son with his expression! lol
Credit to Beaty for the idea!

It was last nite!!

Hopefully, nothing bad happen today! @_@

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flea Market Amcorp Mall Day 2

If we were late on Day 1 (reached at about 10am when most of the sellers has set up their table nicely!), we reached Amcorp Mall at about 9am on Day 2!! Semangat betul!!

Most of the tables still ‘naked’! We headed to our table on Day 1, unfortunately it is no longer us! That mean the Management has rearranged the ‘sittings’. Hmm… I headed to the Management office to check at their whiteboard but none! So, I have to check every table each floor??!! Dang!!

When I finished half circle of checking (nasib belum 1 floor), I saw hubby putting our stuff on a table just behind our table on previous day!! Cisss…

Before 9am - naked tables
After 9am - maroon carpet tables! Hihih..
Anyway, we have changed our display on Day 2. We decided to display most of the BOs.

We bought a cloth hanger for the bag hanger as well! And was given a polite warning by the PIC of the Management. Padahal yg lain pun bawa jg! They even placed their stuff on the floor which was not allowed! Nda puas hati betul oo!

Ok, ignore it!

We started our Day 2 with a wide smile! Managed to sell out 2pcs of BOs before 11am! 4pcs of BOs before 1pm! Total of 8 BOs and 1 purse for Day 2!! Great enough to cover the rental for the week and get back some modals! *wink*

One of the customers was a lady Datuk. Of coz I didn’t know she is a Datuk until one of the friends address her with that title. In fact, one of the friend came back to grab my BO too. She asked for a discount but I stick with my price! ;p

One need a licence to sell antic stuff
 Can’t for this weekend!! *mata duitan*

Monday, February 21, 2011

Flea Market Amcorp Mall Day 1

As you all know, I was spending and enjoying my last weekend at Amcorp Mall!

2 bags of BOs!
The first day was damn bored! Only managed to sell 1pc of BO! *sigh*

Towkey sibuk susun2! ;p

Waiting and hoping for a customer is not easy man especially when you see the others is having crowd and managed to sell theirs!

My display
Had a chit chat with a kakak who has been there for 3 weeks. She shared her first day experience. Still do not know how to display stuff. Wondering where the price is ok. whether the stuff is saleble. Even thought of reducing the price! Those are exactly what inside my mind!

The bag hanger
According to the kakak, sunday will be much better in terms of crowd and selling. Not to mention month end and early month! Salary is out maa... *wink*

Before : photo taken during the registration day
After : taken on Sat
So yeah... we went back with dissapointment and tiredness on the first day, hoping for a better tomorrow!

To be continued...

Click here for the registration guidance.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mari Mari Beli Organizer!!


What a great experience!!

Yesterday was kinda bored! Only 1 customer! Sikit lagik putus asa! Heee...

Me waiting for customer!
Heehehe... you know I lied! ;p

But today is awesome! As at now (12.40pm), has managed to sell 4pcs of BO! *smiling ear to ear*

I wish I could upload some photos now. Tomorrow la..

Till then, happy Sunday everyone!! *wink*

Click here for the registration guidance.

Friday, February 18, 2011

His First Time

Who?? My beloved Rayyan!

What?? Haircut!

He was very excited when Hubby put him inside the car before he made that face! hahaha...

When?? Tuesday, 15/2/11 after we finished with the registration.

Where?? A "10-min express haircut saloon" at Carrefour, Ampang.

How?? *scratcing head* I pick how much la... RM13!

Of coz Rayyan did a haircut before. Err.. I think only twice by us! Hehehee... Since he loves Yaya in Misi Yaya @ Astro Ceria 611, we thought of letting him to have the same hair style as yaya. Didn't manage to google Yaya's photo though! *sigh*

Unfortunately, I consider my son is super active. Sweating ja selalu sbb lompat sana lompat sini!! Hishhh.. Last week, I noticed that he keeps on scratching the head/hairs everynite. Kepanasan kali... 

Kesian tgk muka seposen dia!! Huhuhu...

So we decided to have a pro proper barber for him! We are actually expecting some "hard time" but then everything turned out smoothly! He was an angel during the entire haircut session! Heran and takut kali dia kan! Hihihih...

As a result of his angel-ness, Rayyan deserved the Ultramen!
Mcm Ah Pek kan?! Hahahah...

Till then, happy Friday guys! But, I have to 'work' on Sat and Sun! Huhuhu..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flea Market at Amcorp Mall

Registered and confirmed myself to rent a space at Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya for this weekend and next weekend. Phewww…

It is really beyond my imagination. Thanks to dearest friend Julie! She has indirectly gives me an inspiration! Thanks also to a dear friend for sharing her business experience there! *hugs*

For info, flea market at Amcorp Mall is operating every Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 7pm. Registration for first time seller is every Tuesday 11pm – 2pm at Amcorp Mall Managent Office, 1st floor.

at the Management Office
Luckily it was a Public Holiday on Tuesday so we don't have to apply leave! *wink*

I called up the Management Office on Monday just to check this and that to avoid any unwanted situation happen!

See... I have to bring photos or sample of products!

The T&C
Photos showing the DON'T!

Payment for first time seller :

Two weeks rental = RM160 (RM80/wk - Sat & Sun)

Licence = RM20 (refundable)

Table Cloth = RM38 (I thought of skipping this by going to Kamdar but nevermind la! Scared I got the wrong measurement!)

the table cloth

Total damage cost = rm218

In other words, I will be working 7 days in a week! No rest day! Huhuhu… bersusah2 dahulu, bersenang2 kemudian!

Two sizes of plastic bags for my buyers ;p

I wonder how would I perform on those days?! Hope everything will be as smooth as possible. *pray*

*UPDATE 2012*

The management has revised the registration process as of July 2012.

Registration for new vendors will be on every last Tuesday of the month. Counter at Level 2 (near post office) open between 9am and 12noon. A total rental of RM80 for both Saturday+Sunday is still applicable. However, vendor needs to pay lumpsum rental for all the weeks for the respective month i.e. if there is 4 weeks in that respective month, vendor is to pay RM80x4 upon registration. For new vendor, pls bring along your photocopy of IC and photos of products. Good Luck!!

If you need a space to sell off your preloved items such as clothings, bags, shoes, etc flea market is one of the answer. Call up Amcorp Mall Management Office at 603-7966 2494. *wink*

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

McD lah!!

No plan. Simple plan (not the band ya!). Last minute plan. Surprises. Which one is your V-Day?

Mine was no plan at first before we came out with a last minute plan while we were on the way back home from office last Monday.

"ok la.. let's go McD la!" lol

Fast food always give us the feeling like masa bercinta! Hahahahah...

p/s : sorry... a very quick entry! Kinda busy today! *sigh*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tutorial : Creating Watermark with Ready Image

Erk… I am really no good at tutorial. I hope you guys especially Wen & Tunung get what I’m trying to say here. Huhuhu...

A. Get an image ready (preferred in .png format)

It can be from your collection, search at google or download from any scrapping website. Look out for their free downloadable products. You can go to acherryontop (need to sign up).

Downloading from acherryontop.

1. After signing up and verified your email, click at the "Digital" and after that click on the "Free Downloads". Refer image below.

2. You will be welcomed by the following image.

3. Scroll down and you'll see all the free downloadable stuff. Pick up one by clicking at the "free".

4. Click "download" to start downloading

Most of the downloaded files come with a set of papers, alphabets and embellishments. Pick the one that you desired the most for your watermark design.

B. Add text onto image to turn it to watermark

1. Pls download photoscape and click at "editor"

2. Specified your folder at the top left, drag your desired image to the canvas and add text onto the image

3. Type in your text with your own style

4. Save it and your watermark is ready!

C. Apply watermark to your photo

1. restart your photoscape

2. Specified your folder at the top left, drag your desired photo to the canvas and add your watermark (refer image below)

3. Specify your folder where the watermark is placed and click "ok"

4. Adjust your watermark size and the opacity for the transparenty of your watermark and save your photo after satisfied.

5. Your image is now ready with your watermark on it!

My souls : Rayyan & Ryanna

Dare to try?? Susah kah? I wish I could put it as simple as possible. Huhuhu...

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's More Than Saying I Love You

With Love...

We give on this day candy and flowers,

But we never stop to say thank you for the many hours.

You have stood by my side and gave a smile,

As if to tell our hearts it's been worth every mile.

No need to buy a teddy bear or even a card,

It's pretty simple and not at all hard.

Just put your arms around me and hold me tight,

And say without words that in your heart all is right.

You may say I Love You throughout the year,

But on this day you need to make sure.

The words so sweet and straight from your heart,

That your life would be lonely without my part.

So put forth the effort and take the time,

Look me in the eye and say I'm glad you're mine.

I Love You Dearest Hubby!

p/s : so in loving mode! *wink*

Happy LOVE Day!!

Oh yeahhh... Cupids are everwhere!! It's a loving loving day today!

Any advance Valentine's celebration yesterday? Me? Nope... And 'NOPE' also for special celebration for today. Just like previous years we didn't celebrate V-Day romantically! No candle light dinner. No flowers.
As far as I could remember, my first Valentine’s gift from hubby was a bunch of artificial rose with a lil’ white teddy! Couldn’t find it anywhere anymore. *sigh*

From me to him on 14.2.2004!

Click here for our last year V-Day celebration.

To my beloved Hubby,

"Love is not about finding the right person but creating a right relationship. It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. Happy Valentine’s Day and let’s prays for our love to grow old as we are! I Love You, Dear!"

Image source : google

And Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!

The skinny us! Teringat pula zaman dulu2... ekekeke...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Order for Nigerian?!

Dugaan berbisnes... that's what I can say bout it!

Well, thanks to hubby for his willingness in helping me to publish my items at

Received an email from this lady named Ann Mohamad who wanted to order 20pcs of large BO.

*click images to enlarge*

The minute I spotted "Nigeria", I was already in doubt! I forwarded the email to hubby, being my best advisor! hee...

On the other hand, I still replied her with my details and the total cost she needs to transfer. 20pcs is about 3.5kg. PosLaju to Nigeria will be roughly at about RM500!!

She responded promptly. I even received an email from the bank.

What the f*ck?! Pardon me pls! I need to scan the courier receipt before the bank could transfer the money into my account?????

I thought I am the boss here?! What if the money will never be credited into my account after I shipped the parcel??

So, I googled the bank. Standard Alliance Bank is listed in the Unauthorised Internet Banks (entities promoting themselves over the internet and purporting to be banks and/or offering banking-type services, however none of them are authorised by the FSA)!!

Thanks Mr. Google. You saved my life! Hehehehe...

200% will ignore Mrs. Ann email after this. Let see if there is any follow up by her. *wink*

p/s: auto-published

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tag 20!!

Sejuta terima kasih kepada Lenn yg sudi 'mengetag' saya! Memang ngam la dia tag saya sbb saya mmg mau meredakan tekanan sbb sibuk gilasss tadi!!!! Wahahahahah...  

1. Apakah yang sedang anda lakukan 30 minit yang lalu.~ bergayut di pokok telefon dengan munyit daddy saya

2. Dua jam yang lalu?~ Sibuk berlarian dari meja p colour printer d dept lain!

3. Anda suka~ masin kecuali sayur masin!! ;p

4. Minggu lepas~ banyak meluangkan masa dengan anak2 di rmh.

5. Tiga lagu yang anda boleh dengar berulang ulang kali~ *Sweet Child O Mine (GNR) *lagu2 MLTR  *semua lagu pun boleh ba..

6. Tiga binatang yang anda tidak suka.~ Tikus, lipas, semut (bikin gerigitan tgk!)

7. Lima fakta tentang anda. ~ lagi fakta psl diri sendiri?! susah la ini mcm!
*selalu tidak lunch tp bkn diet
*mmg hantu udang kering
*paling takut public speaking tp ambik course communication *slap forehead*
*dari kecil tinggal di rmh jenis flat/apartment.. kesian kan..  
*baru mau declare tax thn ni... shhhh...

8. Tahun depan mungkin~ balik KK utk selamanya! Hehehehee....

9. Saya tidak reti ~ driving!!

10. Saya pandai~ cakap bhs jipun mandarin!! kamu tau juga kan? Hee...

11. Kawan saya~ ramai yg gila2! Heheheh...

12. Saya ada ~ kambing (mau ketawa pula tiba2! mcm mau lawan c gunsirit pula!! hahahha) Saya ada ~ masa mau kasi siap tag ini! :)

13. Saya seorang ~ yg rendah diri dan simple.

14. Adik saya~ seorang lelaki yg sangat2 manja! Perasan umur 10thn! Hahahah.. Begini la kalau dua org adik beradik saja!

15. Saya tidak pernah bosan dengan (senaraikan 4)~ *paperbag *kotak2 *alatulis *blog

16. Bilakah kali pertama anda bercinta ~ zaman sekolah

17. Perkara yang selalu orang tak percaya tentang anda ~ 'mau balik KK sdh??' - selalu utk baru2 ni! ;p

18. Saya rindu~zaman single! Miahahahaha...

19. Saya tak sabar~mau sign SPA rumah di KK! *wink*

20. Lima laman yang selalu anda layari.~ *Blog... *Facebook... * *4Shared...  *Google

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