Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The 14th Grandchild!

For my mom??!! Obviously nope!! I think it will be kinda an impossible mission! Hahahah... At the moment, two is VERY enough for her already! Wonder if my bro has his own kids will his kids attached to my mom as my kids?! Hmmm...

Anyway, my parent in law has welcomed their 14th grandchild on the 26/1/11!!

I told ya my hubby comes from a big family rite. 5 of them including hubby has married with kids. One of them is getting married in less than a mth! (yup.. am going back to KK again on 3/3!) One also planning to tie the knot some times this year and another 3 still single mingle but not sure if they are available. Hahahah…

Well, my SIL in Sentul has delivered her 3rd child on the said date. Normal delivery of a lil boy at 3.2kg at HKL. She should be planning to get another girl to make it 2 pairs! Hahahahah…

By the way, her last deliveries were in 2006. Not one but two! Not twin ok?! You get me? Ok ok.. jgn confuse2 aa… she delivered her 1st child in Jan 2006 and the 2nd child in Dec 2006! Fuhhhh!! Rezeki jgn ditolak org bilang!

'Resigning' for about 4yrs with the help of Maajun Anggun Bistari! Thanks SIL for the family planning recommendation. *thumbs up*

To those who wanna try this product or any friend looking for a family planning product, contact me for more info kio. Sempat lagik!! Hahaah..

Guys, please welcome Pengiran Mohamad Hafizi Irfan (blm masuk nama bapa tu)! The dad is Sarawak origin ba that’s the answer to the “Pengiran’ title! Heee…

Hafizi @ 10days old

p/s : will update my Just's Shoppe after this! Stok sdh sampai. Barang baru sdh sampai! Yeahhh... *wink*


  1. hmmm.... aku ada 12 org anak buah..?? perrghhh.. kalau kami satu family mau jalan2.. including tu anak2 buah.. terpaksa sewa bas persiaran yng saiz boeing.. hahahahaha !!

  2. congratulations...misti panjang nama dia kan? :)

  3. wow..Big family pula drg si eva aa...ada lg! bertambah ramai la ni.. ada lg kawan si rayyan main2 nanti hehehe..sama si lily :)

  4. asai ~ bas boeing plg ngam!

    lydia ~ thanks.. panjang sampai nda cukup ruang utk isi d form.. hehehe...

    stella ~ ya ba.. besar ba family durang! rayyan sama lily plg happy!

  5. wah, just, congrats to ur MIL and the family...bestnyer, makes me wanna have my own baby lol

  6. sa sendiri ada 12 anak buah jua Just..heheeh ramai kan..n siok

  7. congrats to your sil... 3.2kg ui besar juga tu.... normal lagi... aduh.... (Ni lah bah kalau nda pernah rasa normal... mcm takut pula.. ;-p)

  8. Vera ~ thanks. Ba, lps the big day trus proses aa.. hehehe..

    beaty ~ sia ni actually nda brp suka budak.. jd klu ramai2 bekumpul mmg bikin paning.. huhuhu..

    cathJ ~ c rayyan sia dulu pun 3.2kg jg... buli ba tu! yg penting, semangat! sama jgn ada apa2 complication la..

  9. Welcome to the world baby Pengiran!

  10. gunsirit ~ the more the merrier! hehehehe...

    chegu carol ~ thanks carol.. :D

  11. Kami adik beradik 10 urang...
    Imagine kalau 1 ada 5 anak, hahahaha...50 urang cucu my parents
    Best juga bah kalau keluarga besar tapi mau tau urus...hehe

  12. Tunung ~ heheheh... ok ba jg tu kan.

    Sumandak ~ sama la ko sama my hubby tu 10 urg.. so far plg ramai 4urg plg bnyk setakat ni..

    itu la ba tu.. mengurus tu satu hal!

  13. Congratz tu your SIL and welcome to the world to c baby. :-)


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