Monday, February 28, 2011

Amcorp Mall Flea Market : Week 2

I am sooo not in the mood to blog today. Got a lot of things in mind. *sigh*

1. Have just made another transaction for new item for my Shoppe! *wink*

2. Need to finish my friend’s blog by Wed

3. Will be going back to KK on this coming Thursday for few days only. Attending bro-in-law’s big day. But I don’t feel the excitement going back?????!!! Hmmm… maybe because I just went back during New Year.

4. Taking pearls from KK for selling?? Hmm…

5. Bank loan for KK’s properties (both the selling and buying!)

Ok.. enough! See.. I told you I got lot of things in mind!!

Anyway, quick update on my selling last weekend…

The management has left out my name from their listing!!! So, they simply and randomly give me a space anywhere. Dang!!! 

Saturday was ok coz I was at the 1st floor. Can’t expect much on Saturday coz the crowd will be on Sunday.

Views from 3rd floor on Sunday

I was so shocked to see my name was on the 3rd floor for yesterday!!! As expected, the earning was so much difference from the previous Sunday. The crowd is normally at LG and 1st floor. 2nd and 3rd floor are less crowd. *sigh*

Sunday's display

Anyway, we still managed to cover the rental though. Ok la ba kan…

How's your day so far guys??

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  1. wow..banyak kemajuan sudah ni saya nampak..ehhe. Teruskan..:)

  2. How's my day? Atukkkk....busy yang luar biasa, heran owh, padahal boss bercuti (><)

  3. Oh my.. I forgot to make the transfer today.. will do it after dropping comment.. ^_^

    Sabar with this business thing k.. mcm tu lah if business... ada pasang surut... keep it up.. ^_^

  4. good jam berapa flight ko 3 haribulan..?

  5. gunsirit ~ ya ka guns? hehehe.. thanks.. tp blm cukup bikin blanja pusas dinosour lg... muahahahah...

    sis mouren ~ psl teda bos la yg bikin ko luar biasa pnya busy sis sbb ko ganti dia kan.. muahahahah

    cathJ ~ thanks moy.. ba, tggu ja the parcel kio.. :D

    jue ~ Jam 6ptg sia sampai kk.. jumpa satu kali nnt sama yg lain2 la k..

  6. wow..gud luck just..semakin bagus bisnes..hehe..pelan2..mesti berjaya punya

  7. Hi Just,

    Slow2 ja with the design.. do the priority first.. just tell me if you need anything k..

  8. Si Just mau pulang KK lagikk :)
    Kalau ada harapan, buli jumpa kali ni kan...
    Memang patut dicontohi kesungguhan ko ni moi, tidak mudah putus asa. Wishing you all the best kio moi...

  9. stella ~ thanks stel.. :D

    Nora ~ ok Nora. Almost done sdh kan.. :D

    Sumandak ~ heheheh... thanks Jane. mo bersusah2 dulu, bersinang2 kemudian ba ni kunun. it's about the right time to start with sumthing new and challenging.. :D


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