Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Berapa Berat Anda??

I came across this contest joined by Hot Mama BabyYats. Err… I’m not in the mood for a contest rite now but I was attracted by the Website Speed Test.

Wanna know how heavy or light is your body page? Heavy means slow page loading. Light means fast page loading. Which one you prefer? Mari timbang-timbang... Click here.

Mau kasi ‘slim down' lagik ka ni??? lol


  1. huiyo....sa ada berat ckit o...
    Size: 186.22 KB tapi Load time: 0.42 seconds juga la..haha

  2. Mine is 130.62 KB in size, needs 1.27 seconds to load, and average speed per KB is 0.01 seconds.. Heheh! Siok juga ni ada timbangan untuk blog ;-D

  3. Dev ~ berat la sia pnya page ni kan.. hmmm...

    AnnieMing ~ ok la tu... sia mo kasi krg saiz la ni mcm.. huhuuh...

  4. sorry ah Just but i think tu website speed test bukan depend sangat on your blog content. it's more on how your internet connection speed is...cos ive tried to check my site...bila speed internet sa lagging, mmg tu result dia pun slow...but when website sa dpt load fast due to fast internet speed, result dia pun berubah lebih cepat. :)

  5. oh but of cos, your page size is as mentioned in the result. cuma i meant the speed :)

    sa punya page size is 47.59kb, but the speed pandai berubah2 ni from 0.5 to 1 sec speed. yg mula2 sa try punya lambat...smpai 9 sec oh

  6. size : 79.94 KB
    load time : 0.22 seconds
    average speed per KB : 0 seconds

    mau kena kasi ramping lagi ni tau...haha

  7. sya punya pula:-

    Size: 167.23KB
    Load time: 0.18 seconds
    Average Speed per KB: 0 second

    Tapi kan Just tu load tima pandai berubah-ubah..hehe :)

  8. agree more on chegu... tingu itu internet punya kemampuan juga bah tu...

    tapi apa salah nya main timbang2 kan for fun hihihi....

  9. Agreed with Chegu Carol about the speed...mimang pandai berubah-ubah

    Anyhow, mine sexy and gorgeous page is 299.58KB at 0.19 seconds!!!

    I thinking 'vegetarian' now...hahaha!

  10. guys... thanks for informing sbb sia timbang 1x ja... rupa2nya pulak!! tp tepa la.. for fun ja kunun.. heheheh..

  11. Saya punya blog la mangkali yg paling lambat loading..sya rasa connection juga bah masalah dia sini ni...:)

  12. Hehehe...sya balik lagi bagi report..

    gunsirit.com 94.31 KB 2.1 seconds 0.02 seconds


You're 'bout to corner... ;p