Monday, February 21, 2011

Flea Market Amcorp Mall Day 1

As you all know, I was spending and enjoying my last weekend at Amcorp Mall!

2 bags of BOs!
The first day was damn bored! Only managed to sell 1pc of BO! *sigh*

Towkey sibuk susun2! ;p

Waiting and hoping for a customer is not easy man especially when you see the others is having crowd and managed to sell theirs!

My display
Had a chit chat with a kakak who has been there for 3 weeks. She shared her first day experience. Still do not know how to display stuff. Wondering where the price is ok. whether the stuff is saleble. Even thought of reducing the price! Those are exactly what inside my mind!

The bag hanger
According to the kakak, sunday will be much better in terms of crowd and selling. Not to mention month end and early month! Salary is out maa... *wink*

Before : photo taken during the registration day
After : taken on Sat
So yeah... we went back with dissapointment and tiredness on the first day, hoping for a better tomorrow!

To be continued...

Click here for the registration guidance.


  1. There is always be a better tomorrow, dnt worry, miracles happpen everyday durang bilang lah..hehe

  2. so mcm mana ok kah? Best juga kan berjual..tapi kena sabar lah..memg susah cari customer..tapi ok juga tu....ko duduk2 pun ada juga yang pi beli tu.

  3. That is what we called Business... ada pasang surut but we have to be consistent with positive mind..

    all the best... chayow! chayow!

  4. Yang penting terus berusaha Just, jangan cepat putus asa. Rezeki bukan datang bergolek...apapun, saya sukung Just :)

  5. besa laitu amoy... bisnes ni mcm tu saham jg bah.. naik turun.. hehehe. Bersabar k... bisuk2 ok laitu.

  6. gunsirit ~ let see miracle for next week time2 urg sdh gaji! heheheh...

    jue ~ duduk2 yg bikin panat! hahahah... ok la jg.. hrp2 mggu dpn lg ok! hehehe...

    cathJ ~ thanks... positive mind tu yg plg manang..

  7. Sumandak ~ thanks Jane. ini laini sibuk survey brg lain.. :p

    asai ~ yg penting sabar balik kul 6pm ba dear!!!!

  8. usaha tangga kejayaan bilang tu moi..jan risau Tuhan nampak jua kegagahan ko tu...ui sa nmpak ada lappy jua owh..hehehe

  9. Be patient and that's the key to success!! :)

  10. huhu ini la nama dia bissnes kan? hehe lama2 sa pun kena buat mcam ni ka ni untuk jual DETOX sa? huhuh siok juga tengok pic sis tu hehe

  11. ngehngehngeh.... sis makasi ar.. nda kestau sebabb nampak c LEN MOMMA pun tag sis hehe

    Sa masi lack of list friends yang bleh d tag baini

  12. Hello, just. Bisnes memang kena tahan hati. Best tengok foto2 just..Rezeki sentiasa ada... Percaya la cakap kita2 ni, hehe...:) Kak sokong, just..

  13. beaty ~ hehehe.. thanks moi! itu lappy tatap! pengubat keboringan! heheheh..

    Ken ~ thanks ken!

    Wen ~ ko jual Detox pulak.. ba, tmbh lg brg ba.. heheeh.. Kastau ja ba lain kali.. apa jg tu..

    Myfrin ~ Thanks Kak! Ini laini mmg tercabar ketahanan hati! kekekek..

  14. hehe okies ba sis.. len kali sa gitau juga ar... iya sa berniaga detox.. hehehe

  15. Hi Just,

    Actually sometime depend on what you selling. People who goes to Amcorp mostly hunting for 2nd hand items/ clothes. If new one memang slow sikit permulaan tu...:D

  16. Nora ~ Ngam2 sia pnya Day 1 kan yg tgh2 bln ba.. hahahah...


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