Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flea Market Amcorp Mall Day 2

If we were late on Day 1 (reached at about 10am when most of the sellers has set up their table nicely!), we reached Amcorp Mall at about 9am on Day 2!! Semangat betul!!

Most of the tables still ‘naked’! We headed to our table on Day 1, unfortunately it is no longer us! That mean the Management has rearranged the ‘sittings’. Hmm… I headed to the Management office to check at their whiteboard but none! So, I have to check every table each floor??!! Dang!!

When I finished half circle of checking (nasib belum 1 floor), I saw hubby putting our stuff on a table just behind our table on previous day!! Cisss…

Before 9am - naked tables
After 9am - maroon carpet tables! Hihih..
Anyway, we have changed our display on Day 2. We decided to display most of the BOs.

We bought a cloth hanger for the bag hanger as well! And was given a polite warning by the PIC of the Management. Padahal yg lain pun bawa jg! They even placed their stuff on the floor which was not allowed! Nda puas hati betul oo!

Ok, ignore it!

We started our Day 2 with a wide smile! Managed to sell out 2pcs of BOs before 11am! 4pcs of BOs before 1pm! Total of 8 BOs and 1 purse for Day 2!! Great enough to cover the rental for the week and get back some modals! *wink*

One of the customers was a lady Datuk. Of coz I didn’t know she is a Datuk until one of the friends address her with that title. In fact, one of the friend came back to grab my BO too. She asked for a discount but I stick with my price! ;p

One need a licence to sell antic stuff
 Can’t for this weekend!! *mata duitan*


  1. Nah kan...bulih tahan juga bah jualan bag ko nie (^^)

    Bah, trus kan Chayo chayo!

  2. Wah..boleh tahan...Nice arrangement... Good Luck...

  3. wah!tahniah ya just.Semoga jualan semakin meningkat!!

  4. Sis Mouren ~ buli tahan! hehehe.. yayy.. baru tersenyum ba. Yg ari 6 tu nda dpt senyum oo.. hahaha..

    Dev ~ manada bnyk tu.. blm blk pukuk lg tu. hahahha..

    jue ~ naa.. ko misti tlg sia susun mcm ni.. hehehe... thanks julie!

    Anne ~ thanks anne! :D

  5. waaa..mau jadi taukeh basar sudah ko ni lama2..ehehe

  6. eh... business is business maaa... bukan mata duitan... hihihi...

  7. guns ~ lama lg oo guns tp will try my best! ;p

    cath ~ eh iya ba pulak kan.. klu kwn2 pun teda discount ooo.. hahah..

  8. good job Just! sikit2 lama jadi bukit. buli tahan, sampai ada lady datuk lagi beli bag ko. itu sudah tanda baik :) keep it up Just!

  9. Wow, bestnya... keep it up! Mungkin kalo di sini pun bulih laku tuuu... All the best! :-)

  10. dis sat macam nda dapat join kamurang.. lagipun ibu balik KK kan tu ari sabtu tu..
    tapi on sun bulih la.. heheheee...
    Ari tu si Didie sakit gigi bah tu.. tu la kami balik awal.. sian dia..

  11. chegu carol ~ thanks carol. Mo kumpul bukit laini.. heheh..

    Crystal ~ mcm rasa2 mo jd pemborong ba pulak lagi ni.. hehehe..

    One ~ ok.. no prob!

  12. sengaja ba kasi dia training buat satu pusingan time tu.. hehehehe.. err.. actually, sya sdh panggil bah.. "honey.. Honey".. tp dia nda dgr.. muahahaha !!

  13. Hi Just,

    Wah.. good sale then, i guess it will cover the rent for one week aldy kan. Strict betul management this year kan.. compare to last year nda la sampai banyak peraturan itu ini. Si Nisa tell me mau apply license lagi tu, terkejut sia. Dulu mana ada camtu pun.. hemm.., but its okay, this saturday, its salary week already. I guess mesti banyak orang datang tu. Chaiyok2x okay..:D

    Bah, tkt berapa kamu tu?, mana tau sia berjalan2 sana with family. I'm regular at Amcorp too..:D

  14. Asai ~ Ni kali dia p tgk nama, org tggu.. ;p

    Nora ~ Nasib baik sia call the mgmt office a day before sia p register tu sbb sia target rm80 ja. skali kena log for 2 weeks + licence sama table cloth!

    Hrp this week ok la.. last week sia d 1st floor, this week nda tau lg..


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