Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flea Market at Amcorp Mall

Registered and confirmed myself to rent a space at Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya for this weekend and next weekend. Phewww…

It is really beyond my imagination. Thanks to dearest friend Julie! She has indirectly gives me an inspiration! Thanks also to a dear friend for sharing her business experience there! *hugs*

For info, flea market at Amcorp Mall is operating every Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 7pm. Registration for first time seller is every Tuesday 11pm – 2pm at Amcorp Mall Managent Office, 1st floor.

at the Management Office
Luckily it was a Public Holiday on Tuesday so we don't have to apply leave! *wink*

I called up the Management Office on Monday just to check this and that to avoid any unwanted situation happen!

See... I have to bring photos or sample of products!

The T&C
Photos showing the DON'T!

Payment for first time seller :

Two weeks rental = RM160 (RM80/wk - Sat & Sun)

Licence = RM20 (refundable)

Table Cloth = RM38 (I thought of skipping this by going to Kamdar but nevermind la! Scared I got the wrong measurement!)

the table cloth

Total damage cost = rm218

In other words, I will be working 7 days in a week! No rest day! Huhuhu… bersusah2 dahulu, bersenang2 kemudian!

Two sizes of plastic bags for my buyers ;p

I wonder how would I perform on those days?! Hope everything will be as smooth as possible. *pray*

*UPDATE 2012*

The management has revised the registration process as of July 2012.

Registration for new vendors will be on every last Tuesday of the month. Counter at Level 2 (near post office) open between 9am and 12noon. A total rental of RM80 for both Saturday+Sunday is still applicable. However, vendor needs to pay lumpsum rental for all the weeks for the respective month i.e. if there is 4 weeks in that respective month, vendor is to pay RM80x4 upon registration. For new vendor, pls bring along your photocopy of IC and photos of products. Good Luck!!

If you need a space to sell off your preloved items such as clothings, bags, shoes, etc flea market is one of the answer. Call up Amcorp Mall Management Office at 603-7966 2494. *wink*


  1. Congrats Just!!! ko tau.. I can be considered as frequent visitor to Amcorp Mall flea market ^^.. Yay! mana tau terjumpa la kita ni.. hehehe

  2. Bagus ni. Bah, rajin rajin lah kau :).

  3. congats! bah bila start...whenever I'm in KL I always visit amcorp mall at least once there! Nanti sa pi subuk2...hihihihi =)

  4. Evelyn ~ thanks evelyn. Ba say hi to me klu nmpk sia aa.. hehehe...

    SJB ~ hehheeh.. malas pun tepksa rajin jg ni.. ;p

    stella ~ thanks stel.

  5. hi Just..Wah..bestnya..bah rajin2 lah...In other words..berniaga nie..kena bersabar..sebab ada kalanya kita di bawah and ada kalanya kita di atas...yang penting usaha...yeahhh...

  6. good luck...bah nt sy p tgk2 kau di sana....hehehe...drg adik sy pun mau test market p sana

  7. Wah, congratulations, very happy for you... all the best..

  8. Honey ~ ni kali la.. baru ko tau mcm mana perasaan aku yg kadang2 terpaksa keja 7 hari seminggu d ofis ni.. huhuhuhuhu !!

    errr.. jgn kamurang pigi cubuk2 ja.. tp mesti pigi beli aaa.. muahahaha !!

  9. jue ~ ni la ni mo rajin2 duduk2 bejualan.. hehehe...

    Maymel ~ ba dtg n support aa.. hehehe... Oya ka? ba, ngam la ba tu.. :D

    Gordian ~ thanks.. :D

    Asai ~ yayyy... keja d ofis 7days lain ba feeling dia! hihihhi..

  10. iya,nt sy bw pompom girl...kikiki

  11. wooahhh bagus ni. all the best Just!

  12. Wooott... wooottt.... bisuk tu kan???????? aiiii...macam aku la pula yg berdebar2.. hahahahahhahaaa.....

  13. Maymel ~ hahahah.. ngam la tu... klu ada tu pompom lg kiut tu! hahaha...

    mell_f ~ thanks moy..

    One ~ ya bisuk first day! aku pun berdebar2 kunun... hahah...

  14. well done Just! tabik lah sama ko sebab sudah made the first move to a greater success. Biarpun urg bilang, bukan susah tu mo pi berjual2 di flea market...tapi kalau teda keberanian mo cuba, tida juga tepigi cuba tu. so yeah, well done again.

    here's wishing you the best during your jual2 day ok. and of cos, mau tingu gambar hehehe

  15. chegu carol ~ thanks carol. ya baa... ini laini.. sdh la sia nda suka selling2 ni.. so kira cabar diri sendiri jg ni. hahaha... no worries.. wait for next week post. :D

  16. Hehe jadi juga kau buka the flea market sana. So this week and next week la?..Good Luck kio..:D

  17. Now I know!!

    Nda tau la bila dpt tejln p PJ ni..ada rezeki klu tepigi sana sa contact ko jg..kio? :)

    btw, congrats!!businesswoman sda la skng kan? All the best!! :)

  18. wa.. menarik jg tu.. pa yg sis jual? all the best! :)

  19. Was searching for more information on how to rent a booth and came across your post. Thanks a lot! :) Is the procedure and rental still the same?

  20. thanks for this post! so helpful...was planning to go tomorrow but thank god i was this blog! :)

  21. Hi Just*...Is this update applicable for the year 2013?
    I would like to open up a booth in Amcorp as well.

    1. Ermm.. not really sure. pls call up the mgmt office instead. thanks..

  22. I have heard someone comment said the management very bad especially those who named JASON YEW? Can I know your feedback? Thanks.. :(

  23. I had saw someone comment on the public said the management very bad, and the ppl named JASON YEW... pls refer to this link, thn see the person who comment named "CherrieLee"--->
    Can I know your comment? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Teoh!

      Thanks for the dropping by and comment. Have read Cherrie's comment on the given link. The comment was made in June 2010. I believe that guy Jason Yew was from the previous event management in-charged. Amcorp flea market is currently in-charge directly by the Amcorp management staff. I think the management staff treat senior vendors very nicely. As for new vendors, try to be friend with them for easy 'negotiation' on place/table/spot. All the best!


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