Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy LOVE Day!!

Oh yeahhh... Cupids are everwhere!! It's a loving loving day today!

Any advance Valentine's celebration yesterday? Me? Nope... And 'NOPE' also for special celebration for today. Just like previous years we didn't celebrate V-Day romantically! No candle light dinner. No flowers.
As far as I could remember, my first Valentine’s gift from hubby was a bunch of artificial rose with a lil’ white teddy! Couldn’t find it anywhere anymore. *sigh*

From me to him on 14.2.2004!

Click here for our last year V-Day celebration.

To my beloved Hubby,

"Love is not about finding the right person but creating a right relationship. It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. Happy Valentine’s Day and let’s prays for our love to grow old as we are! I Love You, Dear!"

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And Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!

The skinny us! Teringat pula zaman dulu2... ekekeke...


  1. Thks sis for d wish sweet ni pic ko sama hubby...dulu2 kah tu..hehe

  2. Sia sama Hubby mau keluar makan2 ja ni mlm Just.. Teda la romantic2 dinner..

  3. Kami bulum ada plan ni Just...
    Makan ramai2 di rumah ja kali, macam biasa...hehe

  4. Happy Valentine to you too.. Teda plan kah...?:-)

  5. Ellen ~ gmbr thn 2003 tu! heheheh..

    Tunung ~ kami nda tau mo p mkn ka nda ni.. hahahah...

    Sumandak ~ kami pun sama la kali ni... ;p

    Jue ~ Happy Valentine's day julie... kamu p mana?? kami teda plan..

  6. How sweet! My first V-Day gift from hubby was a single fresh rose. Ituuuuuuu sajaa hahaha!

    Well, it's the thought that count bah...

  7. Happy Valentine honey..... malu2 lg kita bergambar time tu kan.. sbb bergambar dpn family ba kunun.. hehehehe. sweet memory !!!!

  8. sis Mouren ~ tapun ja la klu fresh flower! hehehehe... the thought tu yg plg manang! Happy V-Day sis!

    Asai ~ hehehe... ya ba! malu2 tingau!

  9. Ehmm...saya pun x tau pi mana? Blm ada plan nie Just..

  10. wahhhhhh punya skinny!!!! hehehhehehhe...

    happy Love day.. :D

  11. Very true... love is to grow till it gets stronger and stronger. Happy Valentine's Day to you and hubby. Nice pix, btw. Sexy mexy lagi he he he...

  12. sooooo sweet! punya kurus ko dulu Just..hehe!

  13. CathJ ~ itu la tu.. nda cukup mkn ba tu! hahahaha...

    Crystal ~ sexy ka pula tu?! keekkeek...

    Stella ~ hehhe.. skrg sdh anak dua, nda dpt sdh bentuk badan dulu... huhuhuu...


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