Sunday, February 06, 2011

Kua Mirah-ing

Kua Mirah - pair all (4 pairs) and get kua/win!
Only the reds get the points and so we call it kua mirah!

I was just too excited with the kua mirah after years of not enjoying it. Well, I'm not a kua mirah person actually. Maybe tangan gatal! Hee..

So, I went down to the shop downstair just to buy the card and 'force' my bro to play kua mirah with me! Dua org mana cukup kan... so, the third person was my mom! But only for 2 games before hubby could not handle my kids! Hahaha.. 

Rayyan was the accountant!

No choice but to get hubby replacing me and me replacing mom! Hubby claimed that he doesn't really know how to play the kua mirah. I was suprise! Is it? But when he started ask mom on the cards, ask this, ask that.. and the best part is he threw his paired cards coz they are not the same colour!! Alalalala.. kesian... but he catched up fast and won few times RM3 for playing all black and angkungs! Yayyy... 

RM3 - all blacks, all black with red Ace or angkungs (A-K-Q-J)

Oh yaa.. we played 2 sen satu mata... *wink*

Mom only joined us after the kids went to bed. Guess what? We stopped the game at about 5AM! Been playing for almost 5 hours! Phewww...

Who win? Me and hubby!!! Manang jg tu org yg x pandai main!! Hahahah... Bro lost RM10 and mom RM15...

So that's about our kua mirah. The only session! Just to fulfilled the itchy hands! *grin*


  1. wooooooyooo~smpai jm 5am lg tu hehe...

    ~huhu sa nda pndai main card~

  2. Kuah mirah sya tidak brapa pandai main tapi kalau lap lap bulila sikit2..eehhe

  3. Hahahaha...biarpun kamurang sikit urang saja tapi hebat juga permainan kamurang ah!

  4. i learnt kua mirah last December, and it's one of the favor games whenever there is family gath among us the cousins!

    wahh..u guys played 2 sets daun ka? if us, only 1 set kalau less than 4 persons main..if ramai2, baru siok 2 sets..hehehee

    siok kan???

  5. michelle ~ hebat kan?! hahahah.. sia pun main for fun ja.. :D

    gunsirit ~ guys mmg prefer lap lap ba kan.. sia nda terrer tu.. ;p

    sis Mouren ~ heheheh... sepa2 yg manang, duit kemenangan bikin beli mainan c yon jg.. hahahah...

    sheila ~ 1set ja ba tu... if more than 4pax baru la pakai 2set... time CNY mmg nda miss ni kua mirah ni... so terrer sdh ko main? hehehe..

  6. siok oo blh men smpai pagi..but klo kmi during cny we use to play '21' a.k.a blackjack or the 'laplapfu'..but diz year sy escape men smpai pagi gara2 ni sorethroat yg bikin spoil.klo x smpai nda tdr tu main..hihi..btw, gong xi fa chai to u n fmly!

  7. Cindy ~ besa nya urg tua2 yg men 21! klu tmpt kami la.. tepa la.. simpan ur energy for next yr la.. hehehe...


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