Friday, February 25, 2011

New Business??

Business sounds expanding huh?! Hee…

No no… It’s more to a new project!

A dear friend texted me this morning. Asking for a favour. She asked me to revamp her business blog!

Wow!! That’s sounds BIG to me!

We then proceed with YM. I told her my worries. Well, creating page for other is tough because of the different tastes. I might like this but she might not. Things like that la

All she needs is something like mine with of coz her other own requirements too. You know... those photos, link, icons, widgets, order form, etc.

The page is supposed to be ready by mid of this month but the hubby who has promised to do it for her was too busy with workloads.

Well, she did mention about paying a sum for the favour. However I am willing to do it for her because (1) she is my friend, (2) for fun, (3) I wanted to improve my skills in html (if involve) and (4) I got nothing to do (boss not around! Hahahaah…)!

So, I let her satisfied with the result then only she decides the price later. Nice of me? Yeahh… Only to my friends! *clap hands*

Deep inside, I am actually touched by her request!

First thing first… hunting for layout! Her choice… pinkish / greenish…

Chowww… Got excited with the project!! *wink*


  1. wah bagus ahh....ada project suda kan

  2. Wah...ada business baru nampak..caya lah Just...Anyway Good Luck ok...

  3. good bah that Just. take it as a challenge kan.

  4. Naaah bisnes baru lagi moi, jeles saya ni...haha
    Apapun, good luck. Manatau lepas ni buli order template pula...

  5. beaty ~ ya ba kunun ni.. ;p

    julie ~ thanks julie tp bkn bisnes jg ba ni.. seja2 isi masa lapang.. ;p

    chegu carol ~ ya lor.. ini laini.. ;p

    sumandak ~ ndada la ba.. project tlg kawan ja ba ni.. nda la sia pandai buat template tu.. ;p

  6. Hnmm...could be a possible business venture..

  7. Kira new business juga ni... good luck! :-D

  8. hehehe sis sa punya may tukar kaler cerah sikit tapi takut banyak benda mau d ubah... org ckp kaler dark ni xramai d minati org betul; ka?

  9. Good luck with codes! :) Sa pening tu klu talampau baca tu code :)

  10. Hi Just,

    Appriciate for the wilingness to help. This definetly gonna be your next business..:D


You're 'bout to corner... ;p