Thursday, March 31, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Kinda stale sdh oo this entry kan... Paduli la! Heee...

Did you do your part last Sat's nite??

Sad to say we only managed to switch off the lights for less than half an hour before C Rayyan sibuk mau suruh on balik tu lampu.

Here's what we managed to capture that nite...

Few mins after the Earth Hour started.
From far, nampak macam terang, but actually gelap tau. Look at the zoom pic.

Terang benderang trus the buildings after 9.30pm
Will be 'celebrating' Earth Hour at new place in future... *wink*

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amcorp Mall Flea Market : Week 4

Last Saturday’s performance was poor! *sigh* The management office placed me at LG level which to me the level is quite good too ONLY if they placed me at the center not at the edge of the world! Di pisuk2 ni! Sandi! As expected, sales were poor!

Sunday, we were placed at the 2nd floor, near the escalator. Great location! *smile*

Somehow, up till 1pm still no buyer?? Ni nda buli jadi ni geng! I was bored and asked Hubby to take care while I wandering inside the building. LOL

I went into a ‘macam-macam shop’. I dropped whatever in hand for few times! Pegang itu, jatuh. Pegang ini, jatuh! Kin panas. Mcm teda ‘ong’ ja ni! @-@

Here’s what chilling me! *wink*

I purposely picked the bag coz it some sort of linking me to Just's Shoppe (the watermark) *wink*
Pick everything your self!
This cost me RM7!
The anty really got the crowd ooo!
Ages since my last ‘bling-bling’ attempt! Rasa macam teen balik. Hehehe..

When I went back to my station, Hubby already managed to sell 2 items! Baru la naik balik itu semangat. My ‘ong’ pun datang balik. Hee… customers pun datang dan pergi! Ceh!

Sempat jugak Hubby snap dorang ni. They were curious with the Bag Hanger.
My last BOM was sold with discount and the sales for Sunday managed to cover the ‘lost’ on Saturday. *grin*

The only 3 BOs left before the medium was taken too!
Thanks to MIL for the additional stock of pearls. *wink*

For this coming weekend, we have new stock arrived yesterday! *wink*

Till then… chayo chayo!!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Driving Classes / Tests in Auto!

Morning peeps!

As I made a quick browse through my blog’s reading list, I spot an entry by Ellen with the title “Ujian Memandu akan dijalankan menggunakan transmisi auto”.

Since I’m planning to start with my driving classes in this coming May, anything bout driving licence or driving test will easily got my attention! Heee…. By the way, the first part (taking L) has been done early last year. Somehow I can’t continue with the driving classes due to pregnancy. So by hook or by crook, I must force myself to proceed with the 2nd stage this year or else I will lose my L and will need to start all over again. NOO!!!

I remember I did shout it out to Hubby when the issue was brought up some time in year 2009!

"Ko tunggu la berapa banyak kali punya pilihanraya lagi tu!” that was Hubby’s answer!

Punya lama sudah tu! Refer this article. It (driving classes and test in auto cars) supposed to be carried out in end of year 2009 before the issue was highlighted again last year and yesterday.

Refer to yesterday’s article, those who pass the driving test in auto car will get their driving licence with a 'special notes’ on the driving licence which allow them to drive ONLY auto cars! Ok juga ba kan.. *wink*

My 2nd L will be expiring Feb next year! Matai la..

I wonder when is this matter will be sorted out. Senang sikit kali sia mo pass! Lol

Till then, have a pleasant day ahead! Cheerss...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Business Meet Up with Jue

Tajuk macam taie-taie oh kan! Muahaahahah...

This entry should come together with my recent KK’s marathon entries. But I have to KIV this because of the photos! (mine was blur! So have to wait till Jue email her photos. Same case with the other meet up!) *sigh*

Biar la lambat asal selamat terblog!

Jue was supposed to join the meet up with the other Gorgeous Ladies. Somehow she cancelled it last minute due to some other probs! *Besa la tu Julie! Hehehe*

So, we rescheduled our appointment meet up. Macamana pun misti jumpa. Banyak urusan paduka baginda kunun. Hehehehehe… So, we had our dinner at Tg Aru Beach Food Court (itu ka namanya?!).

Thanks to Jue & fiancée for the treat!

Geram and lucu jugak pasal makanan dia. Nasi nda masak. Masih terasa beras lagik! Pastu order satay ayam & kambing, kena hantar satay daging & kambing. Mau marah pun susah! Heiii…

Overall, we had a great chit chat especially on the business thingy (uiseh!!) and made our move after two hours! @.@

Next time lagik kita kupi2 aa Julie! *wink* For other version of the story, pls visit Jue’s blog.

p/s : auto-published

Friday, March 25, 2011

Guru dilarang mempunyai laman blog?!

I came accross the above title when I BW this morning.

My mind goes directly to my dearest teacher-blogger friends - chegu carol, annieming, ncsheila, memel, nadia, sab.... *who else ah?!*

The blog owner, silampuneon, has recently (i guess so!) attended a Kursus Pendedahan Pendidikan Khas. One of the slots was given by an officer of the Education Dept in relation to the tatatertib dan salah laku penjawat awam (kamu translate la ah!).

It was mentioned here, “Banyak salah laku yang boleh dikenakan tindakan kepada guru guru yang melanggar peraturan yang termaktub dalam Peraturan-Peraturan Pegawai Awam (Kelakuan dan Tatatertib) (Pindaan) 2002 tu.”

The related articles :

Click images to enlarge

So for those teachers out there, you are allowed to blog BUT with conditions! You guys need to get a consent by filling up an application form which can be collected from the state MOE.

Nota kaki : mau blogging pun susah oo kan... *wink*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Project

Been busy with the above the whole day today!!! What's that??? Tell you later when I am done with it. 1st step done. Phewww.... Need to get it ready by May! Can I make it?! @.@

Till then... Bisuk Friday sdh kan... yeah yeah! :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holiday Love with DianBizzcorner

(Closing Date : 31 Mar 2011)

T&C :

1. Be Dianbizzcorner & Just's shoppe follower.

2. Post an entry with the banner. In your entry, tell me about your dream Holiday not more than 10 words, with a candid picture of your pass holiday with family or loved one.

3. Banner must be place at the sidebar and linked to this entry.

4. Comments this entry with your permalink.

Relax, Cheer, Fun, Romantic & Love getaway is my dream holiday!  (10 words)

The Grand Prize is a stay in 2 Room Apartment for 3D2N stay at A- Formosa Resort from 15th -17th April 2011. Kindly Note that the prize excludes breakfast and tickets to Entertainment Park.

2nd and 3rd prize winners will win themselves a Bag organizer sponsored by Just's Shoppe.

UNFORTUNATELY, I'm the owner of Just's Shoppe! So, I am not qualified for this contest! *wink* But YOU can! Hurry up guys! One more week before the closing date!

Pls visit Dianbizzcorner for more info. TQ! *smile*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amcorp Mall Flea Market Week 3

Our 3rd week last week was the best performance so far compare to 1st and 2nd week selling performances. We were doing great on both Saturday and Sunday last week. *wink*

Since it is mid of the month, we didn’t expect much. Yang penting, dapat cover rental and modal barang. Seeee… we are not greedy! Hee… But when things turned the other way round, memang la happy gila-gila kan… We returned home with happy faces! Heheheh… all the disappointments on Saturday morning gone!

I was so frustrated to see a chair with my name labeled on the 3rd floor last Sat. And again no table for us??!! Haiyayayyaya…. To make things worse, the management office was locked! So, we went down for a breakfast. Mau nda mau ja makan time tu. Kinda susah hati juga.

We were pretty sure that we will be waiting for at least another half an hour. So, we brought all bags to the management office and hoping that we can request to change from 3rd floor to other floors.

The officer-in-charged only turned up at almost 10.30am?! *rolling eyes*

“Just, you are not selling clothes meh?”

“No. Bags maa…” the lady only remember my cloth hanger but not what I hang! Huh!

“ok la.. here la… since they are not coming!” pointing at a table near the escalator at the 1st floor!

My heart was jumping!! Wow! A great location indeed! Urang limpas-limpas ba! *grin* My sell?? More than RM100! Nampak sikit but it is a lot for me!

Sat's display
makin teruk ke-blur-ran my hp cam ni!

The next day we were placed near the exit to the toilets & lifts. Also a good location and we managed to sell more than RM200 on Sunday! What an achievement! *wink wink*

Managed to sell a set of the necklace+bracelet set, a bracelet and a pair of the brooch

You know what, we saw other seller is selling the same-exact brooch like what we have with a pair of RM15 and RM25?!! Wa-lau-weh!!

my 'pain'-killer!

My worries now go to my reducing number of BOs. Hope my stock will be arriving on Friday! *finger cross*

p/s : SIL has returned home safely! *relief*

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Giving Birth & Police Report

Hi peeps.. not feel like blogging today. Been busy with Mr. google! Mau juling sdh ni mata! @-@

Anyway, just wanna CONGRATZ my dear friend Momma Mia (some of you might know her) on her newborn baby girl (2nd baby girl) @ 3.55kg (normal delivery) yesterday at 2.15pm! Both Mia and baby are in good condition. *trus teringat time bersalin Rayyan and Lily*

Photo taken in Dec 1999!

Happy confinement Mia! Cepat2 la kerja balik then you can blog again! Really miss you in blogging atmosphere! *wink*

On other notes, hope dearest SIL who went MIA (missing in action ba... bkn Mia di atas!)  will be safely return home! Naa.. kena buat police report sdh coz it has been more than 48hours! Jeng jeng jeng....

She and her friends went for naik bukit last Saturday and should be back by yesterday (as planned). However we were unable to contact any of the gang up till now! *sigh* Pray for nothing bad happen to them. Amin...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Online Pen Tool

I bet most of you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop (PS) rite! Some of you or most of you or even all of you might be good in PS! But not me! I don’t even have the software in my lappy. Dulu ada la.. After format, trus teda install balik. *sigh*

Anyway, I always wanted to try cutting out and remove an image background like what the pen tool does in PS. Since I do not have PS, I google if I can do it online... you know... without the need to downloading?! Heee…

*clap hands*

I managed to found what I wanted! Bitsoff is the answer for an online cut out and remove image background without using PS pen tool! I likeeee…

Here’s my try…


The original photo


background was removed!

After this, will be busy with this kinda of thing la ni… muahaahhaah…

p/s : auto-published

Friday, March 18, 2011

Display Stuff

Oh yess.. I will start with flea market again this weekend after 2 weeks of break! If you recall bout my goodies bags, I brought some pearls and brooches too!

Will be displaying those pearls and brooches along my BOs!! For that, I invested on the display stuff! I likeee….

It’s all about presentation… which I believe will help in attracting people to go over one’s counter! Agree?

At first, I googled them out. Seja mau tau budjet ba! Bracelet display range in RM28-RM55 while necklace display range in RM18-RM50?! Mahal jugak oo..

I always think that I’m good in googling. Kunun! And I found this – rack world! The good news is the shop is where me and hubby often go for business stuff hunting! Mari la memborong di Chow Kit or Lorong Haji Taib! Black area huh?!

We made a visit to the shop few days before and shopped some display thingy!!! Cheap ooo!!

Necklace display - RM20/unit
Ring/brooch display - RM10/unit
Bracelet box - RM10/packet of 10pcs

Looking for something for your shop?? Visit Rack World! I didn’t get credits for this ok! *wink*

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recording Artist???

Who? Me?? Naaa… Mission Impossible! *pigang mike pun begagar lutut! lol*

Well, it is nothing to do about artist! But is has to do with recording! Heee…

Yesterday, I was supposed to attend 3 meetings; two meetings in the morning and another one after lunch time! Thank God, the afternoon’s meeting was postponed. I guess Datuk pun penat sdh with the two meetings! *wink*

Unfortunately, I joined in the meeting not because I am the committee! I’m taking the minutes of the meetings! Tasks yg paling bikin benci!

Benci macamana pun no choice jugak… still have to go in, listen and jot down whatever that I able to catch! No head and tails, buduh buduh seja saya rasa saya di dalam tu… huhuhuhu…

This is when I say thanks to the RECORDER even though I missed to record the 1st meeting (ntah kenapa the one I have not functional padahal sudah try the day before!).

Before the 2nd meeting commenced, I went to the Company Secretarial dept, looking for their recorder. I knew they are also holding one which I thought it should be like mine. The old type!

Recorder usang! ;p

Rupa-rupanya, they got new recorder! MP3 recorder gitu! What I need to do is just record as usual and thereafter connect the recorder via USB to my PC and copy paste the relevant recordered folder to my files in my PC. It is in MP3 format! When I try to open it, keluar la suara-suara sumbang time dalam meeting! Loud and clear! Se-martt betul ooo… Opps… macam ketinggalan pula saya pasal ni! Bikin malu ja! Kikikiki...

The MP3 recorder

The old recorder I have sdh la manual… kena adjust-adjust lagi tu the wired earphones for an optimum max of clearness! Duiiii ba!

Sorry aa.. ntah apa2 saya rant ni hari ni! lol Have a great Thursday peeps! *wink*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bila Dua Jasad Menjadi Satu

Sampai masa tibanya waktu,
Redup hati kaum berdua,
Bila dua jasad menjadi satu,
Hidup mati jadi bersama.

yeah... It's all about HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA... Since we are not doing the flea market last week, me and hubby stole some time for a movie last Saturday at the nearby cinema, MBO. Just 5-min drive from home.

Love to come for movie here coz less crowd and free parking!

Jangan tertipu! Almost full jg tu cinema!

With Rango aka Johnny Depp
While waiting, sempat lagik  gambar2!

Bravo to KRU! I feel like I'm watching Jet Li's epic film! A non-local production movie! *clap hands*

popcorn, ticket and us!

Next movie?? Not sure yet... :D

p/s : auto-published

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Serasi Bersama

Hi all.... Looking for me yesterday? Hee...

I was on EL yesterday. After two days of flu and cough, decided to bring both Rayyan and Lily to the clinic yesterday. Hope they are getting better today. Poor kids!

I was so happy after checking my blog this morning. Thanks to Sheila, the contest organizer for the linky in my entry comment box!

The above photo is one of the three grand prize winners for Contest Anak & Ayah Serasi Bersama! Serasi kan Rayyan and Daddy! Hehehe...

On the other note, still pending for the winner announcement by the organizer, Litter Finger. Definitely, Lily will be the Top 5 of Contest Anakku Sayang, Anakku Riang!

Spot Lily?

Till then, Happy Tuesday!

p/s : will be sitting in meeting one whole day tomorrow!! Four meetings to attend! Matai!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rayyan was abused!

*palis palis*

But, it hurts me to see his leg full with bruises!

Every time we went back to KK. Rayyan sure brought back with such ‘gift’. *sigh* Well, he got the same type of skin like the mother ~ easily bruised!

Especially if love-bite by the mosquitoes! Sure bengkak gila! My mom-in-law always say this, “itu la ba kau Rayyan, terlampau putih! Senang kena jumpa nyamuk!” lol

The truth is he got too excited playing around with the cousins. Ya la.. sini KL dia main sama Lily seja. Main pun di dalam rumah seja kan. So he sure main puas-puas la time di Tg Aru aritu!

waving at plane!

Rayyan sibuk tengok ja tu. Dia nda berani main tu tanah!

makin lama makin jauh pulak pit-stop dorang!

The exact look he gave us when daddy asked him to stop playing
Besar sdh dia kan... my lil' boy! Mummy love you Rayyan!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Holiday Love Contest with Dianbizzcorner

Remember bout my new project - revamping blog for my dear friend, Nora? It is now ready and she has organized a contest for you all!! Bukan hadiah sembarangan tau! A 3D2N stay at A'famosa Resort gitu! WOW!!

Ok... the content below is copied-paste here for all my dear follower! To join, pls visit dianbizzcorner.  Just helping a friend to promote her blog as well as mine. *wink*

Hi all,

I’m in the spirit of Giving and Loving. I believe 2011 is the year we need start improving love. Love is everywhere, but this time lets Love bring you out from the Box. If you only Love yourself, try to take a step ahead by loving close people around you, your family, your parents and relatives. If your Love restricted among family, lets spread it to a people around us, to friends, to colleague or maybe to people we hardly known, people who we don’t know at all, people who maybe sat near us inside the train on the way to work, or people who rub shoulder with us in the supermarket, but most important is being able to give it to someone that need love more than anything in the world. Because feeling un-love and unwanted is hundred worst than feeling hunger. That’s why there’s a song lyric “When we Hungry Love will keep us alive”

Don’t get me wrong on the definition of Love. Love doesn’t mean physical contact only (if you know what I mean)..:D. Love for me is family, friends and courtesy to peoples in need. One way of expressing Love is spending time together, a Holiday, a great one!

In expressing Love to others, Dianbizzcorner collaboration with Just's shoppe decided to held a contest, Holiday Love with DianBizzcorner, to join the contest you need to:-

1. Be Dianbizzcorner & Just's shoppe follower.

2. Post an entry with the banner. In your entry, tell me about your dream Holiday not more than 10 words, with a candid picture of your pass holiday with family or loved one.

3. Banner must be place at the sidebar and linked to this entry.

4. Comments this entry with your permalink.

The Grand Prize is a stay in 2 Room Apartment for 3D2N stay at A- Formosa Resort from 15th -17th April 2011. Kindly Note that the prize excludes breakfast and tickets to Entertainment Park. 15th April is Malacca Historical City day, and I guess there will be a lot of activity held in the city during the week.

** Link this banner**

2nd and 3rd prize winners will win themselves a Bag organizer sponsored by Just's shoppe. You will get a colourful and cute BO collection free...yeay3x..:D

** Colour of BO might vary depend on Stock**

The contest will be 2 weeks, starting from 11th-31st March 2011. The Top 10 will be announced on 4th April and the Lucky winners will officially announce on 9th April 2011.

Send us your entry now!! Impress me with your words together with one candid picture of your previous holiday. Spread the love thru great Holiday, spend some time with your love one and family.

Until now, Good Luck and enjoy your day..: D

Oh yess... I'm giving away BO for free!! *wink*

Majlis Persandingan Faridzwan & Rosmahwati

Well, this is the VIP event that flew me back to KK! The wedding of bro-in-law which was held at Kg Pengalat Besar, Papar on last Sunday.

Thanks to BIL for the City Bus renting being the transportation for the guest from Tg Aru. Since hubby has to be the driver for BIL, me and Rayyan has to take the bus. Plan changed. At first, we planned to bring along Lily. But kesian ba sama Lily nanti. Mesti panas kan... So, have to leave Lily with mom.

We departed from Tg Aru at 12.30pm. I think we should be arriving Kg Pengalat Besar at about an hour since the bus can't speed more than 60km/h! Huhhh!!

The 'band' - all the way from Tg Aru!

Very the gold nie!

You know what? They don't have merenjis. Just sanding for photography session, came out and another kinda sanding at the entrance before they proceed for cake-cutting.

After the cake-cutting, we took the chances to take some photos with the hero and heroin at the pelamin. Hee....

with my parent-in-law
Top : with the siblings (3 not in the photo)
Bottom : me and my family except Lily

Btw, we didn't managed to taste the cake! I was starving and grabbed my 'ready-lunch'. lol Rayyan was starving too. Punya banyak dia makan. No wonder he was acting badly earlier on.

The famous poco-poco dance
Mom-in-law (the black tudung) pun join satu kali.. but not poco-poco la

BIL & wife and us

Will there be another wedding from my hubby's side this year? Hmmm...

To BIL, happy wedding to you both. Welcome to the club! *wink*

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Meet Up with Gorgeous Ladies

I purposely waited for all of the ladies to post their entries coz I have to 'steal' their photos! I was so lazy to bring my own camera that nite. Ada ka patut kan??

The meet up was initiated by me after Annieming ordered my Bag Organizer (Thanks again Annie!) just few days before my flight going back to KK. To save her postage cost, I suggest to bring along and pass to her in person and that was when the idea popped up! Meeting up the with the rest. Unfortunately, only few responding. Ndapa la.. maybe they were busy. Next time then...

I was terribly LATE for the meet up on last Friday nite. It was scheduled at 8pm but I only turned up at 9.30pm!! Begini la kalau pinjam kereta org kan.. hmm..

Everyone was having their foods when I showed up. Adehhh... kin malu ja lambat gila2... sudah la first time meeting two out of the three ladies!

The 2-hours-dinner with the gorgeous ladies Mouren, Carol and Annieming at the Airways Putatan was full with stories. From one to another. Lompat si katak lompat. heheheeh...

Thanks to Mouren for the venue suggestion. I wanted to have mi guring KK so badly and it was my 3rd consecutive day having mi guring in KK! *faint*

Airways is such a cosy place to lepak! Must bring my hubby for a date there in future. heheheh..

Sorry ladies, I have to upload your photos here... buli kan?

The venue : Airways Putatan
Background photo by Annieming - shot from the entrance door
Zoom photo by Carol - our table that nite

The gorgeous ladies!

The candids by Carol

For other version of stories and more photos, pls read Mouren, Annieming and Carol's entries.

Read also Annieming's entry on my Bag Organizer. Luv it!

Kupi-kupi again next time ladies... *wink*

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Revealation of the Goodies Bags

Ok... Let’s reveal the goodies bags shall we?

Most of them were shopped on last Saturday. :D

Originally, I supposed to attend bro-in-law's wedding ceremony (nikah) at Papar that morning. However, due to transportation (again?!), only hubby went for the ceremony. He was the driver. So, mesti la pigi kan.. Heee...

Meanwhile, me, mum and the kids went to KK for shopping. Thanks to my aunt for being our driver. *wink*



Don't laugh ok... Of coz most of the items can be purchase in KL but KK juga yg menang in terms of price and taste! *clap hands*

Zoom zoom...

kacang tanah 1kg, bawang RM8, pulut sarawak 1kg, sayur nangka

Fish cake, meat ball, ikan masin sulit, bubuk RM2, udang kering 2kg

biskut kong guan, fatt choi instant coffee... made in sabah punya sodap ba!

Lina, teda tuhau! Heheheheh...

If you wonder, all the above already consumed up to 9kgs!!

Beside the above, we also invested on this...

Org KL mmg suka our pearls! So yeahhh... will also displaying these besides my BOs! *wink*

After this, the meet up with.... waitttt!!