Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amcorp Mall Flea Market : Week 4

Last Saturday’s performance was poor! *sigh* The management office placed me at LG level which to me the level is quite good too ONLY if they placed me at the center not at the edge of the world! Di pisuk2 ni! Sandi! As expected, sales were poor!

Sunday, we were placed at the 2nd floor, near the escalator. Great location! *smile*

Somehow, up till 1pm still no buyer?? Ni nda buli jadi ni geng! I was bored and asked Hubby to take care while I wandering inside the building. LOL

I went into a ‘macam-macam shop’. I dropped whatever in hand for few times! Pegang itu, jatuh. Pegang ini, jatuh! Kin panas. Mcm teda ‘ong’ ja ni! @-@

Here’s what chilling me! *wink*

I purposely picked the bag coz it some sort of linking me to Just's Shoppe (the watermark) *wink*
Pick everything your self!
This cost me RM7!
The anty really got the crowd ooo!
Ages since my last ‘bling-bling’ attempt! Rasa macam teen balik. Hehehe..

When I went back to my station, Hubby already managed to sell 2 items! Baru la naik balik itu semangat. My ‘ong’ pun datang balik. Hee… customers pun datang dan pergi! Ceh!

Sempat jugak Hubby snap dorang ni. They were curious with the Bag Hanger.
My last BOM was sold with discount and the sales for Sunday managed to cover the ‘lost’ on Saturday. *grin*

The only 3 BOs left before the medium was taken too!
Thanks to MIL for the additional stock of pearls. *wink*

For this coming weekend, we have new stock arrived yesterday! *wink*

Till then… chayo chayo!!

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  1. just sa tertanya2 bh mcm mana ni BO ko berfungsi,...mau kasi masuk d beg lagi ka?? or mcm mana

  2. Try jual di ebay bah...mana tau ada nasip..hehe

  3. pa macam sale pearl ko Just? macam ok tu kan kalau MIL ko send more stock hehe


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