Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Back to LRT

Yesterday, we welcomed our month of March by taking LRT to work! @-@

Oh yess.. no more driving!! That's mean no more kesesakan lalu lintas and no more lambat bangun! Huhuhu...

Been spoilt by having a driver since June last year. Well, it was when we were expecting our Lily. Nda larat bawa tu belly. When my confinement period is over and started work we still drive to work coz kesiokan naik kereta. Ngeh ngeh...

And now we finally decided that we should taking the LRT instead. We save a lot actually. Not to mention avoiding the jam! *wink*

TnG Monthly Travel Pass

With the RM100-monthly travel pass (for LRTs users only), one can enjoy unlimited rides for 30days!! Berpuluh-puluh kali turun naik lrt dalam satu hari pun ok seja!! See... siok kan?

One thing that I love by taking the LRT is that I can get free stuff over some of the stations i.e. Masjid Jamek and Ampang Park. Free stuff like magazines and products sample.

If you remember, i won a Stage makeup by joining a contest from the free magazine distrubuted at the station. *grin*

To be continued...  ^_^


  1. Avoding jam lah yang paling siok! Pssst, kita punya keretapi pun bulih tulung kita avoid jam tp 3 jam dr Papar to KK...heheheheh..

  2. ya lah... jimat lagi naik LRT kan...

    by the way.. I received the item already ya... Thanks ^_^

  3. Best lah sana kan..ada LRT, jimat sikit duit..heheh

  4. Tidak busy kah kalau pagi pagi naik LRT?.

  5. rindu pula mau naik LRT.. but no any LRT nearby my home, ada pun tu komuter.. itu pun dlm 15km .. yah agree, bleh jimat byk tu espcially kalau kaki LRT yg suka turun naik LRT kan :D

  6. Hello, just. Sioknya klu ada LRT dari Kota Belud ke K Kinabalu...sampai kak molohing pun belum tentu ada, kirim salam nopo..huhu.....

  7. bah ...ko manang ka STage makeup tu!! doi jeles sa ni..bila la ada LRT dr ranau ni

  8. part paling best... kurang la jg keta kita tu kena saman oleh DBKL.. hehehehe.


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