Thursday, March 31, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Kinda stale sdh oo this entry kan... Paduli la! Heee...

Did you do your part last Sat's nite??

Sad to say we only managed to switch off the lights for less than half an hour before C Rayyan sibuk mau suruh on balik tu lampu.

Here's what we managed to capture that nite...

Few mins after the Earth Hour started.
From far, nampak macam terang, but actually gelap tau. Look at the zoom pic.

Terang benderang trus the buildings after 9.30pm
Will be 'celebrating' Earth Hour at new place in future... *wink*


  1. Hello, just. Kak sekeluarga pun ada join tu Earth Hour. Satu jam tutup lampu semua tapi tv dan kompt buka pulak, hehe....:D

  2. from your house kah ni?? wah best nya view kamu ni.. :D

  3. ya wohh nice view neh macam buli nampak satu KL :)

  4. oo ini pula...eath hour 60...sya off henfon saja..hehe

  5. woohh satup lampu ni ..sambil tingu tv..heheh bah d mana la nanti ko mau sambut EH nanti


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