Monday, March 21, 2011

Giving Birth & Police Report

Hi peeps.. not feel like blogging today. Been busy with Mr. google! Mau juling sdh ni mata! @-@

Anyway, just wanna CONGRATZ my dear friend Momma Mia (some of you might know her) on her newborn baby girl (2nd baby girl) @ 3.55kg (normal delivery) yesterday at 2.15pm! Both Mia and baby are in good condition. *trus teringat time bersalin Rayyan and Lily*

Photo taken in Dec 1999!

Happy confinement Mia! Cepat2 la kerja balik then you can blog again! Really miss you in blogging atmosphere! *wink*

On other notes, hope dearest SIL who went MIA (missing in action ba... bkn Mia di atas!)  will be safely return home! Naa.. kena buat police report sdh coz it has been more than 48hours! Jeng jeng jeng....

She and her friends went for naik bukit last Saturday and should be back by yesterday (as planned). However we were unable to contact any of the gang up till now! *sigh* Pray for nothing bad happen to them. Amin...


  1. Busy ko Just...ehmm..saya pula yang keboringan ni teda keja...huhu

  2. Wah, beranak suda c Mia. Send my regards to her...hehe!

  3. Ucapan tahniah juga dari kak buat si mia. Teringat masa kak baru bersalin dulu, kanda(suami) jaga kak, macam kak pulak yang baru lahir, hihi.....

  4. Oh mamaMia sudah bersalin... NORMAL??? 3.55???? atukkkkk...koi....

    respect... ^_^

    Huh?? missing??? aduhhhhhh.... I hope nothing bad happen... update the status ya...

    Take care...

  5. Julie ~ busy hal personal ba! wakakaka.. bila la ko start bejual?

    sis mouren ~ sengsara jg dia ni kali... huhuhu... okie dookie.. :D

    myfrin ~ waaa time tu la mau manja lebih2 kan.. hehehe..

    cathJ ~ ini 2nd admit ni. yg 1st one baby dia songsang, mo kena c-sec... nasib baik baby pusing blik! phewww...

    balik dgn selamat sdh the SIL. nnt sia story.. :D

  6. bah bagus la SIL ko balik dengan selamat suda kan...

    bh bila lagi ko mau tambah bb ni just


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