Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holiday Love with DianBizzcorner

(Closing Date : 31 Mar 2011)

T&C :

1. Be Dianbizzcorner & Just's shoppe follower.

2. Post an entry with the banner. In your entry, tell me about your dream Holiday not more than 10 words, with a candid picture of your pass holiday with family or loved one.

3. Banner must be place at the sidebar and linked to this entry.

4. Comments this entry with your permalink.

Relax, Cheer, Fun, Romantic & Love getaway is my dream holiday!  (10 words)

The Grand Prize is a stay in 2 Room Apartment for 3D2N stay at A- Formosa Resort from 15th -17th April 2011. Kindly Note that the prize excludes breakfast and tickets to Entertainment Park.

2nd and 3rd prize winners will win themselves a Bag organizer sponsored by Just's Shoppe.

UNFORTUNATELY, I'm the owner of Just's Shoppe! So, I am not qualified for this contest! *wink* But YOU can! Hurry up guys! One more week before the closing date!

Pls visit Dianbizzcorner for more info. TQ! *smile*


  1. lawa tu gambar...lagi bagus kalo mcm kamu bekiss sma c rayyan..

  2. beaty ~ thanks moy.. nda pula sia tepikir mo kiss dia time tu.. hahaha..

  3. wah cantik oh tu gambar...time sunset nie kan...breathtaking betul oh dia punya view nie.

  4. Wah sa macam mau ikut oh. Hehe! Tapi mau kurik gambar vacay dulu ni kalau ada.. ;-D

    Sa suka tuna pixtor ko sama si Rayyan, so beautiful & full of story!

  5. Va Va Voom ~ ya time sunset d Tg Aru beach... c rayyan 1st time pigi beach.. hahaha...

    AnnieMing ~ ko bnyk ba gmbr vacay kan annie. ya.. story between mom n son.. hahahah..

  6. Hello, just. Wah, cantiknya foto sunset tu, kak suka sunset punya colour....

    Lumayan juga hadiahnya ni. Bah, selamat berjaya pada yg menyertainya ya.....:D

  7. Myfrin ~ ya, sunset d tg aru beach tu!! cantik kan... :D

  8. Wahhh Just,

    Paling nice ni..sayang inda ikut kan..:D I love the picture most.


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