Friday, March 11, 2011

Majlis Persandingan Faridzwan & Rosmahwati

Well, this is the VIP event that flew me back to KK! The wedding of bro-in-law which was held at Kg Pengalat Besar, Papar on last Sunday.

Thanks to BIL for the City Bus renting being the transportation for the guest from Tg Aru. Since hubby has to be the driver for BIL, me and Rayyan has to take the bus. Plan changed. At first, we planned to bring along Lily. But kesian ba sama Lily nanti. Mesti panas kan... So, have to leave Lily with mom.

We departed from Tg Aru at 12.30pm. I think we should be arriving Kg Pengalat Besar at about an hour since the bus can't speed more than 60km/h! Huhhh!!

The 'band' - all the way from Tg Aru!

Very the gold nie!

You know what? They don't have merenjis. Just sanding for photography session, came out and another kinda sanding at the entrance before they proceed for cake-cutting.

After the cake-cutting, we took the chances to take some photos with the hero and heroin at the pelamin. Hee....

with my parent-in-law
Top : with the siblings (3 not in the photo)
Bottom : me and my family except Lily

Btw, we didn't managed to taste the cake! I was starving and grabbed my 'ready-lunch'. lol Rayyan was starving too. Punya banyak dia makan. No wonder he was acting badly earlier on.

The famous poco-poco dance
Mom-in-law (the black tudung) pun join satu kali.. but not poco-poco la

BIL & wife and us

Will there be another wedding from my hubby's side this year? Hmmm...

To BIL, happy wedding to you both. Welcome to the club! *wink*


  1. owh kan pi kahwin2 ni but penat jugalah if have to travel, yg penting enjoy kan :)

  2. waaahhh martin sudah kahwin....
    congrats to both of them...

  3. Vera ~ ya ba.. klu jauh2 tu malas la sia mo dress up. buang karan ja. hahahah...

    Maymel ~ hihihi.. ya sdh kena ikat dia tu. kekekek...

    zulee ~ ya cantik pelamin dia.

  4. Kalo sya attend wedding, time makan yg paling ditunggu2 haha... dan mesti mo rasa tu kek hehehe...


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