Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Meet Up with Gorgeous Ladies

I purposely waited for all of the ladies to post their entries coz I have to 'steal' their photos! I was so lazy to bring my own camera that nite. Ada ka patut kan??

The meet up was initiated by me after Annieming ordered my Bag Organizer (Thanks again Annie!) just few days before my flight going back to KK. To save her postage cost, I suggest to bring along and pass to her in person and that was when the idea popped up! Meeting up the with the rest. Unfortunately, only few responding. Ndapa la.. maybe they were busy. Next time then...

I was terribly LATE for the meet up on last Friday nite. It was scheduled at 8pm but I only turned up at 9.30pm!! Begini la kalau pinjam kereta org kan.. hmm..

Everyone was having their foods when I showed up. Adehhh... kin malu ja lambat gila2... sudah la first time meeting two out of the three ladies!

The 2-hours-dinner with the gorgeous ladies Mouren, Carol and Annieming at the Airways Putatan was full with stories. From one to another. Lompat si katak lompat. heheheeh...

Thanks to Mouren for the venue suggestion. I wanted to have mi guring KK so badly and it was my 3rd consecutive day having mi guring in KK! *faint*

Airways is such a cosy place to lepak! Must bring my hubby for a date there in future. heheheh..

Sorry ladies, I have to upload your photos here... buli kan?

The venue : Airways Putatan
Background photo by Annieming - shot from the entrance door
Zoom photo by Carol - our table that nite

The gorgeous ladies!

The candids by Carol

For other version of stories and more photos, pls read Mouren, Annieming and Carol's entries.

Read also Annieming's entry on my Bag Organizer. Luv it!

Kupi-kupi again next time ladies... *wink*


  1. Haha...sekali lagi sa terketawa tinguk gmbr candid kita tu Sis. Sampai tertutup mata kita berketawa...haha...

    Lepas tu gambar kita tiga sama c Annie lagi muahahaha...lucu2

    Tapi cantik kan gambar ini semua, thanks to Carol for her 'magic touch' *wink wink*

  2. Ehmm sedihnya...x dpt pergi that time..:-(

  3. Mouren ~ ya ba... pnya la bersemangat kena candid. hahahahah...

    Julie ~ tepa ba.. ada lg next time.. :D

  4. It's so nice to finally see you in person, Just ^_^ I love your BO, macam sayang mau pakai sebab too cute to be used. Hehehe..

  5. SJB ~ thanks.. :D

    Annieming ~ me too annie. klu ko mo tau, sia teda tu BO tu. hahahah.. syg mo guna! ;p


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