Saturday, March 19, 2011

Online Pen Tool

I bet most of you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop (PS) rite! Some of you or most of you or even all of you might be good in PS! But not me! I don’t even have the software in my lappy. Dulu ada la.. After format, trus teda install balik. *sigh*

Anyway, I always wanted to try cutting out and remove an image background like what the pen tool does in PS. Since I do not have PS, I google if I can do it online... you know... without the need to downloading?! Heee…

*clap hands*

I managed to found what I wanted! Bitsoff is the answer for an online cut out and remove image background without using PS pen tool! I likeeee…

Here’s my try…


The original photo


background was removed!

After this, will be busy with this kinda of thing la ni… muahaahhaah…

p/s : auto-published


  1. photoshop pun buli ko pakai magnetic lasso tool or magic eraser..kalo mau senang g nanti kalo ko snap gambar bagus ko snap dengan backround putih supaya senang nanti ko mau padam bckground tu

    anyway ni pun one of the cara..

  2. This one is dari dulu lg cari benda ni..thanks for the info..Bitsoff, here i am..

  3. saya pun pakai adobe photoshop tapi nda terror... uh huuu....

    wah not bad lah itu online software you using... very neat... ^_^

    Pen tool... mmm... itu pun saya confuse apa tu...nah begitu lah buta IT nya saya... hahahahha...

  4. sa tuyu betul pasal photoshop ni.. xpa la nti sa belajar2 dr kamurang ja k..hehheh


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