Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Serasi Bersama

Hi all.... Looking for me yesterday? Hee...

I was on EL yesterday. After two days of flu and cough, decided to bring both Rayyan and Lily to the clinic yesterday. Hope they are getting better today. Poor kids!

I was so happy after checking my blog this morning. Thanks to Sheila, the contest organizer for the linky in my entry comment box!

The above photo is one of the three grand prize winners for Contest Anak & Ayah Serasi Bersama! Serasi kan Rayyan and Daddy! Hehehe...

On the other note, still pending for the winner announcement by the organizer, Litter Finger. Definitely, Lily will be the Top 5 of Contest Anakku Sayang, Anakku Riang!

Spot Lily?

Till then, Happy Tuesday!

p/s : will be sitting in meeting one whole day tomorrow!! Four meetings to attend! Matai!!


  1. cute tu gambr Rayan sma c daddy dia

  2. CathJ ~ tengkiu.. :D

    beaty ~ hehehe.. kembang kempis c daddy trus.. ;p

  3. Durang sangat serasi bersama.. Sporting hubby ko aa Just, dia naik budak2 punya mainan ;-D Hehe!

  4. Annieming ~ hehehe.. bicycle baru c rayyan ba tu tp kaki dia blm sampai.. hahahah.. so c daddy yg rasmi.. wakakakak..

  5. actually.. c rayyan yg paksa daddy naik tu basikal.. huhuhu.. dia bawa berlumba.

  6. Asai ~ hahahaha... lumba la mengkali!


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