Thursday, March 03, 2011

Warm Warm Bag

Continue with my unfinish story bout the LRT.

At the Ampang Park station (my office' pit stop! ;p), a guy handed me with a small packet which i didn't bother to look at it. I know it was a sample of product so I didn't throw it. Heee...

Only looked at the packet this morning! It is a warm warm bag?!

Can you guess or imagine the product??

I find it cute la! So, decided to share here. Macam-macam ba pulak zaman skrg ni kan...

Warm warm bag = heat generator / heating packet!

The instruction! Click image to enlarge.

Moral of the entry : kalau sejuk, hold this warm warm bag bkn peluk urg lain! Ehem ehem... Tp kalau hubby sendiri, apa salahnya kan? Jgn ja p peluk hubby urg lain... ehhh.. apa ba sya melalut ni! @-@

p/s : auto-published. Will be away till 7/3. *wink*


  1. MCm best pula tu kan..heheh.Kasi panas2...

  2. sample ka dia kasi tu? syok juga tu warm2 bag tu.

  3. Ai seronok gia ni. Kalo naik gunung mcm perlu ni barang tau :)

  4. alala..bahaya ni kalau simpan di poket, nanti ada yg terwarm..hehe

  5. wah best jugak kan byk product2 free... I like hehehhehe...

    balik Kk ke...

  6. Ngam ni kalau kena bawa pigi sana Kundasang. Heheh.. Bikin suam2 badan ;-)

  7. Thanks for posting our product in your blog. You all may visit my website,, as we are now giving a 50%, RM5 for 3 packs. :)


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