Friday, April 29, 2011

An Increment!

Have just received my payslip and a letter!! An increment letter!!

The letter that has been waiting since last month!! We were upset to see there is no different figures for last's mth salary and putting high hope for this month salary! 

Well, our salary was credited yesterday and we all noticed slight different figures. Apa lagi semua pun sibuk mengira2. If the increment is to be backdated to January, maka sikit sangat la the amount of increment. But, kalau tiada backdated, mmg besar beza dia!!

Rumours spreading saying that the increment is not backdated to January. After receiving the letter few mins ago, we all can now smiling widely coz we all can expect few hundreds extra for the comings month!! Yayyy... 

Shopping time!!

Btw, it's finally my last day of taking bus/cab and lrt to work & home alone today! Hubby is coming back tomorrow AND there is also one more thing arriving tomorrow!! Apa kata itu??? Tungguuuu...

Till then, enjoy your weekend & holiday.. in case you are planning for one since Monday is PH! *grin*

Note : My contest will be auto-publish on 1/5/11!! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Low's Peak with LOVES

Oh yeahhh... The continuation of yesterday's post!

By reading the title pun kamu tau sudah the kejadian kan!! 

Hubby texted me as early as 6.46am this morning quoting that he is the champion coz he is sending the sms from the Low's Peak of Mount Kinabalu!!! Caya la!!! Dasyat oo kan!!

Low's Peak

Congratz to Hubby and the team! *clap hands* Nda rugi bayar mahal2 for the package!

Tapi, yang paling bikin jeles kan itu email and sms he sent from Laban Rata and the peak respectively!!! Punya mahal nilai dia tu kan??!! SAYA JELES OOO!!!

Seriously, need to plan properly la ini macam!!! *grin*

Ba.. pigi buat planning dulu ni kunun! Muahahaah... 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From Laban Rata with LOVES

I was soooo dammnn happy to receive an email from my Hubby, telling me he has arrived Laban Rata!! OMG!!! I didn't expect I will be receiving any news from him, not until tomorrow!

Laban Rata

He has been keeping silent since yesterday noon, after 1pm. I bet the line in Mesilau is bad! Yup, they chosed to climb via Mesilau to the peak and returning via Timpohon. 

I wonder how's the track via Mesilau coz my two experiences climbing Mount Kinabalu was via Timpohon. And I wonder how's Laban Rata coz I was staying at Gunting Lagadan! 

Arrghhh... I want to try too! I want to try at this age, with all the lem@k-lem@k dalam badan! Hahahaha... But I don't think I want to take the challenge with my hubby coz sure perantakan punya! Muahahaha... Better climb with friends. 

Ladies, apa kata kita arrange the mission when I am back?! Hihihi... Aikk... mission yg satu pun blm selesai kan?! Tamaha betul oo kan.... Muahahahah... 

Ok la.. me sambung kerja dulu! 

*missing mode* 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I notice everyone is on their DOT COM mood now!! As we all knew, CathJ and Chegu Carol have been dot-com for quite some times.

I think it all started when Gunsirit  got one for himself! Tailed by sis Mouren @ Wyne of Gorgeous Ramblings, who proudly announced secara besar-besaran her dot-com recently, the rest was influenced too! Yayyy…

Jane of Sumandak Kinabalu, Beaty John and followed by AnnieMing also has their own dot-com sudah!

With envy-hearted… yayyy… I was actually silently already in my process to register one for my Just’s Shoppe. However due to balik2 ‘blackout’ when it comes to payment, I have to wait at least one day before I can continue the process again coz Google ‘blocked’ the domain that I picked!

I have to be patience coz I don’t want to change my domain. Same goes with my personal blog. The ‘blackout’ happened too! Forcing me to keep silent until the whole process was done few minutes ago. My new domain should be ready in 3 days! Yayyy… Punya mintapuji!!

So guys, should you experience difficulties while browsing my page at any time at these few days, sia susun 10 jari dulu kio.

Moving forward, please visit me at these links! *grin*

Don't forget to update your record ya... See yaaa…. 

No Driver!

Morning peeps..

This few days starting today until this Friday (4 days), I will have to take cab from my house to the LRT station! Naik bas pun buli if I managed to catch the timing! *sigh*

Hubby is away for this few days. So I do not have any driver! This is when I wish I can drive! *sigh* Sabar2 ja la. Bln dpn mau start driving classes! *wink*

Hubby and his colleague is arriving KK in an hour. They will be climbing the Mount Kinabalu tomorrow! I really hope that they can make it to the peak! You can do it Dear! *praying*

On other notes, we have finally signed the Letter of Offer and Sale & Purchase Agreement for our Putatan Platinum Apt! *grin* Next stage, EPF withdrawal for the 10% payment! Phewww….

Till then…

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hi guyss!

How's your Easter Sunday yesterday (for those celebrating!)? I bet Sis Mouren enjoys eating egg tarts very much?! Hehehehehe...

Our selling for last Saturday and Sunday is so-so only. Tp, besa la tu kan?!

Btw, I am now forcing myself to be part of Blackberry team! Honestly, I don't really like Blackberry. I prefer Sony Ericson! Since most of my suppliers (ehem ehem!) are using Blackberry, so I decided to get one for myself! Contacting suppliers using Blackberry Messenger will save me a lot from the sms costs, you see! 

The bad thing started with the device when the battery keep on 'leaking'!  I need to recharge the battery every 4 hours?! Crazy!! Forcing us to visit the shop for battery-changing for 2 times!! One nite, I switched off the device after I charged it. Konon2 mau save battery la! The next morning when I wanted to switch on the device, the device totally 'dead'!! Punya la bikin sakit hati!! 

Hubby wanted to buy new/extra battery for the device and at the same time getting the guy (at other shop) to check the device for him. It turns out that the it is actually a recon set! Silakak punya kedai!! No wonder I feel something weird towards the device! Grrrrr....

To cut story short, we managed to change the device to a new set! I feel so much better now. TAPI, ada lagik tapi... Blackberry often requires software updates which is annoying! Aduiii... i wonder how long i will stick with this Berry yg Hitam!!! *wink*

Nyway, have a pleasant monday! Me sibuk mau ber-dot-com ni! Wait for the announcement kio!! :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wallet HP Organizer

Hi all. Sorry coz I didn't blogwalk today. 

Busy betul di 'kedai'! Ada barang baru sampai! Take a peep! Like the BO, this one is also a cool gadget specially for those carrying more than 1 HP! *wink wink*



Visit Just's Shoppe for more details.

Anyway, after two weeks of break, we will be start doing the flea market again tomorrow! Rindu pulak berjualan! Hehehe... Hoping for a return!! *finger cross*

Last but not least, Happy Good Friday to all Christian's friend. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Special Delivery

Bukan delivery baby! 

Btw, congrats to CathJ for the new family member! Hope both momma and baby are in good condition. *wink*

I went to the nearest mall to my office last Thursday. Mana lagi kalau bukan di Ampang Park. A booth selling various colours of ladies tops attracted me to stop by. Something bother me trus. My mind goes to my best cuzzie, Lydia.

the said booth

Lydia is my first cousin, mom's side. A very close cousin. We are like sisters! We shared a lot when she pursued her study here in KL. Well, even before she came over. Good time and hard time. Unfortunately, she decided to return to KK for good in 2007. Since then, no more buddy to hang out other than my dear Hubby. Really missed to yam-cha with her. Pandan Jaya's fried mee!!! *sigh* 

Looking at the tops, really remind me of her. I just knew it she gonna like wearing them. Badan slim la katakan. Bukan mcm owner blog, blm lg kampis c buncit! Hmmm... So, I grabbed two pieces of the tops for her. Tapi kamu mau tau, punya lama sia belek2 tu baju semua.. bermacam2 colour, bermacam2 corak.. juling mata mau pilih... *rolling eyes*

1pc for RM12.. 2pcs for RM20.. I hope she likes my choice! Cute ba kan? ;p

Bukan itu harga yang jadi ukuran! Kamu tau jg kan. Itu tought ba yg paling important! *wink*

Notes : Will be on half day leave today. Going to LHDN! @-@

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Congratz to the Winners of Holiday Love Contest

Remember the contest where I was the contest co-organizer? 

Result has been announced on 9/4/11 by my friend, Nora.

Dyahaha who won the Grand Prize has even redeemed the winning prize by check-in to the A-Famosa Resort last weekend! Jeles pulak tiba2 di hati ini. Miahahaha.. 

The 2nd and 3rd winner will be receiving Bag Organizer Medium size from Just's Shoppe. Will post the BOs after work today. Sorry for the delay! *wink* Masih mood cuti2 Kuching lagik! Kekekek..

Notes : I will be organizing another contest veeeeerrrrry soon!! :D Till then.... 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kuching - The Ole-Ole

Here goes my final entry of Kuching! *relief*

Sis Mouren @ Wyne misti suka ni. She has been waiting for me to disclose what I 'tapau' back from Kuching. I believe most of you sure already can guess what rite?? *wink wink*

Nda jugak banyak bah! Hehehehe...

Kek Lapis tatap pnya la kan!
3 flavours out of 4 that we bought for us
the other flavour is Kek Lapis Batik
the rest 6 packs are for ppl!

Mukah's famous Tabaloi! 4 packets for RM10.
Tp isi dia itu la yg dlm plastik tu!
3 flavours - chocolate, pandan & original

Ini la dia Ikan Terubuk yg bnyk tulang!!
We didn't buy the salted one
we bought the fresh one instead and steam it!

This one is Ikan Empirang! Pun banyak juga tulang dia!
But this one sebab kicil2 kan so digalakkan utk digoreng garing!
Mcm makan keropok!
I like!!

What not uploaded was... err... keychains, fridge magnet, clothes for the kids, kain Pua and mee kolok!!! Yayyy.. banyak ba pulak kan??! Itu mee kolok cost us RM4.50 per plastic (ntah brp berat tu!)

I wonder when is my next trip to Kuching after this. Tunggu Sumandak (terus teringat c Sumandak) dulu la sia punya Lily tu! Kan?? Siok sikit mau explore-explore! Heee.... 

Going to story bout my current life stories sudah lepas ni... *grin*

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kuching Day 2 : Kek Lapis & Waterfront

Ok continue... one more post bout Kuching after this. Panat! *wink*

Our energy level has decreased on Day 2! Yeahh.. seriously! So, we didn't go far on Day 2. The main destination is to Kg Seberang Kedai (that's what they named it). It's the Kampung accross the Waterfront's river. Pigi pajak itu Kek Lapis di sana! *drooling*

Here we are!

Lady Gaga punya Kek Lapis pun ada!

Test semua pun buli! After testing ntah brp bnyk jenis, semua pun sama sdh rasa dia!

Naa.. ini dia yg ditapau! Siap kena packed! Purchase RM100 above and get 1 for free!

Waterfront is just accross the river

Mr Sunshine is smiling widely that day! Punya panas! Sdh la energy kurang! Tambah-tambah la kami nda larat mau jalan lagi. After grabbing some souvenir at the shops opposite Waterfront, we headed for lunch at The Spring (one of the shopping mall in Kuching). Parking is on your luck! Huh!! Ntah brp kali mau round!

Nda puas-puas makan mee kolok! 

We went back home straight away after that. 'Charging battery' lagik! Hahahah...

For dinner, we went for a ayam & udang penyek. Biasa seja saya rasa! Heee... 

Ayam and udang yg kena kasi penyek! 

Perjalanan ke Kuching tidak akan sah kalau tidak bergambar di patung kucing tu! Malam pun tidak apa asal tergambar! Heheheh...

Cheerssss!! Baru la senang hati balik KL! Muahahaha

Last but not least, sempat jugak menyusuri Waterfront di bawah sinaran lampu neon! Ceh!!! 

Next time mau try Sarawak River Cruise

Finally, I'm done bout Kuching. Still I got one more entry! Entry susulan! *grin* 

Till then, Happy Monday! ^_^

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kuching Day 1 : Muzium Kucing & Pasar Satok

Still about our Day 1 in Kuching. 

Will let the photos do the stories ya… enjoy browsing…*wink*

Muzium Kucing... mmg penuh dgn kucing la! Located at the Dewan Bandaraya Kuching building and it is free entrance. But pls take note your camera is chargeable! DSLR at RM3.00 (betul kaitu aa?!)

the building and the view

at the entrance!

Giant cat!
The must spot for photography session

Cat's tomb

Si Just mikirayou!

Something is wrong somewhere.. guess what??

Pasar Satok...

Biru nya mcm lautan!! kikiki..

Ngam tempat beli ole2 di sini! Banyak pilihan!

If you are going to Kuching, you may have a visit to Stella's page for her Kuching trip last Dec. 

Ok... to be continue. Have a pleasant weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kuching Day 1 : Damai & Santubong

So, we started our Day 1 in Kuching with the famous
Mee Kolok and Laksa Sarawak! Makan kenyang-kenyang sebelum jalan-jalan. Hehehehe.... 

On the way to Damai
Thereafter, we headed to Damai & Santubong which took 30 minutes drive from the Kuching town. Unfortunately we did not get clearer picture of the Gunung Santubong. *sigh*

A legend often associated with the mountain is of two beautiful princesses, Santubong and Sejinjang. Santubong was an expert weaver while Sejinjang was an excellent rice tresher. One day, they had a quarrel and exchanged blows. Sejinjang swung her tresher which hit Santubong's cheek. Santubong threw her weaver at Sejinjang, hitting her in the head. Putting an end to the quarrel, the King of Heaven cursed both of them into mountains. Santubong turned into Mount Santubong while Sejinjang was turned into Mount Sejinjang. It is said that Mount Santubong resembles a woman lying on her back. (Source : Wikipedia).

The stoned-Princess Santubong

The famous pit stop at Damai that you won't want to miss is the Kampung Budaya Sarawak. Unfortunately (again?!), we didn't make our entrance to the Kampung this round. Since we still got other places to go, we try as much as we can to keep the kids in GOOD mood! It's not easy to vacay with kids ok! Kalau the kids nangis-nangis, manada mood mau jalan-jalan kan. So, we just take pics at the entrance. Ok la ba kan?!

The entrance of Kampung Budaya Sarawak


Next is Damai Beach Resort with less than 10 mins drive from Kampung Budaya Sarawak. Damai Beach Resort is the premier beach resort with nice view of the Gunung Santubong.

Huge Congkak and Chess set

For info, admission fee of RM3 per adult is applicable for day admission to the Resort. Ramai urang pigi mandi-manda sana ba!

The Beach
Rayyan manja-manja sama Anty Corina! :D

Coming up next is the Muzium Kucing and Pasar Satok! *wink*

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kuching – The Arrival

Just landed

Finally, I was able to step my foot in Kuching at about 4pm on 8/4/11! *grin*

Bikin takut tgk ni Sungai! Luas, dalam (dalam ka?) & keruh!

Dare to take a ride?

Cousins terus bawa kami pigi melawat Waterfront! Ada ka nda buli sabar sabar kan.. hahahah…

Gelapnya langit!

But, cuaca mmg jeles sama kami. Cloudy with hujan rintik-rintik!

Astana aka Istana

The DUN building which took 3years to build!

Due to the election in Kuching, ini la akibatnya! Hmm.. 

So, singgah sekejap saja di Waterfront before we when back home. 

Our transport during our 4D3N stay in Kuching

Gaining energy for the next day! To be continue... :D