Monday, April 25, 2011


Hi guyss!

How's your Easter Sunday yesterday (for those celebrating!)? I bet Sis Mouren enjoys eating egg tarts very much?! Hehehehehe...

Our selling for last Saturday and Sunday is so-so only. Tp, besa la tu kan?!

Btw, I am now forcing myself to be part of Blackberry team! Honestly, I don't really like Blackberry. I prefer Sony Ericson! Since most of my suppliers (ehem ehem!) are using Blackberry, so I decided to get one for myself! Contacting suppliers using Blackberry Messenger will save me a lot from the sms costs, you see! 

The bad thing started with the device when the battery keep on 'leaking'!  I need to recharge the battery every 4 hours?! Crazy!! Forcing us to visit the shop for battery-changing for 2 times!! One nite, I switched off the device after I charged it. Konon2 mau save battery la! The next morning when I wanted to switch on the device, the device totally 'dead'!! Punya la bikin sakit hati!! 

Hubby wanted to buy new/extra battery for the device and at the same time getting the guy (at other shop) to check the device for him. It turns out that the it is actually a recon set! Silakak punya kedai!! No wonder I feel something weird towards the device! Grrrrr....

To cut story short, we managed to change the device to a new set! I feel so much better now. TAPI, ada lagik tapi... Blackberry often requires software updates which is annoying! Aduiii... i wonder how long i will stick with this Berry yg Hitam!!! *wink*

Nyway, have a pleasant monday! Me sibuk mau ber-dot-com ni! Wait for the announcement kio!! :D


  1. Hi Just.. Happy Easter too..Saya pun tidak berapa suka tu blackberry..keypad dia kecil sangat..OK lagi sony Ericsconkan...

  2. wah ko beli d mana?

    wah hosting sendiri ka?

    wa chayokk!

    suda sa letak link ko dalam blog sa

  3. Hehe...nasib sa pakai hp murah saja..biarpun black blacky juga hahaaha..

    ..teringat komen sa pasal 'Black Belt' sana fb c Asai ekekek

  4. Sis, haha..lupa. Teda egg tart kelmarin. Cuma lakiku masak Claypot chicken rice bah kunun...ngeh!

  5. Jue ~ ya ba.. tp lama2 ok jg tu keypad sbb besa sdh. :D

    beaty ~ hehehhe.. mcm c sis mouren jg punya ni.. :D

    sis Mouren ~ tu la c asai selalu uluk sia.. ckp mo hp biaaaasa ja sbb mmg lg siok guna hp biasa dr smartphone.

    waahh.. plg manang hubby ko ni ging! :D

  6. You can always use android SE phone and use Whatsapp to text your Blackberry contact, but the of coz, it require internet data plan, and all your BB user friend need to have Whatsapp also.

    Selamat Hari Paska!

  7. DC ~ adehh.. sia msh bingung ooo! nnt palan2 sia exlore aa. sbb sia guna prepaid ba! :D thanks for the info.


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