Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Hi guyssss! How's life????

Sorry for the few days missing from blogsphere!! *sigh* I need to push and force myself to get back to my blog or else I would start ignoring it! NOOOO!!

I'm EXHAUSTED! Physically and mentally! @.@

Yes, we have moved last Friday! And has managed to unpack everything! Oppss.. I doubt! Heheheeh... Our room is still messy though. Palan-palan la kan.. *wink*

Despite of the house moving, we were still went for the flea market over last weekend. We noticed that the collection performation on early month is rather slow! Anyway, not going to report bout my flea market thingy unless there is any special reporting. Heee...  

And due to the 24hours-7days 'working', kebetulan di ofis pun busy coz the Boss is travelling (sdh terbang!), I am totally exhausted and off to bed EXTRA early last nite. Couldn't stand any longer. Poor mom have to take care of the kids even at nite! *guilty*

Messy desk!

By the way, I have good news to share in my next post! You knew it don't you?! *wink*

Catch up with you guys later ya...

P/s : bising ni guruh!


  1. Congrats kamurang sudah berpindah rumah! Hehe.. Anyway, what's the good news? ;-D Can't wait!

  2. Hidup macam nda sah kalu tidak sibuk owh kan, sis hehe...

  3. wah mau pindah sudah?? pindah mana tu boss?? KK??

    Get enough rest.. :D

  4. Sumandak ~ yaaa... bisuk p berehat laini! hehehee...

    Annieming ~ hahaha.. pindah rmh sewa dulu ni... rmh-nda-sewa akan diumumkan! kekeekek...

    Sis Mouren ~ ya ba sis!! tp sia jarang2! muahahah...

    CathJ ~ blm lg ni pindah blk KK. pindah rmh sewa duluan. heheheeh.. :D

  5. ba pi rehat la kio just.. Nanti senang mo demam/flu tu klu x cukup rehat..
    Sama2 kita sukung WHO punya campaign!
    ( hihi, sampat lagi kan )


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