Friday, April 08, 2011

The Good News

News #1

No flea market this week!!! 

I’m flying to Kuching this afternoon!! *Ya, sdh sia check semua! Mykid semua ada!!* Heheheh… Ticket bought way back before I deliver Baby Lily! Almost a year! *faint* 

Tp besa la.. mau tiket murah, mesti mau gamble book seja tiket time2 Airasia buat promotion! Our ticket for this Kuching trip only cost us about RM150 for 4pax return ticket!! CHEAP kan??!  Will share my story in Kuching when I’m back ya!! *grin*

News #2

After two months of waiting, I finally received a call from the officer in charge last Thursday. Our housing loan for the Putatan Platinum Apt has been approved! OMG!!! Me and hubby are so happy to receive the news! Sepa nda happy ba kan?! Own prop ba tu!!

Don't ask me why apartment? Not terrace? Coz ini ja yg sia mampu for new prop!!

Source Google
Artistic image of Putatan Platinum Apt

Btw, the approval comes with a condition! We have to open a FD account of RM5k! Duit lagik…. This year started with MONEY!! Adoiiiiii…

Putatan jugak la ba! I grew up in Putatan and I grew up with all the developments there. So, having own prop in Putatan, regret is a NO! *wink* Macam besa, pending all the documentation. Can’t wait to sign the SPA.

On the other notes, our Beaufort prop is still pending. SPA has been signed and stamped. Now pending the bank matters. Btw, since we disposed the prop less than 5 years from the date of purchase, we have to pay 2% of the selling price being the cukai pelupusan hartanah!!! See.. money again!! *faint*

Tidak suka isi borang dari LHDN

News #3

Coming soon!! *finger cross*

This year gonna be a tough year for us! 

Till then, happy weekend peeps!! Meowwwwwwwwwww...

p/s :  otw to airport!


  1. Wah pigi Kuch ahh Just..punya siok..nanti sa pun mau travel sama fiancee sa la ni .

    apt pun ok bh...prop jua bh tu..atokkk eii

    bah have a safe journey to kuching ya

  2. ohh ko saja..hehehe..bah don't forget to story2 ok..heheh..take care and have a nice vacation to you all...

  3. Wah..cantik ohh tu apartmentkan...:-)

  4. tahniah sudah own a prop.Me maybe panjang lagi masa mau di tunggu. Happy holiday ya.ole-ole ada ka? (^^o)

  5. congrats for having new props! i was thinking to have one di apartment sana juga, tapi too much money flowing out kasi settle ni kawin luk..huhuhu

  6. wow, so many good things happened to you. Kasi tempias2 lah sama kami ni..hehe

  7. Have a nice trip to kuching kio moi..
    Apt pun ok la ba, ada juga prop sendiri drp yg teda ni.. (*sob2x)

  8. tia apa bah... dapat apartment tu bagus lah tu... pelan2 kan... congrats....

    wah byk berita bagus ni... mcm excited pula mau tau...hahahahha...

  9. Hi Just, have a pleasant trip. And congratulations on the new apartment. It looks really beautiful.
    Wish you and family happy years there.

  10. Hi, Just! Bestnya ada rumah sendiri sudah. Bah, have a safe trip. :-)

  11. Uiseh.. Siok ko ni tau. Let me guess, news #3 = you're having your third baby? Hihi.. Pa pun, I'm wishing you the best, moi!

  12. thanks for all the comments! :D

    Gunsirit - tempias liur ja ni yg ada! hahahaha...

    Annieming - 3rd baby???? matai! tutup kadai dulu ni moy! hahahaha...


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