Friday, April 29, 2011

An Increment!

Have just received my payslip and a letter!! An increment letter!!

The letter that has been waiting since last month!! We were upset to see there is no different figures for last's mth salary and putting high hope for this month salary! 

Well, our salary was credited yesterday and we all noticed slight different figures. Apa lagi semua pun sibuk mengira2. If the increment is to be backdated to January, maka sikit sangat la the amount of increment. But, kalau tiada backdated, mmg besar beza dia!!

Rumours spreading saying that the increment is not backdated to January. After receiving the letter few mins ago, we all can now smiling widely coz we all can expect few hundreds extra for the comings month!! Yayyy... 

Shopping time!!

Btw, it's finally my last day of taking bus/cab and lrt to work & home alone today! Hubby is coming back tomorrow AND there is also one more thing arriving tomorrow!! Apa kata itu??? Tungguuuu...

Till then, enjoy your weekend & holiday.. in case you are planning for one since Monday is PH! *grin*

Note : My contest will be auto-publish on 1/5/11!! 


  1. Uh! kami next month baru tau naik or 'turun' hehe..

  2. Apa?Tambah gaji?Spend sia LOL.

    Na mesti la ko bershopping ni sama girlprens ko next month kan ;D

  3. Wahh...bagus ada kenaikan... :-)

  4. bagusnya ko ada increment owh..dui sa belum lagi since last 2009 owh..(Teruk kan??) ko tau suda knpa sa like hell mau resign dari sini

  5. Sis Mouren ~ aaa.. klu ko komfom pnya NAIK ba... hehehe...

    Arms ~ ndada girlfriend sia yg mau dibawa bershopping ni.. sendiri2 seja ni.. hehehe..

    Jue ~ klu teda kan semua org lari oo dr ni company... ;p

    beaty ~ ba, subuk2 la tmpt lain.. sandi jg tu!


You're 'bout to corner... ;p