Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unique Bag & I Contest : Group C & D

The Nominees for UniQue Bag & I Contest Group C & D are...

B1 - Nanamrul
B2 - Dyahaha

B3 - ikapukpuk
B4 - Anim

B5 - Alycia
B6 - Fatin

B7 - Nida
B8 - Fadzillah

B9 - Cute Mum
B10 - Fara

B11 - Ziyta
B12 - Mouren

Amboi amboi... bukan main lagik semua melaram sakan ngan beg masing-masing!! 

For Group A & B Nominees, click here.

Winnersss???? SOOOOONNN!!! Wait yaaaa.... *wink*

Unique Bag & I Contest : Group A & B

The Nominees for UniQue Bag & I Contest Group A and B are.....

A1 - Zie
A2 - miszlovely
A3 - Atie
A4 - Tunung

A5 - eB
A6 - Nora
A7 - WhyWhy
A8 - Beaty

A9 - Queenpink
A10 - juelee
A11 - Allec
A12 - SJB

Coming up next is the Nominees for Group C &D... ^__^

Monday, May 30, 2011

Unique Bag & I Contest : Complete List

Finally, the contest has officially come to the end few mins ago!

Thank you to all participants!! Complete list of participants :

1 - Nanamrul
2 - Zie
3 - Dyahaha
5 - juelee
8 - Anim
9 - Atie
10 - Nida
11 - Tunung
12 - eB
13 - Alycia
14 - Allec
15 - Ziyta
16 - Nora
17 - Cute Mum
18 - WhyWhy
19 - SJB
20 - Beaty
21 - Fatin
22 - Queenpink
23 - Fara
24 - Mouren

All your photos will be uploaded in couple days.

As I mentioned here, you all will be receiving a bookmark as an appreciation.

Once again, THANK YOU!

Btw, today and tomorrow is a Public Holiday for Sabah. Wish you all have a blast Kaamatan over there! Don't drink and drive k! Cheersss.... *wink*

Unique Bag & I Contest

*Sticky Post* Scroll down for my latest entry. TQ!

In conjunction with the dot-com launching of my two blogs – Just’s Corner and Just’s Shoppe, here I am organizing a contest, for the second time.  Opps, the first one was a giveaway though. I really feel like judging you all and that is why I organize a contest, not giveaway!! Heheheh..

Ok, straight to the point shall we…

The T&C (I wish I could come up with something simple!!)

UniQue Bag & I Contest

1. Am not forcing you all to follow me. But, by following is the best way to keep in touch! Agree?!  Besides, points will be given for those following me. So, feel free to follow me at Just's Corner & Just's Shoppe.

2. Place the above contest banner in your entry & sidebar and link to this entry

3. In your entry, pls pick ONLY ONE of the following  and ONLY ONE photo to be uploaded in your entry:

a.       Photo of your most UNIQUE bag/handbags in your collection; OR
b.      Photo of your bags/handbags collection; OR
c.       Photo of yourself with your most UNIQUE bag/handbag; OR
d.      Photo of yourself with your bags/handbags collection

You get what I mean??

(a) atau  (b), gambar beg sahaja manakala (c) atau (d), gambar beg bersama dengan ownernya sekali! Pilih a, b, c atau d!

4. Lastly, Comment  and submit your entry permalink to this entry

ONLY PHOTO, no need slogan, no need story morry, no need tagging friends. Peanuts rite!!

Winning Prize : Products from Just’s Shoppe!

Due date : 12noon on 15 May 2011.
NEW CLOSING DATE : 12noon on 30 May 2011

Good luck to all of you and thank you in advance for joining my contest. 


Friday, May 27, 2011

Special Announcement @ Last 3 Days for UniQue Bag & I Contest

Yes… the contest will be ending in about 72 hours! The contest will be officially closed at 12 NOON on 30 May 2011. No more postpone even only few contestants.

It’s ok lah.. at least, no pening2 to choose winners! *wink*

Anyway, I got special announcement for this contest.

May is the month of celebration for KadazanDusun people in Sabah as we will be celebrating Kaamatan Festival @ Pesta Menuai. Perayaan khas untuk menghormati "Bambazon" iaitu semangat padi selepas selesai menuai padi.

Proud being Sabahan, supporting Kaamatan Festival di perantauan and as an appreciation to all participants, I will be giving you all a bookmark specially done by myself!!! Rajin tak??? *grin*

Well, I saw the bookmark selling at RM5.90 at one of craft shop in KK. So, I bought one as a sample and bought the almost-the-same-materials for my own ‘project’.

I haven’t start doing them as yet but will make sure my dear participants having it!

You still have time to dig your bags collection though! And submit your entry here ya... 

Till then, happy Friday, happy weekend, happy long holidays to my friends in Sabah! Jelesssss…. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3rd Booking With AA 10-Cent-Promo!

Any luck for the Airasia promo fare??

Well, when everyone is struggling to make bookings, I succeeded to make another booking yesterday and one more booking about an hour ago!!!

Medan... here I come!!!

Why Medan?? Why not Bandung or Bali?? Coz I managed to get ONLY RM50 for return 2pax to Medan!!!  Besides, no luck to get the promo fares for Bandung and Bali. There are RM10 fare for Jakarta and Surabaya which will total up around RM170-RM190 for return 2pax. But, next time lah… Palan2 ba kan…

Booking made for my aunt this morning..

When I told my aunt about the RM50-return-2pax to Medan, she asked me to help on the booking. And yess.. managed to book without hassle this morning!! *wink*

So kawan-kawan, still got time until this Sunday for the promo fares. Don’t give up ya!!

Just sharing :



Till then, Happy Wednesday!!

Note : my UniQue & I Contest ending in 5 more days!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back-For-Good-Ticket-To-KK PURCHASED!!

I bet everyone is talking bout the RM0.10-AirAsia promotion started yesterday!

I have been trying since yesterday noon till midnite last nite! Couldn’t get through!! Aduiiiii!!

This morning, I woke up slightly earlier just to log in to the AirAsia web and finally managed to purchase ONE WAY flight from KL to KK in May 2012 for 5pax which cost us ONLY RM30.50!! (no luggage pre-check in and no pre-assigned seats)!!

Even it’s the cheapest ticket SOMEHOW this is the MOST valuable yet pricey fare for us!!

Phewwwww… It’s a hard, tough and big decision for us!!!

My first footstep here in Peninsular was on 19 May 1999!! Yepp… just ‘celebrated’ my 12th-year-perantau-anniversary few days ago!

13 years should be more than enough la kan?! It’s time to go back to the kampung halaman! Will have to start from ZERO again… Worry?? Of coz! But, it’s ok.. rezeki ada di mana-mana kalau ada usaha, rite?? Ba sis Mouren, kasi standby sia keja sana aa! Hahahaha…

My mom is the happiest person in the world to receive the gud news, that we have purchased our balik-kampung-forever-ticket!! 

To those yang belum berjaya with the AirAsia, keep on trying ya… *wink*

Friday, May 20, 2011

Signboard ‘Changed’ Direction – Eyes ‘Closed’

You get my title??

Eyes being closed even they are not! You were driving from A to B to C to D and out of sudden just when you passed C, you have been re-directed to B! Something like that!! It’s a highway ok! So, U –turn is a loooong way to go! Something like impossible too!

Well, this was my second time experience with ‘eyes were closed’. Read the first one here.

We were on the way to collect my detained parcel at Pos Malaysia Sepang last week.

We departed at 7.30am (semangat kan?). Exiting Pandan Indah using the MRR2 highway and paid RM1.30 toll at Plaza Tol Mines Utara. We took the toll ticket at the next toll gate, Plaza Tol UPM Inbound. Rite from here, the next toll gate supposed to be in KLIA which is about 45min drive!

I was busy with my storytelling before I was shocked to death to find another toll gate in front after about 10mins!!!

I was really really really SHOCKED!!

We were at the Plaza Tol Mines Utara again!! Given our toll ticket and paid RM1.60! Damn curious of what was actually going on!!!

Continued driving and we reached the RM1.30-toll-gates again!! Oh my goshhh!!

Betul ka simpang ko masuk td?” I asked hubby.

ya betul la ikut signboard. Kalau kiri, pigi Johor/KLIA. Kalau kanan, pigi KL balik” he replied.

Ada ko tecakap yg bukan2 ka?” I prompted the question b’coz of my earlier experience.

Err… actually time kita limpas tu bukit kuburan cina td, aku ada nampak org bermotorsikal d atas tu bukit. Aku heran la jg napa la tu urg awal2 pagi d sana atas bukit. Tp, aku cakap dalam hati saja!” he replied!

Naaa… that’s explained everything!!! 

This time, hubby asked me to be the ‘extra eyes’ for him after the Plaza Tol UPM Inbound toll gate.

The signboard is showing, Johor/KLIA to right and KL to left! Aikk.. pandai tebalik ni signboard!!

Overall, sudah la bayar tol double, bayar extra, almost repeated half of the journey, petrol consumed, not to mention the ketakutan lagik!!! I was on worries-mode all the way till we paid our RM7.70 toll at KLIA toll gate. *sigh*

And finally we reached Sepang at 9.30am! An hour journey became two hours journey!

So ladies… don’t drink and drive!! Wakakakkaka…

Till then.. Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rayyan vs Ryanna

Oh nooo.... It has been unusual & unhealthy as well for not updating my blog for few days! Gheezzz...

Sorryyy... I was kinda buzy lately and I thought I will be able to post something this morning. Somehow I was asked to attend a meeting pulak! *sigh*

My mind was not fully 'working' now... So, I guess I just re-upload my kids photos lah. Actually an entry titled "Rayyan vs Ryanna @ 10 months old" was MIA during the breakdown of blogger recently! *sigh* Same thing happened with DC! Kan DC!

So yeahhh... photos of kiddos when they were 10mths old!

Rayyan Adrian @ 9-10 mths

Ryanna Adrilea @ 10 mths

Btw, sis Mouren.. you highlighted bout the walkers' colours rite... Rayyan's pink walker was 'waris' dari the cousins. hehehe.. We bought new one when Rayyan bout to learn to walk. Hence, C Ryanna punya walker is 'waris' dari the bro! *wink*

Recent photos of them...

Rayyan already knows notes. He will points at the door when he gets notes.
He knows with notes, he can get toys! Hmmm....

Ryanna still doesn't have teeth! 

Till then... hope to be able to post an entry about our strange experience during our journey to collect my detained parcel at Sepang, tomorrow. Jeng jeng jeng.... 

Monday, May 16, 2011


First of all, a BIG THANK YOU kepada semua yang telah men-join-kan diri.

Ada FEW THINGS yang saya nak highlight kat sini. Disebabkan masalah blogger baru2 ini, terdapat beberapa komen yang telah HILANG termasuk entry I pasal my babies!! Huhuhuhu... 

So, saya minta kerjasama para peserta untuk check nama anda dalam senarai di bawah :

2 Zie 
5 juelee 
8 Anim 
9 Atie 
10 Nida 
11 Tunung 

To eB, i think i saw submission link in my comment box but dah hilang dah! Even your entry pun hilang! 

Disebabkan closing date baru (20/5/2011) pun lagik few days, I think I have to extend the contest again!! Sorry ye!! Kesian pulak dengan yang sama kes mcm eB. Penat dia buat entry tp entry hilang la pulak. So, I bagi chance sekali lagik kat yang lain2. 

NEW CLOSING DATE : 30 May 2011

Join and send your link HERE. TQ!

Happy Teacher's Day to all the Teacher's in the world specially to my blogger friends AnnieMing, Chegu Carol, Fantastic Ajane, nc, gunsirit, Angel...  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Parcel DETAINED by Custom!

FINALLY, can sign in to blogger already!!!! Menyeksa batin seorang blogger oo! Yayyy...

Here goes my about-to-stale-story..

Last Monday about 5.30pm, I received a call from Pos Malaysia Sepang. The lady informed that my parcel is detained by Custom. I was given 3 options in order for the parcel to be released:

Option 1 - Appoint an agent to do it on my behalf (where to find one??)

Option 2 – Appoint Pos Malaysia to do in on my behalf. A service charge of RM49.50 will be imposed NOT inclusive tax (if any)

Option 3 – Do it myself. Just go to the counter at Pos Malaysia Sepang (near LCCT – about an hour drive from my house)

So, me and hubby opt for Option 3. Go and collect ourselves. It will be new thing for us since this is my first time go thru such an experience! *sigh*

We reached Pos Malaysia at 9.30am on Thursday. We were lucky as there were not many people. Perhaps, most of them prefer to appoint Pos Malaysia to do it for them (as per my ‘researches’ at Google).

Here’s the pit stops we went :

1. At the entrance of Pos Malaysia, need to get visitor pass by leaving your driving licence or any other card that shows your NRIC No. You’ll need your MY Kad inside the premise that is why they didn’t ask you to leave your MY Kad at the entrance.

2. Ground Floor, Room 2. Give them your reference number (this number will be given to you when the Pos Malaysia calls you informing bout the detained parcel). They will get the relevant docs and you need to sign on it.

At Room 2

3. Proceed to Counter 1. Pass the docs given at Room 2. After signing their record book, you will have to pass your visitor pass to the officer. The officer will then goes and get your parcel from their ‘warehouse’! Collect your parcel by leaving your visitor pass at Counter 1.

At the 'warehouse station'

4. Take your parcel to the custom counter (I don’t remember if there is a number for this one). Declare your parcel by unpacking the parcel yourself. Show them the invoice (which includes everything – taxes & duties). Total amount exceeded RM500, will be taxed! Mine exceeded ONLY RM1 and yess… I got taxed! Cissssssss!! Geramnya!

Unpacking parcel by Hubby

5. Proceed to Counter 6 to pay your tax.

Paying tax!

6. Paid? Give the receipt to the custom counter

7. Collect your visitor pass at counter 2

8. Done!!! Don't forget to 'exchange' your visitor pass with your MY Kad or other card at the entrance ya! 

A force smile after paying tax to release the parcel!

All the 8 steps above took us less than half an hour! Phewww…

Honestly, I am still blaming myself for the careless. I am aware of the tax thingy if the parcel value exceeded RM500 somehow maybe ter-overexcited and I terlepas pandang la pulak for this round! *sigh*

Anyway, it’s a lesson and experience kan?!

No more next time after this I hope!

Will be ‘on duty’ today & tomorrow! *wink*

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unique Bag & I Contest : Extended!

Yup... I'm extending the UniQue Bag & I Contest to 20 May 2011. Originally was 15 May 2011. Don't ask me why. ^_^

By the way, I am here to show off my UNIQUE bag I have in my collection.



The bag was a gift from a colleague of mine. She bought it when she went to Bandung for holiday last year. I like the bag so much coz I can easily fold it when I'm not using it.

See... you do not have to show me your expensive handbag or branded handbag. What I need is just a plain-uniQue bag/handbag! Even uncang or paper bag or plastic bag sekali pun! ok?! 

Coz to me.. branded does not mean unique coz it can be easily found! It just that not many people can afford to buy it! Opss... apa-apa pun tepuk dada tanya selera... after I tepuk mine, I still need a UNIQUE bag/handbag!

Just show me what you have ok... thank you!

Lalalalaalala.. I will be free until this friday but I have to settle something tomorrow! Can't wait for the new experience. Will share it later k..

Till then, happy Wednesday!! *smile*

Monday, May 09, 2011


So, how's your Mother's Day celebration yesterday??

Mine? No cake as previous years! 

As early as 8am, mom already woke me up coz she and my bro are going to the church. Meaning?? I have to take care of the kids! Mom normally handle everything herself! Supermom I have hah?! Not that I don't want to assist her on anything but it is just that my mom prefer to do everything on her own! *sigh*

Mmg dia dari dulu gitu tu! Apa kerja yg kami buat, semua dia REDO! Sdh kena sapu lantai, dia sapu lg balik! Sdh lap habuk rmh, dia lap lagik balik. Sdh lap meja lps makan, dia lap lg balik!! You will never see her enjoy sitting doing nothing! She just CAN'T! Most of the time, she enjoys at the kitchen doing... ntah! 

Well, that's my mom!

Nowadays, on and off she would complaint dia sakit itu la sakit ini la... and balik2 jugak sia ckp.. "Mom, don't do everything!" I just need her help to watch out the kids! House chores lain2 kasi biar saja. And she never listens!

Also, you will never see 'baju2 kutur' dlm baldi coz she likes laundry very much!! Sekejap2 dia mencuci, sekejap2 dia mencuci. And you can never see my kids with baju kutur! She changes them immediately even satu dot kicil saja tu kuturan di baju! And she will says this "tukar la.. banyak jg baju kamu tu!"

Banyak baju tu satu hal... the amount of tasks that she did that concern me! Hmmm.. 

If you wonder, my mom is currently doing all the house chores from A to Z! With the two notty kids around, I just don't know how she does it! 

As an appreciation, i handed her with new HP to replace the old one, last month! An advanced Mother's Day gift to her! I tot I wanna hand it to her yesterday but tidak sampai hati pula mau keep the HP for few weeks dalam laci! Hahahaha... 

mom loves white colour!
noticed the ultraman? my son loves ultraman!!

Mom, thank you for all that you have done and sorry for all the hurts I gave direct or indirectly! You are the best mom in the world!! *kisses and hugs*

Sunday, May 08, 2011


It's my DAY for being a MOTHER to RAYYAN and RYANNA!! 

And of coz to all the mothers in world specially to my beloved supermommy (Mom, you know I am not good in expressing my loves but you can feel it don't you!), my mother-in-law, sis-in-law (in KL and KK), my friends wherever you are and YOU (my mommies bloggers friends). 

Have a great day ya! A relax day perhaps (from being a mother)???! Yayyyyy...  

p/s : auto-published

Friday, May 06, 2011

3rd Baby???

Opppsss.... I got your attention hah??!!

Seriously I AM NOT READY to carry another belly for couple years! Heee...

So, the 3rd baby??? 

Well, actually ini la ba yang ditunggu-tunggu tu!!

Showing off our new family member! Pls welcome Proton Exora WVF7061! *wink*

Yang paling manang itu registration number coz we tendered it! 1607 was what we picked at first. Didn't manage thou! *sigh* 

The reversed of it pun jadi la. 1.6.07 was our tarikh keramat! We became ONE on that day! 

And yess... our wedding anniversary is just around the corner. Don't think will hunt for other gift after this. Heheheh...

Till then... Happy Friday, Happy Weekend and Happy Mother's Day in advance to all my mommies friends! *wink*

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Panggilan Gunung Kinabalu

I strongly believe that I do not have to type/say any single word for all the photos in this entry!! Enjoy...

Memang sah itu gunung memanggil sudah!!

Taken at Mesilau Gate

Taken at Waras Hut

Macam mencari harta karun pulak kan!

Maaaaakkk... curam oooo!!!

Hubby and team!! *clap hands*

Ini photo  yg paling saya JELES!!
They were actually the few last teams yg lambat2 mau turun dari puncak. 

Well, one of the geng yang lambat sampai. 

8km menuju puncak! Opsss... turun sudah ni.. 

Bye2 Gunung Kinabalu!

OWHHHH.... I missed Mount Kinabalu!!

All the photos taken really make me SERIOUS to climb the mount again for the 3rd time next year!! (ok ka bos??!)

Semangat terus tiba2 ni tadi punya la malas & mengantuk!! 

Have a great day peeps! Cheersss... 

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Nothing Special on 3-Days Weekend!

Hi guys. How's your 3-days weekend??

I bet sis Mouren enjoyed her holidays to the fullest! *envy*

Me? I only brought mom and the gang kids and my bro to Sogo last Sat. Rayyan was not in the mood. So we made our quick grab, makan and went home! Penat mau layan kalau 'boss kicil' bad mood ni!! I managed to buy clothings for the kids while mom managed to buy 'adik2', alaaa... undergarment ba and also 3/4 pant for herself. I didn't manage to buy anything. Tiapa la. I can always singgah2 after work kan. *smile*

Actually, there was also something that made us went home earlier. However, it didn't reach us that day. Huhuhu... Will blog again in details... *wink*

Hubby was finally home on Sat nite and of coz... with his two certs!! Punya mintapuji!! Yayyy... Will share his pics with you guys later k... 

Sunday? Accompanied hubby relaxing at home. Besides, masih penat lg dari kejadian di sogo! Muahahaha... Dan yang ditunggu tiba juga akhirnya bila malam menjelang! Apa ka itu?? jeng jeng jeng...

Yesterday?? Major groceries shopping!!! Phewww... What a bored holidays kan?! Nevermind la.. coz we will be away juga nannnntiii... *wink*

Note 1 : sorry, teda gambar! Kes yg amat jarang sekali berlaku! ;p

Note 2 : jgn lupa join my contest k...