Monday, May 09, 2011


So, how's your Mother's Day celebration yesterday??

Mine? No cake as previous years! 

As early as 8am, mom already woke me up coz she and my bro are going to the church. Meaning?? I have to take care of the kids! Mom normally handle everything herself! Supermom I have hah?! Not that I don't want to assist her on anything but it is just that my mom prefer to do everything on her own! *sigh*

Mmg dia dari dulu gitu tu! Apa kerja yg kami buat, semua dia REDO! Sdh kena sapu lantai, dia sapu lg balik! Sdh lap habuk rmh, dia lap lagik balik. Sdh lap meja lps makan, dia lap lg balik!! You will never see her enjoy sitting doing nothing! She just CAN'T! Most of the time, she enjoys at the kitchen doing... ntah! 

Well, that's my mom!

Nowadays, on and off she would complaint dia sakit itu la sakit ini la... and balik2 jugak sia ckp.. "Mom, don't do everything!" I just need her help to watch out the kids! House chores lain2 kasi biar saja. And she never listens!

Also, you will never see 'baju2 kutur' dlm baldi coz she likes laundry very much!! Sekejap2 dia mencuci, sekejap2 dia mencuci. And you can never see my kids with baju kutur! She changes them immediately even satu dot kicil saja tu kuturan di baju! And she will says this "tukar la.. banyak jg baju kamu tu!"

Banyak baju tu satu hal... the amount of tasks that she did that concern me! Hmmm.. 

If you wonder, my mom is currently doing all the house chores from A to Z! With the two notty kids around, I just don't know how she does it! 

As an appreciation, i handed her with new HP to replace the old one, last month! An advanced Mother's Day gift to her! I tot I wanna hand it to her yesterday but tidak sampai hati pula mau keep the HP for few weeks dalam laci! Hahahaha... 

mom loves white colour!
noticed the ultraman? my son loves ultraman!!

Mom, thank you for all that you have done and sorry for all the hurts I gave direct or indirectly! You are the best mom in the world!! *kisses and hugs*


  1. mcm tu lah bah mama kan.. same goes to my mom... skrg helping me during my confineent.. sampai sakit dia.. saya suruh dia jgn lah buat yg lain2 tu... dia mau juga buat... boring dia bilang hihihihi...

    happy mother's day to you too!

  2. Yang penting ko ingat dia sepanjang masa sis and bawa2 juga dia pigi melancong.

    Tapi sa rasa dia paling happy mau balik KK suda kan? (^____^)

  3. Happy Mother's day belated to you and aunty, begitulah kan mama kan, my mom oso like dat, sdh buat, dia buat lagi hehehe, nice pressies :)

  4. Sa macam tidak pernah oh bagi hadiah sama my mom...

    Body Chris Hemsworth dulu buat sementara ni dalam perancangan... biar dia nakotiguk my heart, hahaha

  5. What a supermom you're lucky.

    Same as my mom, even she's not staying with me, everything that I asked her to help she will try her best to fullfill. She will call me when I'm sick..its just like a telepathy between us.. if I'm not feeling well, she will automaticaly know, and she will call.. same to my other siblings.

    As for now, I will try my best to make her happy, give her every month allowance money, even she never asked..and the most important thing are pray for her everday..InsyaAllah.

    That's what Mothers do we..:D

  6. cathJ ~ ada ka mama yg nda gitu aa.. :D

    sis mouren ~ oh yes! berita plg gumbira dia tu!

    vera ~ hehehe... thanks moy.. now i wonder, gitu ka sia time tua nnt aa.. heheeh...

    DC ~ guys mmg sambil lewa sikit bab2 ni. So i guess.. itu kejutan body c Chris Hems tu la yg terbaik! hahaah..

    Nora ~ waa.. kuat tu telepati kamurang. well, my mom never ask for it too but nda siok kan nda bagi.. :D

  7. tu SE phone mimang cute owh putih lagi tu kan..Hope ur mum happy la kan

  8. Punya rajin mom ko ni Just... semua keja dia redo balik... and so sweet of u bg dia hp as a mother's day gift..

  9. beaty ~ yup sia pun suka tu phone.. purposely bought white sbb dia mmg suka white. :D

    Stella ~ terlebih rajin sdh my mom tu stel! hahaha... my mom heran ba napa sia snap gmbr hp dia tu. baru sia kastau actually tu hp tu as my mother's gift. hehehe..

  10. Hello, just. Wah, mesti mom just suka dapat hp baru kan, hehe... Kak tiada kasi apa2 pula tahun ni.

    Rajin juga mom just kan. Mak kak pula rajin morobuat kebun, lepas tu terus tidur, om tidur lagi dan kemudian bangun, lepas tu cari nasi, haha......

  11. Hmm this hp quite ok... no lag. Compared to nokia phones which can be laggy sometimes, like my hp.

    Haaha she like to redo all the works ka? :D Mo make sure everything is perfect ba kali heehe. Ok ba tu.


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