Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rayyan vs Ryanna

Oh nooo.... It has been unusual & unhealthy as well for not updating my blog for few days! Gheezzz...

Sorryyy... I was kinda buzy lately and I thought I will be able to post something this morning. Somehow I was asked to attend a meeting pulak! *sigh*

My mind was not fully 'working' now... So, I guess I just re-upload my kids photos lah. Actually an entry titled "Rayyan vs Ryanna @ 10 months old" was MIA during the breakdown of blogger recently! *sigh* Same thing happened with DC! Kan DC!

So yeahhh... photos of kiddos when they were 10mths old!

Rayyan Adrian @ 9-10 mths

Ryanna Adrilea @ 10 mths

Btw, sis Mouren.. you highlighted bout the walkers' colours rite... Rayyan's pink walker was 'waris' dari the cousins. hehehe.. We bought new one when Rayyan bout to learn to walk. Hence, C Ryanna punya walker is 'waris' dari the bro! *wink*

Recent photos of them...

Rayyan already knows notes. He will points at the door when he gets notes.
He knows with notes, he can get toys! Hmmm....

Ryanna still doesn't have teeth! 

Till then... hope to be able to post an entry about our strange experience during our journey to collect my detained parcel at Sepang, tomorrow. Jeng jeng jeng.... 


  1. Wow...cute kids and with notes too..ehhe

  2. Main waris-waris pula tu walker. hehe...

    Ada lagi beza dorang. Kaler kulit durang mmg jauh berbeza XDXDXD!

    ...aik, ada lagi sis *nda abis-abis*. c Ryanna kan, lebat rambut owhhh! *psst..rambut ko berguguran kah sis?*

  3. It's me again...haha!

    Tu bah gambar c Rayyan pigang duit and gambar c Ryanna yang last, Samaaaaa...rupa dorang trus!!

  4. I thought you will make a poll choosing which one is the cutest. [",]

  5. gunsirit ~ itu notes plg manang kan guns.. :D

    Sis Mouren ~ waris itu biasa diamalkan sis! ;p odoiii sis, mau butak sdh rambut sia ni!! c rayyan mmg plg manang kalau kulit. jadi issue laitu sampai ke tua. muahahahah.... mmg tu ada angle durang yg nmpk sama betul tu muka... satu bibit kan! hahaha..

    Sabahan bloggers club ~ thanks for the idea... save it for future.. :D


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