Saturday, May 14, 2011

Parcel DETAINED by Custom!

FINALLY, can sign in to blogger already!!!! Menyeksa batin seorang blogger oo! Yayyy...

Here goes my about-to-stale-story..

Last Monday about 5.30pm, I received a call from Pos Malaysia Sepang. The lady informed that my parcel is detained by Custom. I was given 3 options in order for the parcel to be released:

Option 1 - Appoint an agent to do it on my behalf (where to find one??)

Option 2 – Appoint Pos Malaysia to do in on my behalf. A service charge of RM49.50 will be imposed NOT inclusive tax (if any)

Option 3 – Do it myself. Just go to the counter at Pos Malaysia Sepang (near LCCT – about an hour drive from my house)

So, me and hubby opt for Option 3. Go and collect ourselves. It will be new thing for us since this is my first time go thru such an experience! *sigh*

We reached Pos Malaysia at 9.30am on Thursday. We were lucky as there were not many people. Perhaps, most of them prefer to appoint Pos Malaysia to do it for them (as per my ‘researches’ at Google).

Here’s the pit stops we went :

1. At the entrance of Pos Malaysia, need to get visitor pass by leaving your driving licence or any other card that shows your NRIC No. You’ll need your MY Kad inside the premise that is why they didn’t ask you to leave your MY Kad at the entrance.

2. Ground Floor, Room 2. Give them your reference number (this number will be given to you when the Pos Malaysia calls you informing bout the detained parcel). They will get the relevant docs and you need to sign on it.

At Room 2

3. Proceed to Counter 1. Pass the docs given at Room 2. After signing their record book, you will have to pass your visitor pass to the officer. The officer will then goes and get your parcel from their ‘warehouse’! Collect your parcel by leaving your visitor pass at Counter 1.

At the 'warehouse station'

4. Take your parcel to the custom counter (I don’t remember if there is a number for this one). Declare your parcel by unpacking the parcel yourself. Show them the invoice (which includes everything – taxes & duties). Total amount exceeded RM500, will be taxed! Mine exceeded ONLY RM1 and yess… I got taxed! Cissssssss!! Geramnya!

Unpacking parcel by Hubby

5. Proceed to Counter 6 to pay your tax.

Paying tax!

6. Paid? Give the receipt to the custom counter

7. Collect your visitor pass at counter 2

8. Done!!! Don't forget to 'exchange' your visitor pass with your MY Kad or other card at the entrance ya! 

A force smile after paying tax to release the parcel!

All the 8 steps above took us less than half an hour! Phewww…

Honestly, I am still blaming myself for the careless. I am aware of the tax thingy if the parcel value exceeded RM500 somehow maybe ter-overexcited and I terlepas pandang la pulak for this round! *sigh*

Anyway, it’s a lesson and experience kan?!

No more next time after this I hope!

Will be ‘on duty’ today & tomorrow! *wink*

Happy weekend!


  1. Cabaran sebagai peniaga baini sis, hehe!

  2. Wow.. Nasib baik teda ramai org time ko p claim tu parcel kan. Kalau nda, mmg lg interesting la story ko ni sa rasa. Hehe.. :P Btw, it's advisable to leave ur driving license - expired ones also can as long as there's ur IC no on it - at the guard posts. Because our IC is the most important thing we have with us. If people ask for ur IC, just show them but don't give it to them. Just to share some knowledge :)

  3. Agree with LadyKath,i normally kasi tinggal my license seja.Anyway,good to know everything settles at peace hehe.

  4. Sya nda pernah tau pulak parcel above RM500 kena tax. Cari mkn betul ni. Thanks for sharing, at least next time can avoid kejadian serupa he he... ;-)

  5. next time guna fedex, abx, dhl jak la sis...kadang2 mmg cerewet dorang pun kena suda...

  6. kenapa bulih kena tahan tu? terlebih berat ka? hehe..soalan bonus ba ni :)
    inda paham kn,

  7. Bingung pula me.. kenapa kena 'masuk tahanan' you punya parcel ni... punya lah leceh mau 'jamin' ni... nasib tidak byk org oh..

  8. lebi rm1 pun dia ble detect dgn efficientnya?? buli tahan tu ooh.. kesian tu parcel masuk tahanan.. hehe..~

  9. sis Mouren ~ yup yup.. statement plg ngam utk kasi sinang hati. :D

    Ladykath & mell_f ~ thanks for the advice kath. i dont have driving licence. so, sia kasi tggal my 'muslim card'. heheheh..

    Crystal ~ ya lor.. lain kali mau extra alert. :D

  10. Parcel kena tahan ka boss? ;D LOL.

    And only exceeded RM1, oh my gosh.

  11. may i know how much did u pay for the tax?
    anyway, good post for me who has never been to pos malaysia sepang. got 1 parcel need to clear by this week.

  12. Omg..finally complete explanation on my problem...thanks


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