Friday, May 27, 2011

Special Announcement @ Last 3 Days for UniQue Bag & I Contest

Yes… the contest will be ending in about 72 hours! The contest will be officially closed at 12 NOON on 30 May 2011. No more postpone even only few contestants.

It’s ok lah.. at least, no pening2 to choose winners! *wink*

Anyway, I got special announcement for this contest.

May is the month of celebration for KadazanDusun people in Sabah as we will be celebrating Kaamatan Festival @ Pesta Menuai. Perayaan khas untuk menghormati "Bambazon" iaitu semangat padi selepas selesai menuai padi.

Proud being Sabahan, supporting Kaamatan Festival di perantauan and as an appreciation to all participants, I will be giving you all a bookmark specially done by myself!!! Rajin tak??? *grin*

Well, I saw the bookmark selling at RM5.90 at one of craft shop in KK. So, I bought one as a sample and bought the almost-the-same-materials for my own ‘project’.

I haven’t start doing them as yet but will make sure my dear participants having it!

You still have time to dig your bags collection though! And submit your entry here ya... 

Till then, happy Friday, happy weekend, happy long holidays to my friends in Sabah! Jelesssss…. 


  1. WOW.. super cute bookmark! hehe..

    adui sya nda dpt join ko punya contest la Just, maybe next time.. teda ba bag sya yg unik2 hehe

    by the way, seriously, itu bookmark ba cute..:)

  2. Uiks sis, trus sa pun mau buat book mark mcm tu...hehe!

  3. wah tatap sa dapat ni kan walau ..waw kiut da ni..bila mau buat baju yang betul just??

  4. lawa tu baju kadazan, buli ngam sama sya kaitu?

  5. Omg cute bah just creative of you.

  6. JUST!!!!! ITS SO LOVELY!!! I WANT IT TOO!!! please please pretty please... bagi sa sebagai special award. haha

  7. alahai cutenya ba. mau join tapi teda beg yang unik ba. sedihnya ..

  8. Oh my, that bookmark is so cute!

    Aww so sad, I'm not participating so I won't be getting the cute bookmark :'( Sob sob. LOL.

    Best of luck to all the participants ;D

  9. Waahhh.. ramai peminat ni bookmark ni... ba, kalau ada lebih2 nnt sia annouce aa... hehehehe...

    beaty - baju betul ada 3 pasang, semua sdh nda muat. time sikul dulu pnya ba... next one tggu anak sia kawin la. heheheh...

    gunsirit - buli ngam sama barbie doll mengkali! hahahahah...


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