Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unique Bag & I Contest : Extended!

Yup... I'm extending the UniQue Bag & I Contest to 20 May 2011. Originally was 15 May 2011. Don't ask me why. ^_^

By the way, I am here to show off my UNIQUE bag I have in my collection.



The bag was a gift from a colleague of mine. She bought it when she went to Bandung for holiday last year. I like the bag so much coz I can easily fold it when I'm not using it.

See... you do not have to show me your expensive handbag or branded handbag. What I need is just a plain-uniQue bag/handbag! Even uncang or paper bag or plastic bag sekali pun! ok?! 

Coz to me.. branded does not mean unique coz it can be easily found! It just that not many people can afford to buy it! Opss... apa-apa pun tepuk dada tanya selera... after I tepuk mine, I still need a UNIQUE bag/handbag!

Just show me what you have ok... thank you!

Lalalalaalala.. I will be free until this friday but I have to settle something tomorrow! Can't wait for the new experience. Will share it later k..

Till then, happy Wednesday!! *smile*


  1. I also got one like that from Bandung tp kain dia batik la. Alaa. Baru sa mo pakai tu bag sbg entry sa. huhu.

  2. Moi, thanks for tis entry kio.. Now I know which one I will use to join your contest..

  3. Aya sa belum submit any pix yet. Will do it soon ya.. ^_^

  4. Just, I drafted my entry..tapi belum publish lagi hehehe..:D

  5. oooo g2 yer?... i got one 2... tapi luper kat ner...

    eB send n3 len la yer? ;p

  6. Ngam juga kena extend tu... mungkin kawan-kawan ko yang interested dan using need more time or something. Blogger pya website kan ada banyak prob lately :D

    btw,nda sabar sia mo tau sepa la pemenang ni...

  7. ada suda bag sa yang unique..ha nanti bisuk sa kasi post ahh..tunggu ja just


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