Sunday, June 26, 2011

Me and Wigs!

Visiting saloon pretty soon! Yeahh.. need a hairdo, badly! 

I remember AnnieMing mentioned bout an online hair styling and quickly browsed for it and I found Cosmopolitan

Here's some of the results : 

Hair 1

Hair 2

Hair 3

Hair 4

Hair 5

Hair 6

Hair 7

Wowww... Is that me??? Muahahahhaahah.... I like the Hair 3! What say you??

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ryanna and her stunts!

My Ryanna is turning 1 yr old in few more days. Compare to Rayyan, Ryanna ganas sikit... doiiiii... 

Let's see her latest stunt which Rayyan never 'impress' us before.. muahahhhaa...

Buli-buli dia kluar-masuk the walker?!! Astagaaaa... 

Last but not least... 

Misti mau betul2 kena monitor dia ni sbb selalu buat aksi stunts! Bikin geleng kepala jugak!! @.@ 

P/s : auto-published

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ongkos utk Family Breakaway Tmn Mini Melaka - A Famosa Resort

Since ramai jugak yg interested with my recent trip to A Famosa Resort, so I decided to share all the costs incurred during the trip.

Hotel / 2 rooms apartment for a nite (pre-booked) : RM100
Petrol (biar lebih jgn kurang & ikut kreta masing2) : RM100
Toll KL (Sg Besi) to Ayer Keroh : RM16.50
Tmn Mini Malaysia Entrance Fee RM5/adult : RM20.00
Toll Ayer Keroh to Simpang Ampat (A Famosa Resort) : RM3.10
Comboy Town Entrance Fee RM30/adult w/o 4D Show : RM120.00
Toll Simpang Ampat - KL : RM13.60
Pocket Money (specially for makan2) : RM300.00
TOTAL : RM673.20

OMG!!! Punya banyak ongkos yang terlibat! Phewwww.... Tutup mata saja la. Utk kebahagiaan bersama jugak. Statement utk kasi senang hati! Muahahahaha...

Tunung, Bella... Jgn pulak kamu takut tgk tu figures ok... *wink*

For cheap room rates, please feel free to browse DianBizzCorner.

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Entry ini utk tujuan "sharing is caring"... bkn utk show off! Kikikiki... Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Famosa Resort - Tmn Mini Melaka - Random Photos

Attended my company's 34th AGM this morning. It would be my last AGM-attendance! No more next year! *wink*

Cheering up myself despite all the since-last-week-tensions with random photos of the recent family breakaway... Enjoy the photos guys.. ^_^

Click at the photo individually for better view ya..

Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia
Yang heran napa ni 'tunggul' parking di Terengganu pnya rmh?! Bkn Melaka meh.. Hmm..  

Deco @ Rmh Sabah!
Actually, sia kesian tgk rmh Sabah!
Mcm nda kena peduli ni!

Mommy and lil Lily!
Kuai seja c Lily kena bawa jalan2

Ni c Rayyan mula sdh kepenatan

Daddy yang pujuk
Kalau nda, mau minta kena dukung!

Jom bw barang2 msk apartment

Tmpat tapau

the wrist tag to enter Comboy Town

Uncle gumuk with Rayyan
Malakat laitu 'gumuk' tu.. kakakkaka

Pistol giant

Tidur betul2 ka tipu ni?

Abang dan adik

Teda kami try semua ni...

Mau kasi c Rayyan naik ni ba.. Tunggu dia basar sikit la.. 

I like this photo
Betul2 mama budak ni... :D

Tomorrow's FRIDAY!! The best part is boss is away for a week!! Yahoooooo... He needs a break and I need a break too... *wink*

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I really hate this kind of situation!! I hate it when I don't feel the excitement to come to office. To make things worst, I feel like tendering my resignation letter! @.@

The tense has been 'wandering' for about a week! Me and my boss is like having a "perang dingin". He rarely calls me and I myself trying to avoid not go in to see him! *sigh*

He was pissed off because of a project proposal done by me??! No no no... the project proposal was done by X which is currently on Marriage Leave. X gave me the soft copy before he starts on leave. Boss wanted to edit the proposal. So, he instructed Y on the amendments. Y then told me what are the changes. I even OT-ed to settle them and brought home for some minor editing.

Sadly, the outcome disappoints Boss! *sigh* He claims that a better quality paper needs to be used for the proposal which I was not informed. Shall I blame Y??? Yes, I am!!! And I know Y feels guilty too but dia buat bodoh ja!! Of coz la sbb Y is the CEO! 

Well, of coz it is not just because of the paper... Boss wants the 'layout' to be edited too. I edited as what Y told me but Boss doesn't satisfy with it and ask me to change to something which is beyond my capabilities! Aduiiiiii.... I couldn't say "I dunno how to that" to my Boss ok! 

So, still have to try my best to deliver the "mission impossible" task to the Boss!! After all the efforts, still Boss nda puas hati ni... I just dunno what else to do to please him!! He won't appreciate the efforts too... Bikin sakit hati betul!!! Sudah la bukan kerja aku... tolong org lain buat saja.. bila tidak kena hati.. aku jg yg kena marah!! Bila dia suka, org lain yg kena puji!!!! D@mn!!! @#!#@#^%(()&^$#$

Minggu yang tensen-setensennya ooo!!! *down mode* 

Need to de-stress dulu ni!! Thinking of the milkadeal package bought in May which is expiring in Aug.

RM68 instead of RM1080 for Full Body Lightening + Jacuzzi + Herbal Ball Back & Neck Massage for TWO PEOPLE and RM300 Service or Product Voucher at Beauty Face, Wisma UOA II [94% OFF]

Can't wait for next month hols too... ^_^

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hadiah Contest Belum Dipos

Kawan-kawan... minta sorry sangat2 sbb hadiah utk contest UniQue Bag & I tu belum dipos lagik!! Aduiyaiiii....

Bukan senang rupanya nak siapkan bookmark tu... huhuhuhu...

Tapi Alhamdulillah dah siap separuh... ada separuh lagi... actually dah boleh siapkan semalam TAPI reben emas tu tak cukup la pulak!!! Haishhhh... 

Yang dah siap and yang tak siap... 

By the way, siapa-siapa yg dah hntr details kat I, I dah terima... I think dalam 70% dah bg details. Yg tak bagi lagi, msh boleh hntar details.. I terima gak la.. Cian pulak... tp make sure dlm this week.. sbb nak buat posting satu kali.. senang skit... :)

Ni keychain Sarawak for those shortlisted
Tp I bagi random tau... some of you will be getting keychain Sabah..

Sabar ya kengkawan sekalian... Harap2 dapat pos by end of this week.. Cheerssssssss... 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Father's Day Celebration!

If you read my post here, you will know why I never celebrate Father's Day before and even until now I feel kinda heavy-hearted to celebrate Father's Day. I know it's not fair for him. Poor hubby...

I just wanna wish you a very Happy Father's Day, my Dear! Long way to learn to be a good Daddy though! Hahahahaha.. 

Rayyan didn't want the Daddy carries Baby Lily
Kes jeles la apa lagi.. huhuhu..

I always love to see my hubby carrying baby as I could see the loving side of him when he does so. Kekekekeke... 

To all fathers in the world, Happy Father's Day to you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Breakaway : Cowboy Town, A Famosa Resort

It was raining heavily that afternoon... I was worried that we were not able to enter the Cowboy Town coz that  was the only plan for that nite! *wish*

Before proceed with Cowboy Town, check out these...

Pls click at the 3 images individually to see the 'video'... it's in gif format.. *wink*

I love all these pics
C Rayyan mau jugak ikut2 sia

C Rayyan yang excited

Dad & Son

To avoid long queue, we purposely went and purchased the entrance tickets for the Cowboy Town earlier and tapau for dinner when the rest is resting except Rayyan... heran jugak nda pandai penat ni...  Yeahh.. have to bring him along lor.. 

The Counter
Entrance Fee for 'Carnival' only : RM30/adult
Entrance Fee for 'Carnival + 4D Theater' : RM40/adult (if not mistaken)

The Entrance
Ada show layan lagu country

It was still on-off-raining when we entered the Cowboy Town at about 8.30pm! *sigh* 

Ngam2 pulak the Red Indian Show mau start... So, berpusu2 and bersesak2 la semua org mau masuk area show tu!! Adehhhh...  

Macam mau berebut harta karun ni!
Padahal mau berebut good spot to watch Red Indian Show.

Punya la sia rasa ni guy mintapuji!!
Yg dia rasa dia hebat ni!

Faham2 la kalau bw budak ni... we only managed to watch the 1st show... urg yg main api2 tu... then we have to move on sudah... Both Rayyan and Lily nda selesa nie!

So, we just wandering at the 'town'. 

The Shopping 'Mall'
Err.. Mahal2 ooo... 

Ala2 funfair tp nda jadi!
If you see Rayyan is being carried, that's mean he is not is good mood!

Me, bro, Rayyan, Mom and Lily


Last but not least, FOUR of US!
Kemuncak 'konsert' adalah fireworks which was shown time hujan lebat!!!!