Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Almost-Done Jigsaw Puzzle

Phewww… lega bila contest sdh over!

Now.. let’s come back to routine! Before I feed you guys with my family-breakaway-stories, let’s talk bout the headache-gift for Hubby in conjunction with our 4th Wedversary bout a week ago.

I think you guys can already guess from where I did the personalized jigsaw puzzle. la mana lagik??!!!

For those looking for personalized gift for your love ones, Heartbeat offers you wide range of products such as mugs, t-shirt, cushions, puzzle, etc…

And I chose puzzle coz I always love puzzle! Since the different is only RM10 between A3 and A2 size. So, I opted for the larger one, A2… ‘adventure’ sikit mau buat kunun! Muahaahhahah…

Puzzle sizes and packages

Templates are ready for you to choose from. You just need to upload your photo and add in your wordings (if any). Make your payment and wait for Heartbeat to contact you via email. No worries coz their customer services are very prompt!

Template choices

I got my draft on the same day I made my payment! You confirmed the draft and they will proceed with printing! You just have to wait for your order to arrive in few days. Mine was 9 days due to large printing! Blaming myself sebab tamaha! @_@

As at-to-date, the result!! Ada jugak la main buyuk sikit!!! Heheheheh.. 

For those interested, click here for “How to Order”! Very simple!

Last but not least, I don’t get paid for this post ok!


  1. Uii bestnya buli bikin hadiah bahh neyyy kannn

  2. wahhh nice! bagus jg ni bikin wdg anniversary gift sendiri tapi ala..x sempat ni mau order..mine is just 2 days to go...

  3. Okay Just sa makin suka ko sudah... this is a superb brilliant idea for gift... hahaha

    If ehem.... jadi la kan... sa pun mo buat juga ni... mauahahaha

    Happy weekend Just :D

  4. Just....
    Sy rasa blm lambat lagi bah kan mau wish 'selamat ulangtahun'!hehehe...

  5. eeee.....i like...thanks for the info just.. :) sy pun mau buat la...

  6. cinoi ~ buli ba.. napa pulak nda buli... :D

    Chegu Carol ~ save for next year la.. hehehhe...

    Yats ~ Cantik kan??

    Angel ~ hehehe.. siok main puzzle muka sendiri! hihihi...

  7. DC ~ kalau ehem nda jadi pun ok seja ba bg as a gift! Nda rugi jg baitu... kikiki.. happy weekend to u DC..

    Maymel ~ thanks mil... ok seja baitu! ;p

    Sis Mouren ~ jgn lupa the bucket kio.. ;p

    Julie ~ tengkiu tengkiu.. :)

    Belle ~ buat jgn nda buat... :p

  8. uii siok ..cute mau la ni kalau mcm ni


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