Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I really hate this kind of situation!! I hate it when I don't feel the excitement to come to office. To make things worst, I feel like tendering my resignation letter! @.@

The tense has been 'wandering' for about a week! Me and my boss is like having a "perang dingin". He rarely calls me and I myself trying to avoid not go in to see him! *sigh*

He was pissed off because of a project proposal done by me??! No no no... the project proposal was done by X which is currently on Marriage Leave. X gave me the soft copy before he starts on leave. Boss wanted to edit the proposal. So, he instructed Y on the amendments. Y then told me what are the changes. I even OT-ed to settle them and brought home for some minor editing.

Sadly, the outcome disappoints Boss! *sigh* He claims that a better quality paper needs to be used for the proposal which I was not informed. Shall I blame Y??? Yes, I am!!! And I know Y feels guilty too but dia buat bodoh ja!! Of coz la sbb Y is the CEO! 

Well, of coz it is not just because of the paper... Boss wants the 'layout' to be edited too. I edited as what Y told me but Boss doesn't satisfy with it and ask me to change to something which is beyond my capabilities! Aduiiiiii.... I couldn't say "I dunno how to that" to my Boss ok! 

So, still have to try my best to deliver the "mission impossible" task to the Boss!! After all the efforts, still Boss nda puas hati ni... I just dunno what else to do to please him!! He won't appreciate the efforts too... Bikin sakit hati betul!!! Sudah la bukan kerja aku... tolong org lain buat saja.. bila tidak kena hati.. aku jg yg kena marah!! Bila dia suka, org lain yg kena puji!!!! D@mn!!! @#!#@#^%(()&^$#$

Minggu yang tensen-setensennya ooo!!! *down mode* 

Need to de-stress dulu ni!! Thinking of the milkadeal package bought in May which is expiring in Aug.

RM68 instead of RM1080 for Full Body Lightening + Jacuzzi + Herbal Ball Back & Neck Massage for TWO PEOPLE and RM300 Service or Product Voucher at Beauty Face, Wisma UOA II [94% OFF]

Can't wait for next month hols too... ^_^


  1. Relax bah ko Just, org bilang every thunderstorm there shud be some sunshine...durang bilang la..ehhe

  2. Oh my, seems that you are really stressed. Ba take it easy Miss. Semua boss memang gitu LOL jk.

    Well, I hope that you'll get that milkadeal thingie for free haaha.

  3. Ya, pigi de-stress Just...kasi relax2 ur mind and body...

  4. suka c guns..dia optimistic.

    biasalah tu just sa pun selalu begitu dulu sa d sales dept ko tau brapa katalog sa buat untuk bos? bnyk draf sa buat tapi dia letak tepi2 ja. apa dia mau xpect dari sa sedangkan sa bukan designer? tapi akhirnya dorang guna juga pa yang sa suda buat..

    aiya..ko relax ja bh just..bukan juga ko punya kerja tu. yang penting ko suda try

  5. gunsirit ~ bisuk c boss tarabang. So, sia buli la mau men-rileks-kan diri... :)

    Arms ~ Boss mmg gitu kan!!! Bila la sia mo jadi boss ni tp nda mau la yg gitu.. heheeh... Ooo itu milkadeal sia paid rm34 seja for a package worth RM1080! Ntah betul ka nda harga dia tu.. ;p

    chegu carol ~ ini laini... mo buat appointment dulu.. :D

    beaty ~ itu la baitu! kita ni bkn designer!! deii.. mo ja sia sakap! kin panas ni..

  6. now you know how im feeling.. hahahahaha.. begitu laitu honey.. time busy gila2.. mmg stress.. that why la I selalu mengadu mau resign..

  7. Hello, just. Begitu la tu klu terkena time sibuk, memang bikin stress. Tapi bagus juga just kasi luah di sini, bole la kita pujuk2 si just ni, hehehe.......

  8. Biasa la ba kalu org ada pangkat ni moi..
    Sabaron nopo la kio..


You're 'bout to corner... ;p