Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Breakaway : A Famosa Resort

Oh yesss... A Famosa Resort was our main destination!!

The entrance

In this entry, will rant bout the accommodation first ya... 

The building. It's an apartment named Mayangsari Suite.
Located within the Beverly Hills Villa compound.


Dining table rite next to the main door

Kitchen without stove. So, can't cook.
But, mirco-wave oven is provided.

The living hall

TV Plasma
Hubby sdg momom
Lily sibuk main sendiri

Path leading to bedrooms

Bedroom 1 - purple room
Me and hubby's bedroom

Glass gituu.. 
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to capture the other bedroom which is green in colour!

The room rate is only RM100 per nite for a 2 bedrooms apartment! Sooo cheappp!! Thank you Nora for the cheap room rate. It was her promotional room rate. The current rate should be RM200 per nite. Still cheap ok!!

If you wish to look for accommodation at A Famosa Resort, Mahkota Parade, Cameron Highland, Dungun Terengganu, Lumut Perak, Kota Bharu Kelantan, Bukit Merah Perak, Port Dickson, etc, please feel free to contact her at Dianbizz Corner or email her at or contact her at 019-3013703. 

Till then, my son nda sabar mau kluar jalan2 sdh... tp hujan pulak petang tu... huhuhuhu... 


  1. RM100 is considered so cheap considering a place like that ;D

    I haven't been to A Famosa... hopefully can go there soon.

    Looking forward for more pictures of new places haaha.

  2. c just memang selalu kasi ealous sa ni..ehhh siok eh jalan2 ni

  3. uhhh RM100!!! cheap gilaaaaa! time mo plan la ni tau..uhuhuh...selalu pi melaka for an time actually go jalan2 ni....*wanna drag someone la ni pi ikut*

  4. Armstrong ~ ba, p la zalan2 sana ba.. Oh yeahh.. ada lg tmpt sia nx mth.. ;p

    beaty ~ bw tunang ko zalan2 ba moy... ;p

    Angel Bear ~ ko sibuk sama paintball ja ba moy sampai teda masa jalan2 ni.. hehehe..

  5. Hi just, I'm glad that you and family enjoy your stay there..I call the person in charge there, Mr. Asti and he said everything under control hehehe. Ooh.I toy can cook there, but you always can bungkus frm outside and eat inside bah kan. I think kalau minum2 Dan Masak maggi ok Kali tu kan.

    Btw, I will link your post in my testimonial corner. Can bah kan..hehe, there 2 more reservation for july in Cameron and I can't wait to hear their story for the unit there. n
    Btw, thanks ya..

  6. Hi Nora. Ok ba.. suka sama En Asri tu.. very the friendly.

    Minum2 n maggi2 n reheat foods, ok ba..

    ba, kasi link seja.. thanks nyway ya.. :D


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