Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Breakaway : Tmn Mini Malaysia

Will feed you guys with my family breakaway stories ok.. 

As planned, we went to the Tmn Mini Melaka on 4/6/2011. Departed at about 9am. Stopped at R&R Nilai for breakfast...

Muka baru bangun!

Continued the journey... the traffic started slower. Road fulled with cars, as expected. *Sigh*

Car, car and carssss.... 

Finally reached Ayer Keroh, Melaka toll gate at about 11.30am. We got no intention to visit the Bandar Hilir, Melaka town at all coz we knew it's going to be very jammed! We actually planned to enter the Taman Mini Malaysia & Tmn Mini Asean which is just few km from the entrance of the Ayer Keroh toll gate.

The entrance...
Entrance fee at RM5 per adult and RM3 for children

Meteor Garden Gallery - just next to the Entrance Counter

Pentas Teja

Frankly, wandering at the park at NOON is such a bad idea. *sigh* So, we made a quick move at the park. Only went in to the Sabah (for sure punya!) & Sarawak houses. 

The Iban-Sarawak House

The Dusun Lotud-Sabah House

Tangga yang paling mencabar mau naik!
The rest of the Malaysian houses, just limpas saja la... But I did manage to shot all of them though! *smiling* 

The Tuan Rumah's House - Melaka
Paling mahal itu tangga!

C Rayyan nda puas tgk kuda!

As for the Asean houses, we only went in to the 'Thailand's village'. I don't know why but it looks creepy! We also passed by the Philippine house.  The house looks not maintained! Full of bushes. 

Perkampungan Thailand

We waved goodbye to the park at about 2pm and the road heading to Melaka town was jammed!!! Phewww.... We made our u-turn and headed to our main destination...

Murah2 jg barang2 dia d sini.. :D

Stay tuned! ^___^

Sorry... was not in a very good mood today... so, taip ala kadar seja


  1. waaa..cntiknya gambar2 tu...sy pun teringin mau pg sana sis!cantik ni tempat oo.=)

  2. Aih? ter-miss mau lawat ni tmpt..now that i come back to Sabah..enta bila buli lawat ni. Nice place to visit, indeed :)

  3. Nda ingat sa suda samaada sa pernah pigi sini or not hehe..

    Nice place to take photo

  4. Azeanthy ~ thanks for the drop by.. siok begambar2 sana tp pigi time ptg2 k... hahahah..

    WhyWhy ~ duluuu time sia pigi pun renovation ba ni tmpt... mau berjam2 d sini baru dpt explore abis.. ;p

    Sis Mouren ~ nnt ko dtg, singgah la.. ;p

  5. eh!adakah pulak ni tempat.Itu la ba ndak pernah lagi keluar jalan-jalan tengok tempat orang.

  6. Wah..siok oo ko Just..pi berjalan2 kamu...jeles saya..heheh..

    Mcm perlancong pula ko sana ah...

    Nice picture... :-)

  7. Cantik-cantik semua gambar yang kena ambil oh. Siok kan jalan-jalan sama family.. ;-)

  8. wah sa mau masuk tu walai2 dia..hehehhe

    wah sama family lagi tu..best betul owh

  9. Anne ~ ada!! klu dtg melaka, jgn lupa visit ni tmpt.. ;p

    Julie ~ sia kesian mumy sia keboringan d rmh ba.. so, bw la dorang p bejalan2..

    Annieming ~ lg siok klu tu anak2 sdh basar.. lg senang mo bejalan2... hihihihi...

    Beaty ~ buli ba kalau ko! hehehehe... dtg la sini zalan2.. klu ada extra ongkos, misti ba mo bw family zalan2.. :D


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