Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Finally a flower bouquet for me!

Wohooooo.... a flower bouquet for me, finally, after 8 years! 

I received the bouquet at bout 10.30am this morning. The receptionist personally handed it to me at my work station and wishes me as well. Heee...

12 kuntum bunga ros

Even though I'm not a flower lover, and I strongly discourage a flower bouquet as a gift in any of our special dates, but I think, once in a lifetime... it's actually good to have a flower bouquet from someone you love!

And I finally received it today.. on our 4th Wedding Anniversary.

smiling ear-to-ear!

Thanks to Hubby!

For Hubby, I will be handing him a card. Well, i 'bought' something for him but I haven't got it yet! Blaming myself for the last minutes arrangement! Ermm.. as usual, I wasn't really sure what to buy. So yeahhh... he has to wait lor... *wink*

Card for him
Will definitely share bout my gift when I got it yaa... 


  1. Alamaaaa...punya romantik! ^___^ so sweet~!!!

  2. duii romantik..heheheh.. untung ko just..wah senyum sampai telinga ko kan

  3. hehehe... saya pun nda minat bunga, tapi kalau mr. hubby mau bagi, saya terime dengan senyum lebar juga tu....

  4. Dev ~ romantik kunun kan.. hahahah...

    Beaty ~ duiii moy.. once in a lifetime seja ni! ;p

    zezebel ~ itu la ba tu.. mmg nda minat la. sayang jg 'the investment' tp nda pa la.. bg chance! hehehe.. :D

  5. Heheh..

    Samelah, me too inda suka bunga, I prefer he give me something else, but zaman cintan cintun dulu, ada juga he give me bunga2..,I give it to my friend to simpan ngeeee...:D
    But its okay bah..if your hubby want to be romantic once in a while...:-)

  6. Huhuu...Dpt bunga ya...Anyway..congrats...

  7. gosh..ur soo lucky :)
    sa sgt suka bunga.. n nasib si huby pun tau.. haha..kdg2 sngja minta beli bunga lagi tu.. teda2 ni ba.. tpi.. kana bagi juga la..hahaha :)

    flowers..though it will die.. but the memories of the sweetness (aiseh..) will lingers forever. :)

    happy anniversary to u n bloved ya

  8. Nora ~ hehhe.. i bet kan this would be the first and the last to receive flower bouquet from him.. ;p

    Julie ~ hehehe.. thanks Julie.

    nc ~ ko suka bunga pulak.. ok jg ba tu kalau kadang2 minta beli, kalau hari2 naa.. nda sanggup jg kali.. hahahah... :D

  9. Nah kan baru sa cerita pasal Being Mr. Romantic...

    Sekali sekala okay juga ba tu kalau dapat kejutan-kejutan romantis gitu...

    haha Happy Anniversary Just ^^ All the best and long way to go :D

  10. wow... mesti sgt hepi kan Just.. congrats to both u.. sya pun mcm si nc suka bunga.. especially roses and tulips.. :)

    May both u live happily ever after..

  11. DC ~ heheheheh... thanks for the wish.

    Stella ~ happy ba stel! even nda suka bunga tp mau jg la dpt bunga even satu kali! hehehe... lps ni, kirim salam saja la sama tu bunga. :D


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