Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Father's Day Celebration!

If you read my post here, you will know why I never celebrate Father's Day before and even until now I feel kinda heavy-hearted to celebrate Father's Day. I know it's not fair for him. Poor hubby...

I just wanna wish you a very Happy Father's Day, my Dear! Long way to learn to be a good Daddy though! Hahahahaha.. 

Rayyan didn't want the Daddy carries Baby Lily
Kes jeles la apa lagi.. huhuhu..

I always love to see my hubby carrying baby as I could see the loving side of him when he does so. Kekekekeke... 

To all fathers in the world, Happy Father's Day to you.


  1. Haaaappy belated Father's Day to your hubby yo ;D

    And that picture is so cool heehe.

  2. Happy fathers day to ur hubby..alalal c rayan jealous owh kan c lily kena dukung oleh dad dia

  3. Arms ~ sia tggu gmbr ko yg mcm tu jg aa... hehehehe...

    beaty ~ yaa... sampai skrg tu.. klu dady dia main sama c lily.. dia pun p dakat2 n buat aksi yg sama.. mau tarik perhatian ni.. ;p

  4. hahaha... dua2 pun kena sayang.. oppsss... tiga2 pun kena sayang termasuk mummy..


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