Thursday, June 02, 2011

Unique Bag & I Contest : Shortlisted Group A & B

Even though contestant tak ramai sangat, but susah jugak nak pilih pemenang ni..

So, I buat shortlist la yer... senang sket! 

Shortlisted for Group A & B as following :

A5 - eB

A8 - Beaty

A9 - Queenpink

A10 - juelee

A12 - SJB

Judging based on bag uniqueness!

Kepada yang tak di-shortlist, sorry... jangan marah... 

Coming up next. shortlist for Group C & D...

Winner will be announced next week. After I balik dari family breakaway yer... Boleh kan?! 


  1. wah sa shortlisted owh just...wahhh

  2. Beaty ~ ada can la kan.. :D

  3. hai.. i think u salah back link.. the A11 shud link to my blog juelee


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