Thursday, June 02, 2011

Unique Bag & I Contest : Shortlisted Group C & D

So here goes the shortlisted for Group C & D...

B1 - Nanamrul

B2 - Dyahaha

B7 - Nida

B9 - Cute Mum

B12 - Mouren

Judging based on A) bag uniqueness and B) your pose with your bag(s)!

For those not in list, sorry... jangan marah!

For Group A & B Shortlisted Contestants, pls click here.

Winners will be announced next week... after my family break away.  *wink*


  1. thanks just.. my name is here..:)

  2. Nida ~ gud luck!

    Beaty ~ heheheh... :D

  3. Bukan bags si mouren yg sy tertingu, tu kucing dia pula yg menarik perhatian sia lol ^^


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