Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting to Know PowerPoint Better!

After 6 years, the company or HR to be exact, has finally arranged me to attend a course!! 

Kesian kan... or should I say... Punya la kedekut kan the company!! Well, not going to nag bout that.

Attended the Course a day before yesterday (Wednesday). 

My concern was the location. The course was at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. I am SOOO not familiar with the area. I have to take train to either Kelana Jaya or Tmn Bahagia (I picked to stop at Taman Bahagia) and fetch a cab to the building.

I was so grateful that I brought along the map coz the taxi driver also not sure of the exact location. 

And guess what... I also text-ed hubby the taxi plate no and the driver's name. You know la kan... dunia skrg macam2... bnyk kes yg bikin takut!!! Grrrr... 

Nyway... I actually attended a Ms PowerPoint Advanced Course. Well, company's presentation is done by me. So, that's why the HR sent me for the course. They think the course might be useful for me and I think so too!

15 ppl attended the class, each with our own PC.

Meals for breaksfast, lunch and teatime are provided. Tatap punya la kan.. *wink*

Surprisingly, I don't feel bored at all during the entire class. Ok.. just a lil bit coz "no friends". But the knowledge I gained has killed the boredom! *grin*

I learned a lot of shortcut keys from the tutor! One that I like the most is... no more copy paste of company logo to each slide of presentation. I just need to use the "Slide Master"! Aiyooo... They should have asked me to attend the class earlier than my life would be less headache! Hahahahahah...

Lama nda dapat cert ooo... 

Wonder if they is anymore course for me to attend after this or this would be the first and the last course. Huhuhuhuh...

Till then, happy weekend.. ^_^

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : The Mugs

Our Mugs
- still 'standing strong' since 2003!
- among the first thing we bought when we started the relationship.. *wink*
Capricorn : Me
Sagittarius : Him

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ditahan lagi??!!

Hi everyone.. How's your day so far??

I was ermm.. kinda busy with my business thingy... hehehehe... punya la mintapuji kan...

And guess what... my parcel detained again!!! Adoiii... Punya la sakit hati!! I thought the last round will be the first and last parcel detained. *sigh*

Have already asked my supplier to make them into two boxes. The first box already received safely on Tuesday last week. The second one arrived Custom Malaysia on Thursday. I really wish the parcel will passed as the first box. 

I waited till this morning but the result shown on the online tracking system still stating that the parcel 'held by custom'. I knew something went wronged. So I called up Custom. And yess... the parcel is detained! I wonder why they didn't call me to inform. If they call earlier, I would have settle the matter last Saturday! Grrrr...

Am I going to pay tax?? Yes! But, will make up something to avoid it... *evil brain* shhhhhh....

Till then... Cheers.. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Di Sebalik Cerpen

Read my cerpen???

Some asked me whether it is based on true story..

Sad to say... YES... it is based on true story. A story of myself, to be exact! 

That phone call is REAL which I received when I was in Form 3... 16 YEARS AGO!!! And I don't feel bad at all for not recognized his voice! I have forgotten him as the three of us had live happily without him and we have proven to him that we don't need him! 

On other 'scene'... When I was in Form 2, in a Moral class, we were discussing bout kasih sayang ibu bapa. Teacher calling the students to step out and asked who do you love most? Mom or Dad? As usual, being passive. I don't want my name to be called. Too bad coz I was one of them! 

Before I could spill out anything I already went back to my seat and burst into tears! Wuaaaaaa.... That question was a big cruel to me! I wish I could answer "I love both of them", like everyone.. but no - NO! 

"How if dad comes back to stay with us??" me and bro always have this question with us! 

Oh no!! It's like unacceptable!! Sorry to say but yes... we used to stay among us only, without him! So, it will be VERY weird for him to join us again! No thanks pls..... 

My mom is the strongest mother in the world. She could just marry a man to help her to raise us but NO. She was afraid that man (who ever he is) will harm us. You know la kalau 'tiri-tiri' ni... Susah mau cari yg bagus! 

Anyway, whatever happened had happened. Past is past... yes I agreed! Even though I have forgiven him for the mistake but deep in my heart, that scar remains forever. Things will never be the same again... 

So ppl... pls think carefully of whatever action you are taking. Pls think of your surrounding beloved ppl. You may lost them forever if you 'slipped'. A mistake cannot be repeated! Second chance is sometimes impossible. If you got it, appreciate it to the fullest! And pls bear in mind... "jangan sibuk cari kaca nanti diamond di tangan terlepas"

Oh boyyy... ter-emo pulak ni! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Never Sick Again

Hahahahaha... terjebak jugak saya sama ni 'barang'!
Being the first one... something positive - for the health! *wink*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ryanna Won Consolation Prize!

A bunch of thanks to those who has vote my lil Ryanna via FB for the Mom Bloggers Planet - Cutest Baby of the Planet - June.

Judging based 50% votes in FB and 50% from MBP’s panel of judges. Well after seeing others with more than 100 LIKES, I don't think Ryanna can make it. Entered the contest for fun only... 

So, thanks a lot to the judges for choosing Ryanna as one of the Consolation Prize Winners. Click here for full result.

For that, Ryanna got herself Kedai Gambar Kami e-voucher worth RM30 and RM10 cash.

Congratz Ryanna and thanks to all.. *wink*

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guest Writer - Hidup Mesti Diteruskan

Still remember my post on the guest writer?

Well, my story has been published. Pls have a visit to Dianbizzcorner to read my 'cerpen' and later on give me some 'credits' here ok... hahaha... 

Ba, mari la kita bersharing-sharing. I believe you all pun ada story yg buli dijadikan tauladan kan... Submit yours to

Till then, happy weekend... 

p/s : auto-published

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ryanna's Simple Buffday

Unlike Rayyan's 1st buffday where we celebrated, I would say quite grand also... ada catering.. ;p

Since hubby still 'berkabung', besides the kids' cousins were all in KK, we decided to have a simple celebration for Ryanna's 1st birthday. Just celebrated by us at home yesterday. Tepa la kan.... 

The pics...

Cuppies in white-pink-purple theme
Ordered from my Colleague Lina (the one did the baju kurung sketch)

We all loves the cuppies..
They are strawberry butter cake with butter cream
and the fondant are not that sweet too.. just nice nih!
Well, I tested her 'products' before... So yeahh...  

Oppss... this is not the buffday girl ok! Hahaha...

Daddy, Ryanna, Rayyan and cuppies

Alamakkk... mana buffday girl??? Kakakakak..

Heart this pic!

Rayyan mmg Mickey's fan dari kicil!

The buffday girl with her minnie

Last but not least... the family pic.. :D

October... buffday Rayyan lagik... *wink* 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ryanna Adrilea turns 1 year old!

How time flies...

My lil daughter is 1 year old today! *wink*

Let's see her developments in these 12 months..

Fresh from oven. 1pm on 14.7.10

@ 1 mth

@ 2 mths

@ 3 mths

@ 4 mths - mau meniarap

@ 5 mths - bertiarap

@ 6 mths - crawling

@ 7 mths - standing up attempts

@ 8 mths

@ 9 mths

@ 10 mths

@ 11 mths - memanjat2 and tumbuh gigi

@ 12 mths

We always tot that her developments will be faster than Rayyan. Somehow no. Rayyan had his first teeth on his 7 mths and start steppings at his 1yr old. However, Ryanna only teething at her 11th month and not even steppings until now. Lain budak lain ba kan... 

To our daughter Ryanna Adrilea...  no matter how old you are, to us, you will always be your Daddy's little girl and your Mommy's bundle of joy.  Nothing brings us more happiness than the smile on your face. We want to see that smile on your lips forever. Happy Birthday to the beloved daughter in the whole wide world! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My designer for Baju Raya

Our kain for baju raya this year should be tailored by MIL. We have already given her the kain few days before SIL passed away. After SIL passed away, she decided to stay in KK longer. Means, I have to start sourcing new tailor! *sigh* I am NOT blaming my MIL ok! No one expected this could happened. Anyway, life has to go on.

Lucky, my colleague's friend is a tailor. She helps me to force her friend to accept my order. Hahahahah...

I just passed to her my kain and did own measurement. Thanks to colleagues for their helps. Check out... 

Lia (sitting) & Lina
Project Paper sdh jadi Kain Hijau! Muahahahaha.. 

"point2" penting! wahahahahha.. 

I never can draw like this! hmmm... 

Bukan kerja cincai ok. Teliti ni dia ukur. Saya suka!! After this, rajin sdh mau cari kain and ask my colleague to design. *wink*

Till then, got to finish up my minutes writing! Huhuhuhu... 

Friday, July 08, 2011

Business Card itu penting utk Businessman/woman!

Everyone agreed with me on my subject title?? 

All this while, ppl will go for shop-printing, either with your own design or get the shop to create one for you before they proceed with printing. 

In KL, the standard range will be RM28 per box of 100pcs for normal-standard-1sided name card and RM38 for normal-standar-2sided name card. 

Oh yeah... I did some survey on it actually. Was thinking to print one for myself and ended with DIY (do it yourself). I designed, bought paper and printed myself. Lagi puas hati even simple seja the design. *wink*

Until one day, a blogger shared about an online ready-templates business card. I was like... "astaga.. napa la nda google before this?!!" *slap forehead*

With online ready-templates, creating your business card will be much much more easier. Of coz la kan... you  just need to pick and edit.

If you are looking for one, pls visit Business Card Star.

Here are mine.. 

The main page
Click the "make business cards" button as arrow-ed

As usual, create an account first.

Categories of designs for you to choose from

After pilih your design, fill up your "card's particulars"

Enjoy your editings!

Click the "next step" as arrow-ed to get the back side of the card

In order to save your name card... click la mana2 yg patut.

Mesti la pilih yg FOC kan

I prefer 8 cards per page
10 cards per page mcm kecil la pula

Tadaaaa... sdh siap!
The file is in PDF
Good luck with yours especially Tunung's hubby which is currently on his rayban sunglasses (Gred AAA+) online business. *grin*

Happy Friday all... 

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Be A Guest Writer dan Menang!!

You love to share your experiences in parenting, holiday experience, love story or even stories yang boleh dijadikan tauladan?? Here is your opp to send in your writing and stand a chance to win yourself a gift or cash money from the organizer, Dianbizzcorner.

Warning by the Organizer, "Stories must be genuine and sincere. Cerita yang ikhlas dari hati dan pengalaman sendiri dan bukannya cerita yang tak ada motive ke apa tau.."

For those interested pls send in your application story to starting today until 14/7/2011. First story will be published at Dianbizzcorner's blog on 15/7/2011. 

As mentioned earlier, selected writer with published story will be rewarded. 

For more details, pls visit Dianbizzcorner.

Hmmm... Story apa la mau di-share ni... *thinking*

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Menang Tanpa Bertanding Contest

Waaa... tajuk gempaq!! Wakakakaka...

When I received a Pos Express envelope on Monday, I was like... hmmm... am i waiting for sumthing??? Yes I am, but the thing shud be sent to my house add instead of office add. 

Ahah!!! I saw Beaty's name written on the reverse side of envelope. Susah2 seja c Beaty ni baaa... 

Nope, Beaty didn't organize any contest or giveaway. Somehow when I am giving away the bookmarks for all my contestants, she on the other hand, mau bagi saya hadiah pula... oppss... it is actually for my dear daughter.

So, tanpa segan silu... wakakakaak... I emailed her my add. Naaa terussss sampai sdh diii...

Bukan satu tapi tiga!!

She was worried that the crochet could not fits on Lily's head. Sekali tgk.. cuba kamu tgk...

The kids are trying to figure out what are those! Yayyy... 

Hahahaha... cuba kamu tgk tu kaler crochet sama hp mainan durang!
Macam satu set kan!
Yg lily pigang green!
Rayyan pigang pink
Tebalik ba durang ni!!

Alalalalala.... shomelll betul anak mumy ni!!
Tambah2 lagik with the gigi-yang-mau-tumbuh!
Enlarge this pic baru kamu nampak tu gigi dia!

C Rayyan mana mau ketinggalan!

Thanks a lot Anty Beaty - say the kids!! God bless you... *wink*