Thursday, July 07, 2011

Be A Guest Writer dan Menang!!

You love to share your experiences in parenting, holiday experience, love story or even stories yang boleh dijadikan tauladan?? Here is your opp to send in your writing and stand a chance to win yourself a gift or cash money from the organizer, Dianbizzcorner.

Warning by the Organizer, "Stories must be genuine and sincere. Cerita yang ikhlas dari hati dan pengalaman sendiri dan bukannya cerita yang tak ada motive ke apa tau.."

For those interested pls send in your application story to starting today until 14/7/2011. First story will be published at Dianbizzcorner's blog on 15/7/2011. 

As mentioned earlier, selected writer with published story will be rewarded. 

For more details, pls visit Dianbizzcorner.

Hmmm... Story apa la mau di-share ni... *thinking*


  1. bh sa tingu apa mau share ni...

  2. wah wah wah... interesting ni.. ^_^

  3. Hmm interesting oo... Although I might have some stories to share but all personal and sensitive ni wakakaaka... Tinguk dulu la mo masuk ka nda. Kisah hidup sia ni nda juga siok sangat la ;D LOL.

    Ko ikut ka Just? Sia tunggu story ko yea heehe.

  4. Byk sa mau kasi share...kalu sa lah he he he! off juga bah this. XDXD

  5. Moi, susah sikit ni kalu sa mo join sbb confirm "Kilometer" panjang sa punya entry..hihihihi
    Ok, sia fikir2 dulu apa story mo share, kalu sia sempat join la..

  6. Ba.. jom la kita berstory-telling... sia blm tau mau story apa ni.. huhuhu..

  7. Thanks a million for the help on promoting just..waiting for your post also...hehe..mush 3x


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