Thursday, July 21, 2011

Di Sebalik Cerpen

Read my cerpen???

Some asked me whether it is based on true story..

Sad to say... YES... it is based on true story. A story of myself, to be exact! 

That phone call is REAL which I received when I was in Form 3... 16 YEARS AGO!!! And I don't feel bad at all for not recognized his voice! I have forgotten him as the three of us had live happily without him and we have proven to him that we don't need him! 

On other 'scene'... When I was in Form 2, in a Moral class, we were discussing bout kasih sayang ibu bapa. Teacher calling the students to step out and asked who do you love most? Mom or Dad? As usual, being passive. I don't want my name to be called. Too bad coz I was one of them! 

Before I could spill out anything I already went back to my seat and burst into tears! Wuaaaaaa.... That question was a big cruel to me! I wish I could answer "I love both of them", like everyone.. but no - NO! 

"How if dad comes back to stay with us??" me and bro always have this question with us! 

Oh no!! It's like unacceptable!! Sorry to say but yes... we used to stay among us only, without him! So, it will be VERY weird for him to join us again! No thanks pls..... 

My mom is the strongest mother in the world. She could just marry a man to help her to raise us but NO. She was afraid that man (who ever he is) will harm us. You know la kalau 'tiri-tiri' ni... Susah mau cari yg bagus! 

Anyway, whatever happened had happened. Past is past... yes I agreed! Even though I have forgiven him for the mistake but deep in my heart, that scar remains forever. Things will never be the same again... 

So ppl... pls think carefully of whatever action you are taking. Pls think of your surrounding beloved ppl. You may lost them forever if you 'slipped'. A mistake cannot be repeated! Second chance is sometimes impossible. If you got it, appreciate it to the fullest! And pls bear in mind... "jangan sibuk cari kaca nanti diamond di tangan terlepas"

Oh boyyy... ter-emo pulak ni! 


  1. just, sy suka tu "jangan sibuk cari kaca nanti diamond di tangan terlepas"!!!...

  2. easy to forgive but hard to forget ba kan moi..

  3. memang menyakitkan hati owh.. story ko ni mcm drama-drama owh.
    Btw, whatever past is past.. Jgn lagi ko pikir2 aa..yg penting ko happy suda sekarang ada family sendiri kan.. Of course anak-anak yg jadi penghibur hati ko sekarang kan Just.

    Take care :)

  4. Hargai lah apa yang ada di depan mata kita. Tambah2 lagi kalau sudah beranak pinak tu, berhati2 lah dalam setiap tindakan..

  5. yeah sa tau juga tu true stroy..ada sa terbaca dlu entry ko..

    anyway ur mama is strong enouh to face this..

  6. I Love the last part of your wording..huhuh...

  7. maymel ~ the bm version ba moy... selalu baca english pnya version kan.. hehehe...

    eB ~ ye ke... huhuhuh...

    Tunung ~ yep indeed!

    Stella ~ mcm drama lg tu.. hehehe.. sia pun nda sdh ingat tu.. sdh kasi lupa.. kunun!! Praying hard that it wont happen to my family... :)

  8. zezebel ~ agreed with you.. :)

    beaty ~ yes she is.. :)

    sis mouren ~ hope itu 'luka' sdh sembuh... ;p

  9. Salam Just,

    Everything happened for a reason. Kadang2 kita berharap mendapat Matahari, tapi Allah berikan kita kilat , guruh dan hujan yang maha lebat, kita bertanya kenapa dan mengapa, rupa-rupanya Allah mahu memberikan kita Pelangi yang Indah.

    I believe the "pelangi" has come to you. Stay strong and happy always..:D

  10. Im lost for words. apa pun,sy setuju tu sama ur last quote.

  11. Ya lah agree with you.. appreciate all the people around us.. apa2 pun past is past.. take care...

  12. agree.. have forgiven but the scar remains forever.

  13. Just! Give me high five! ;D Salute to your mum and I for raising their kids alone... ;) They are supermums. Heehe.

  14. Hi Just!

    Ya, sudah baca. Your mom is such a great woman. Betul tu saying ko tu.


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