Monday, July 25, 2011

Ditahan lagi??!!

Hi everyone.. How's your day so far??

I was ermm.. kinda busy with my business thingy... hehehehe... punya la mintapuji kan...

And guess what... my parcel detained again!!! Adoiii... Punya la sakit hati!! I thought the last round will be the first and last parcel detained. *sigh*

Have already asked my supplier to make them into two boxes. The first box already received safely on Tuesday last week. The second one arrived Custom Malaysia on Thursday. I really wish the parcel will passed as the first box. 

I waited till this morning but the result shown on the online tracking system still stating that the parcel 'held by custom'. I knew something went wronged. So I called up Custom. And yess... the parcel is detained! I wonder why they didn't call me to inform. If they call earlier, I would have settle the matter last Saturday! Grrrr...

Am I going to pay tax?? Yes! But, will make up something to avoid it... *evil brain* shhhhhh....

Till then... Cheers.. 


  1. ahh kena tahan lagi...wah ko ni maju suda bisnis owh just..

    aiya tu kastam tidak buat karaja owh mau call ko..alalalal

  2. Kena tahan lagi...aduyaii.. mcm2 ja masalah di kastam ni kan..

  3. Biasalah tu Just...dulu sa pun selalu ada masalah yg sama time sa aktif buat online business...kin panas juga dorang main tahan ja without inform..anyway good luck on ur biz.

  4. dorang ni..jeles ko maju berbisnis da ni.. hehe

  5. Beaty ~ maju2 sdh la jg ni.. heheheh... yg plg nda puas hati kena tahan tp nda kena inform ni.. cisss...

    stella ~ tgk officer baitu kan sia rasa.. box 1 lepas ja pun.. hmmm..

    Flo ~ klu inform nda la jg sia panas.. tebiar 3 ari.. customer tanya2... hmmm... thanks for the luck.. :)

    germaine ~ jan gitu ba moy... buli baitu mau try.. ;p

  6. moi, camana la? buli avoid juga tu duty ka?

  7. Tunung ~ Nda dpt avoid... still kena tax 10%! Nasib baik jg tu value sia sdh adjust sikit.. so, nda bnyk mo byr.. huhhuhu..


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