Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting to Know PowerPoint Better!

After 6 years, the company or HR to be exact, has finally arranged me to attend a course!! 

Kesian kan... or should I say... Punya la kedekut kan the company!! Well, not going to nag bout that.

Attended the Course a day before yesterday (Wednesday). 

My concern was the location. The course was at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. I am SOOO not familiar with the area. I have to take train to either Kelana Jaya or Tmn Bahagia (I picked to stop at Taman Bahagia) and fetch a cab to the building.

I was so grateful that I brought along the map coz the taxi driver also not sure of the exact location. 

And guess what... I also text-ed hubby the taxi plate no and the driver's name. You know la kan... dunia skrg macam2... bnyk kes yg bikin takut!!! Grrrr... 

Nyway... I actually attended a Ms PowerPoint Advanced Course. Well, company's presentation is done by me. So, that's why the HR sent me for the course. They think the course might be useful for me and I think so too!

15 ppl attended the class, each with our own PC.

Meals for breaksfast, lunch and teatime are provided. Tatap punya la kan.. *wink*

Surprisingly, I don't feel bored at all during the entire class. Ok.. just a lil bit coz "no friends". But the knowledge I gained has killed the boredom! *grin*

I learned a lot of shortcut keys from the tutor! One that I like the most is... no more copy paste of company logo to each slide of presentation. I just need to use the "Slide Master"! Aiyooo... They should have asked me to attend the class earlier than my life would be less headache! Hahahahahah...

Lama nda dapat cert ooo... 

Wonder if they is anymore course for me to attend after this or this would be the first and the last course. Huhuhuhuh...

Till then, happy weekend.. ^_^


  1. bagus la ni ..sorou poh ada pigi kursus kan..ada bikin penuh tu fail kan

  2. Haaha Microsoft PowerPoint... I had a close relationship with the powerpoint when I was still studying. Most of the time when my group got presentation, I would be the one to do the touch up LOL. I like to play with it a lot.

    Hmm Just, after the course, you might also want to keep practicing your powerpoint skills. Kalo sia dulu, main tinguk Youtube clips and also pdf files haaha.

  3. pun do the same thing once naik ingat sy jak..hehehe

  4. wah bagus lah ni kalau rajin pergi kursus. saya pun habis belajar mau rajin-rajin pergi kursus sama event :D

  5. Teruk juga company mcm tu kan... 6 tahun??? alalalalalala...

    and thank you for reminding us always.. mesti sms no.teksi to hubby kan.. or pi mana and di mana..

  6. oleh kerana sa jarang2 buat presentation, pp skills memang sangat lah limited...apai tu Slide Master? cua ko kasi tutorial pakai video recording Just...eseh, menyuruh bah kan hehe...

  7. wow..ada sijil oh..hehehe..
    interesting juga kan kena hantar p kursus, yg penting free gia..:P

  8. Waaa.. penting tu sijil, pengiktirafan om kenang2an juga. Kak paling tabik la tentang no plat teksi dan nama driver tu. Rasa terjamin keselamatan, hehe.......

  9. eB ~ jom blajo same2.. :)

    Beaty ~ sia teda bw file2 tau moy.. Cert U & SPM ja selalu sia bw and of coz resume. betul ni... :)

    Armstrong ~ ya ba.. mau digunapakai hari2 kalau nda mmg lupa oo.. rugi2 ja attend course kalau nda kena apply kan.. :)

    Belle ~ langkah2 keselamatan ba kan... dulu sy nda jg buat gitu.. ;p

  10. Akemi ~ ni kursus kena paksa mau ni moy. hahahah.. tp siok la gain something. :)

    CathJ ~ ya ba.. 6thn!! teruk kan! Itu sms no teksi n name tu baru kena apply tu. hahahah.. abis bikin takut ba driver teksi skrg..

    Carol ~ ba nnt sia buat tutorial tp bkn la yg video. kekekek.. :)

    Stella ~ free sama kita tp bkn free sama company tu yg baru 1x kena hntr p kursus after 6thn! doiiii..

    Kak Imun ~ siok jg dpt sijil abis lama sdh nda dpt sijil. hehehe... ya ba, sy pun rasa safe sikit after sms hubby no teksi tu.. :)


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