Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ryanna Adrilea turns 1 year old!

How time flies...

My lil daughter is 1 year old today! *wink*

Let's see her developments in these 12 months..

Fresh from oven. 1pm on 14.7.10

@ 1 mth

@ 2 mths

@ 3 mths

@ 4 mths - mau meniarap

@ 5 mths - bertiarap

@ 6 mths - crawling

@ 7 mths - standing up attempts

@ 8 mths

@ 9 mths

@ 10 mths

@ 11 mths - memanjat2 and tumbuh gigi

@ 12 mths

We always tot that her developments will be faster than Rayyan. Somehow no. Rayyan had his first teeth on his 7 mths and start steppings at his 1yr old. However, Ryanna only teething at her 11th month and not even steppings until now. Lain budak lain ba kan... 

To our daughter Ryanna Adrilea...  no matter how old you are, to us, you will always be your Daddy's little girl and your Mommy's bundle of joy.  Nothing brings us more happiness than the smile on your face. We want to see that smile on your lips forever. Happy Birthday to the beloved daughter in the whole wide world! 


  1. Happy Bday to your girl, sis. Mmg cepat masa berlalu.

  2. Cepat betul masa berlalu kan. Macam baaru aritu ko cerita pasal beranak, sekarang sudah 1 tahun pula umur si Ryanna :-D

    Happy Birthday to your princess!

  3. Happy Birthday Ryanna...
    Hugs and kisses from unty!!

  4. Happy birthday to ur lovely daughter kio moi..Hug & Kisses from me to ryanna!

  5. Adui comelnya........
    Sya nda sabar pula mau kasi keluar ni baby sya hehe...

    Happy 1st birthday Ryanna. Make mommy and daddy happy ok...:D

  6. Waaa...1 tahun sdh pula c Ryanna kan..Makin lama makin putih pula dia...heheh...Anyway..happy birthday to Ryanna...Muahhh...

  7. Waaa..1 tahun sdh pula c lily kan...Makin lama makin putih pula dia...Anyway..Happy birthday to your lily...Muahhh...

  8. Wah c lily satu tahun suda ni..dei sa suka tu pic yang fresh from oven..deiii wangi tu baby

  9. Happy birthday to the little darling.... ^_^

    mau kana pos pi mana tu, masuk kotak?? hihihihi

  10. Happy buffday sweet gurl Ryanna... :), she's memang adorable xoxoxo from aunty vera :)

  11. Happy Birthday Ryanna..cute macam mommy dia juga hehehehe..:D

  12. Thanks for all the wishes. :)

    Stella ~ heheheh.. makin makin nda sabar mau kasi kluar baby kan.. ;p

    CathJ ~ mau pos blk kk! hahahaha..

  13. yes.lain budak lain tahap perkembangan.My son yang kecil tu just 1 year 3 month baru berjalan. (^^)


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