Friday, July 15, 2011

Ryanna's Simple Buffday

Unlike Rayyan's 1st buffday where we celebrated, I would say quite grand also... ada catering.. ;p

Since hubby still 'berkabung', besides the kids' cousins were all in KK, we decided to have a simple celebration for Ryanna's 1st birthday. Just celebrated by us at home yesterday. Tepa la kan.... 

The pics...

Cuppies in white-pink-purple theme
Ordered from my Colleague Lina (the one did the baju kurung sketch)

We all loves the cuppies..
They are strawberry butter cake with butter cream
and the fondant are not that sweet too.. just nice nih!
Well, I tested her 'products' before... So yeahh...  

Oppss... this is not the buffday girl ok! Hahaha...

Daddy, Ryanna, Rayyan and cuppies

Alamakkk... mana buffday girl??? Kakakakak..

Heart this pic!

Rayyan mmg Mickey's fan dari kicil!

The buffday girl with her minnie

Last but not least... the family pic.. :D

October... buffday Rayyan lagik... *wink* 


  1. Alala....comelnya si Ryanna and the cupcakes too...... Btw, i noticed pjg suda rambut ko oh Just. Makin ayu tu sya tingu...:D

    p/s: mcm sadap tu itu cuppies..:P

  2. unduiii cutenya dorang..hampir sa nda dapat beza Rayyan and Ryanna hehe...itu cupcakes pun cute2 belaka :)

  3. so cute c lil' ryanna! both of them just like u but mata ikt daddy. hehee.

  4. :) happy bday to ur daugther..cute o dia..
    love all the pics..esp the family pics..:)

  5. Omg!! I love cupcakes too! Happy bday to your daughter :) I heart the photo no. 1,2,6,8 & 9! Especially the 1 & 2 xP (katara tul makanan jak dalam kapala sya ne)

  6. cute c lily ni..tu cupcake tu pun kiut ni...sesimple2 pun yang ptg memorable kan..

  7. Stella ~ ko org kedua tegur rambut sia stel. Ya ba, panjang sdh... punya lambat mau panjang rambut sia ni. tu la mcm berat ati mo kasi pindik... ;p itu cuppies mmg sodap! ;p

    Michelle ~ hahahahah... c ryanna nda lama lg kasi tenggelam c rayyan. c rayyan kicil ja sia tgk. hahahah..

    Cindy ~ hahahah... ya, mata durang ikut the daddy kan.. :)

    nc ~ thanks nc. nda lama lg ko pun ada family pics with your children. :)

    Mitchell ~ thanks moy. hahahaha... cuppies lg manang pulak ni tau... hahahah..

    beaty ~ ya ba... yg penting misti ada kek.. cuppies pun jadi la.. hehehe..

  8. Comel, :D. Jenis mata sayu ni baby ni, :D


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